‘Sila Nodigalil’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Maya Dead Or Alive?

An exceptional murder mystery, Sila Nodigalil, has been directed by Vinay Bharadwaj. The Tamil film stars actors like Richard Rishi and Punnagai Poo Geetha, both of whom have done justice to the roles. The plot revolves around the illicit love affair between a model, Maya Pillai, and a married cosmetic surgeon, Raj Vardhan, eventually leading to a murder. The unexpected turns in the film are sure to send chills down our spines. However, there are a lot of questions that may arise while we watch this exceptional murder mystery. Is Maya really dead? What did Medha have to do with the series of events? We are sure to find the answers to these questions if we care to delve deep into the plot of the film!


Spoiler Alert

What Happened To Maya?

Maya and Raj are seen spending quality time together, and it is later revealed that Raj is a married man, hiding his affair from his wife and making false promises of marriage to Maya. Raj was seen showering Maya with expensive gifts, just to compensate for the stability of a married life that he was unable to provide for her. Maya proposed to Raj that they should celebrate and relive their college days after she was approached by Phillipe Giovanni, the CEO of a famous lingerie brand, who wanted her to work with him as a model. They took pills to soothe their nerves and went back to Raj’s house to finish off their celebration. While they were spending some intimate moments together, Maya insisted on taking another pill. Meanwhile, Medha called Raj and told him that she was coming back home along with her friends. Raj panicked and asked Maya to leave the house immediately. As she was preparing to leave, Raj cleaned up the mess and freshened up. After coming back, he found out that Maya had lost her pulse. He thought that she might have overdosed and, in a rush, hid her body inside an antique box in the house.


What Did Raj Do?

After Medha’s friends had left and she had dozed off, Raj found a way to drag the box out of the house and into his car. He took the box to an empty space and buried it there so that no one could ever trace Maya. After the event, he kept hallucinating about Maya and thought that she was somewhere nearby, always keeping a check on him. His distance from Medha seemed to increase because of the constant pressure that he was under. He also blamed her for the miscarriage that she had a year ago. Unable to deal with his guilt, he eventually opened up to Medha about the incident. He confessed to her that he had been cheating on her for over a year. When he told her that Maya was dead and he needed her help, she seemed to be completely zoned out for a while but did not give up on her husband. Raj knew that Medha would support him no matter what, and hence he broke down like a baby in front of her! He told her that he wanted to confess everything to the police, but Medha eventually managed to stop him from making that decision.

Why Was Revathy Blackmailing Raj?

Revathy, an independent journalist, had been tailing Raj for a while and had come to his office to take his interview. She told him that she would later come back to click his pictures for the articles. When she came back to his office, she told him that she knew that he was responsible for her cousin Maya Pillai’s disappearance. She told him that she had pictures of them together and would publish them if he did not pay up. She showed up several times at his office and told him that she would expose his secrets. She also sent intimate pictures of Maya and Raj to Medha, telling her that she was responsible for not taking action even after she learned about their relationship. Revathy started blackmailing Medha, saying that she would display all of her husband’s intimate pictures with Maya and would reveal his real face to the world. Later, when Medha told Raj that she was also being blackmailed, he told her that he would take care of Revathy. He went to meet Revathy to give her the money in exchange for the pictures that she had. He eventually ended up murdering her for blackmailing him and his wife. He made the crime scene look as if Revathy had died of a drug overdose. After he checked her phone, he got to know that Maya was still alive and that they were in touch with each other.


What Was Medha’s Master Stroke?

After Raj got to know that Maya was alive, he went to meet her and asked her why she had plotted to blackmail him. She told him that Medha had been the mastermind behind whatever was going on! She told him that Medha had learnt about their affair two months before the incident and had later approached her. She had warned Maya to stay out of her husband’s life, offering her a good career in Paris and a lot of money. Medha had also told Maya that she was the sculptor behind Raj’s success and could even destroy both Maya and Raj’s careers anytime she wanted. Maya had agreed to Medha’s terms and gone along with her plans.

She had given Maya a pill that would temporarily stop her pulse that night. After Maya had taken the pill and her pulse had stopped, Raj thought that she had died, so he put her inside the box. When he had gone to drop off one of Medha’s friends at her house that night, Medha had managed to take Maya out of the box and later give her medicine to revive her. She had then loaded the box with a chopped tree trunk so that Raj would feel that he was burying the box with Maya inside it. Maya told Raj that his wife had been planning to teach him a lesson for his infidelity. Maya also told him that despite Medha having paid them all their dues, they became a bit more greedy, eventually leading to Revathy starting to blackmail Raj. When she asked him if he had killed Revathy, he acknowledged it, making Maya furious, and she started attacking him with all her strength. Raj then pushed Maya off the cliff, and before doing so, he told her that he could not trust her any longer. It is possible that Medha had pre-planned everything and had made calculations to finish off both the women who were creating trouble for them.


What Happened In The End?

Despite helping her husband out of the situation, Medha could not trust him any longer. She must have made him commit both murders so that she could have a leash around his neck for the rest of his life. She wanted to make sure that Raj was forever grateful for whatever she had done for him. Little did she know that even Raj had come to know of her real intentions from Maya before her death. The seed of lies that Raj had sown in the relationship has now grown into a full-fledged tree, and its branches can dismantle their world at any time. In the end, Raj gets a message from Maya saying that she had managed to survive the attack that he had made on her and was now coming for them. This can also be part of another trap for Raj, set up by Medha, to make him suffer some more.

Final Thoughts

The unique plot of the film Sila Nodigalil sets the film apart from the other murder-mystery thrillers. However, it can be compared to films set around the themes of revenge with a psychological twist, such as Badla and Haseen Dilruba. The seed of mistrust, once sown, can never be plucked out, no matter how much one tries. No matter how much Raj tried, he could never make Medha believe in his love and affection for her. His dishonesty in the first place was responsible for turning their relationship sour. There is a possibility that a sequel to the film will be made to show what eventually happened to Raj and Medha. Will Medha make him suffer more for his deeds, or will Maya seek revenge for the betrayal and her sister’s murder? These are certain concepts that are yet to be explored in the next part!

Debjyoti Dey
Debjyoti Dey
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