‘Significant Others’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained- Does Claire Reveal Their Mother’s Death To Den?

A few weeks have gone by. The family is still together. They are trying to get their minds off the tragedy that has hit their family. The hope that Sarah is still out there and might come is still high. Episode 4 of “Significant Others” aired on November 6, 2022, and it is all about siblings of Sarah, who are still talking about the past. The kids are trying to get their lives back on track as much as they can.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Significant Others’ Episode 4?

The fourth episode begins with a flashback of the tragedy that Claire and Sarah would never get over. Den and Ursula head to Canberra for a performance. Den, by the end of the performance, is distraught, for he is missing his ailing mother and has left her behind for a show he had previously committed to. He calls up their home, and Claire picks up the call tearfully but does not reveal the death of their mother. Den also reveals to his family through the call his intention to ask Wayne to marry him. Two years later, Wayne and Den are engaged, Sarah is missing, and Ursula, Claire, and Den are now at Sarah’s home, taking care of Hanna and Ciaran.


The family is about to celebrate Mardi Gras, the largest LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade that takes place in Australia every year to celebrate the queer community. The queer community from around the country and the world comes down to celebrate their identity. Den and Wayne are excited to be a part of this parade, where they run into the investigating officer who is looking into Sarah’s disappearance. Den is thrilled to be a part of this parade, and it doesn’t seem like anything will bring him down at this pace. Wayne is also in no mood to bring his mood down. He gets himself some spray tan and some drugs to get him and Den loosened up during the parade. Den and Wayne are more than happy to celebrate and be a part of the pride festivities in their hometown. Den wants to keep his mind off Sarah by involving himself in preparations leading up to the parade.

Meanwhile, Claire and Ursula are still conversing about what happened to their mother, and Ursula is still not sure why she can’t gather herself to speak up against Claire. Ursula’s husband insists on taking action, but Ursula is in no mood to confront Claire as they might face the possibility of receiving bad news anytime now. Claire and Ursula are happy to see Hanna putting herself out there, heading out for a Mardi Gras party. She is, though, not sure whether to go for it or not, for she has felt completely overwhelmed by the barrage of questions that has been coming her way since Sarah’s disappearance. Hanna starts weeping over her mother’s clothes, and she is consoled by Claire and Ursula. Hanna has far from recovered from her mother’s disappearance, and seeing her mother’s clothes around reminds her of her times with Sarah. Meanwhile, Ciaran is trying his level best to get back with Becky. Becky’s mother starts talking with him about losing a parent at a young age, which she also went through. She conveys that losing a parent changes a person. Ciaran seems convinced and is happy to take Becky to celebrate Mardi Gras with his friends.


‘Significant Others’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Claire Reveal Their Mother’s Death To Den?

Den and Wayne are engrossed in the Mardi Gras festivities. They are having the time of their lives meeting people they love and enjoying themselves once they get to celebrate their sexuality openly. Hanna reveals she is not going to her school party because she feels overwhelmed around students whom she never spoke to in class but kept talking about her mother’s disappearance, which bothers Hanna a lot. Hanna wears a shirt that belonged to her mother and heads to the Mardi Gras party hosted by George and her friends. Hanna finds herself attracted to George and is looking forward to being a part of this gathering where she can meet George’s friends. Ciaran, at the party with Becky, starts having a good time, and Ciaran apologizes for behaving the way he did. Becky was there for him through his initial troubles dealing with Sarah’s disappearance. Ciaran and Becky start having drinks together, and Ciaran realizes Becky is a wonderful woman.

Wayne, at the Mardi Gras Party, offers the drug to Den to loosen him up as he is being bombarded by people asking him about his sister. Den is tired of hearing the same form of talk from literally anybody and everybody. Unfortunately, at the party, Wayne is taken aside by the cops after being frisked for drugs. The cops find drugs on him and ask him to report them to the local magistrate, telling him that failure to do so will lead to an arrest warrant being issued in his name. Wayne is heartbroken and upset by his turn of events, as he just wants to have a good time with his fiancé. A panicked Den asks Claire to come and help him with the situation. Claire heads to the venue to help them, only to get carried away by the festivities and rain, followed by her getting drunk. As the rain starts pouring, Ciaran and Becky head to his caravan, where they kiss each other, and soon Becky falls asleep as she is drunk too. Ciaran, confused, takes a video of her sleeping along with a shot of her fiddling with the skirt she is wearing. Ciaran is a confused teenager, unaware of the ramifications of his actions. All he needs to do is talk to someone mature who would help him understand how to interact with girls or girlfriends. Hanna soon realizes George is not into her and comes back home heartbroken over that fact. As the rain intensifies, Wayne and Den move to the club where Claire is drunk. Wayne makes it clear to her not to mention the real story of their mother’s death. Claire, in her drunken state, starts recollecting the memory of her mother’s death but does not mention anything to Den. Den, Claire, and Wayne are in their zone because they want to temporarily get rid of the pain they have been in since Sarah’s disappearance. Ursula gets a call in the middle of the night about Sarah. She informs all of them to meet at the point where the cops asked them to gather. Ursula finally reveals Sarah’s body has been recovered by the police. The family finally, for a moment, comes together to share the mountain of grief that will not befall them. Only time will tell if they stay together till the end of this is just a momentary act to show they love one another.



The fourth episode is rather a slow-paced one where the writers concentrate on the fact that the family is trying to keep themselves busy with festivities gathering up in their town. The episode lacked pacing. This episode was the setting up of the grief that the family will have to take care of from now onwards, and we will find out how the family will cope with a tragedy of this monumental scale. The performances and the direction so far have been brilliant, which brings about an appropriate air of sadness.

“Significant Others” is an ABCTV show.


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