‘Significant Others’ Episode 3: Ending, Explained – How Does Ursula Find The Truth About Their Mother’s Death?

The search is still on. The family is clinging to the hope that Sarah is going to show up anytime at the doorstep, and all will go back to how it was. Siblings of Sarah are still at her home, trying to find ways to not make the kids feel lonely and detached from them and their home. The third episode of “Significant Others” was released on October 30th, 2022, and it is a continuation of the tragic situation the family is facing in the wake of Sarah’s disappearance and possible death.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Significant Others’ Episode 3?

The third episode begins with Claire running away from the family as Ciaran catches her leaving in the middle of the night. Some time has passed since the disappearance of Sarah. Hannah and Ciaran’s mother had a big fallout with Ursula, Claire, and Den over the house Sarah was living in. The home belonged to their mother, which Sarah eventually took control of. Claire finds Sarah’s hair on her hairbrush and gets emotional about it. Claire is the one who is more attached to Sarah and gets upset thinking about the fallout and how she never tried to reconcile with her. Claire is an alcoholic who went through a bad phase of binge drinking after their mother’s death, and now, by the looks of it, she might relapse. Sarah heads to a clinic where it is revealed that she is pregnant, and she decides to get an abortion done, as she does not intend to keep the baby. It is not revealed who the father of the child is. Claire is an emotional wreck at this point and is aware of her mental situation right now, which is why she leaves Sarah’s home in the middle of the night and conducts the procedure without any help from her siblings. Claire goes back to her home, located near the hills, and refuses to pick up calls from Ursula. Wayne and Den soon find out through Sarah’s phone, which they recovered from the police, that Ali and Sarah were in love. Den is surprised and wonders if Sarah’s kids know of the relationship. Den slowly starts to understand what happened in this house after they leave. He is keen to know more and starts digging.


Ciaran, meanwhile, has been having trouble sleeping since the day his mother disappeared. He borrowed a bunch of drug-laced gummy bears from a classmate, which helped him get a good night’s sleep. He approaches this classmate, who says he doesn’t have any left on him and asks Ciaran to leave him alone. Ciaran had had the toughest time dealing with his mom’s disappearance, for he was sleeping when she left for the ill-fated swim. Since then, Ciaran has not gotten a good night’s sleep because he is afraid. Ciaran tries his level best to avoid drugs and the sleeplessness he is in, but he also cannot stay away from them. It gives him some sort of comfort, which he is not getting from his family that has descended on his house.

Hannah is still hoping her mother will show up at the door and is showing a keen interest in swimming. This is a sign of the aftershock that both kids have been facing since their mother disappeared. Hannah is attracted to George, a lifeguard, a surfer, and a swimming instructor. George and Hannah become close as Hannah finds it easier to communicate with George about the sense of loss she is facing and the last image of her mother calling out from the sea. Hannah somehow is unable to forget that image. Hannah and George are attracted to one another, and soon they will start dating. George is willing to listen to Hannah’s pain of losing her mother this way and the possibility that Sarah might never come back.


‘Significant Others’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – How Does Ursula Find The Truth About Their Mother’s Death?

Ciaran and Jake soon bond with one another and start hanging out more often because, just like Hannah, Ciaran finds speaking or just being with Jake helps him talk about his inhibitions. They form a good friendship, and Jake soon agrees to supply him with some of the drug-laced gummy bears. Ciaran and Jake head to Jake’s home. Jake specifically asks Ciaran not to enter his home, but a curious Ciaran enters and finds many bottles of pills and drugs, as well as a sick woman who is a cancer patient. Ciaran runs out of the house immediately, and Jake is mad at Ciaran for crossing the line. Ciaran thinks he and Jake can become good friends, but seeing the condition of Jake’s home, Ciaran acts like a typical teenager and abandons Jake. Jake is also equally angry at Ciaran for disrespecting his request and is ashamed of the home he lives in. Hopefully, Ciaran and Jake will reconcile in the coming episodes, and they will start to understand each other’s circumstances and help each other navigate through difficulties.

Claire finally gets in touch with Ursula, and she comes over to Claire’s home. As sisters, they start bonding over their home and the past they shared with Sarah and their mother. As Claire and Ursula start drinking and conversing, they bond over an old video of theirs with Sarah and their mom while they are alive, making both of them nostalgic. In a drunken state, Claire reveals the reason behind Sarah stealing drugs from her clinic. Claire finally confesses that Sarah and Claire killed their mother when Den and Ursula were away. Claire and Sarah made their mom consume plenty of pills from her clinic, for they knew she wanted a peaceful death. They could not see their mother suffering, as she was physically and mentally deteriorating. They did not want her to go through years of suffering, which is what made them take this drastic step. In a state of drunkenness, Claire reveals this truth, and Ursula is shocked to know her sisters would do something like this without her consent or even considering her opinion. Ursula is hurt by the fact that she was robbed of saying goodbye to her mother by her sisters. All the children were close to their mother, and to lose her in that way breaks Ursula’s heart; she is very close to having a meltdown over this. Ursula reveals this piece of information to Wayne, who makes Ursula promise not to mention anything to Den, for he was the closest to their mother, and he might not take this piece of news well.


Den is now in possession of Sarah’s phone, which is also connected to Sarah’s smartwatch, whose location takes him to a seaside restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is the one in possession of the watch. Den is keen on getting the watch back from the person and wonders how he got hold of it. The owner of the restaurant, who also owns a boat, reveals that his boat was stolen and, on returning the boat, they found Sarah’s watch in it. Den starts wondering if someone knows Sarah is alive and if she has been kept hostage. Den, just like Ciaran and Hannah, is keeping a positive face and keeping his hopes up about Sarah being alive. This episode of “Significant Others” was more about melancholia, people revealing their pains and being nostalgic about their memories with their families. This episode is more focused on how kids are not learning to deal with the trauma and how siblings are trying their level best not to go back to the fallout they had with Sarah. Den, Ursula, and Claire are filled with regret for not being in touch with Sarah.


The third episode of “Significant Others” started rather slowly but picked up pace halfway through as new information about Sarah came out. The screenplay of this episode is snail-paced, which kind of feels repetitive, but soon Den finds out certain information, and so does Ursula, and “Significant Others” becomes interesting from that point on. Let’s hope the upcoming episodes will keep the overall tone of the show intact, as you cannot deny the fantastic atmosphere of love and loss the makers have created all this time.


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