‘Sight Unseen’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Who Was The Actual Murderer?

In the 10th episode of Sight Unseen, we see how things get personal— where partner becomes the prime suspect! We’ve known Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app since the series started. Sunny has been Tess’s eyes and guide since she lost her vision and has helped her solve crimes from the beginning. Now this time Sunny herself is accused of a crime—murder! It turns out Sunny Patel is not who she claimed to be; her real name is Sunita Sharma. But why the sudden need for an identity change? What was her motive? Did she kill her professor, Rigby Daniels, and then flee, taking the false identity of Sunny Patel? Was she working with Detective Tess under a false name to help with her escape? Has she been using Tess to learn how to get away with murder? Let’s uncover the truth together in the last episode of Sight Unseen season 1.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Sunny Accused Of Murdering Her Professor? 

As Tess gets to know that Sunny Patel, her partner in solving crimes, has been accused of a previous crime—murdering her professor—she feels betrayed. She starts to feel like all Sunny has been doing is lying to her about her identity and everything else. So, she begins treating Sunny as if they had never had any connection at all. Sunny is accused of murder, and even though she keeps insisting that she’s been framed, Tess cannot mix feelings with facts—all the evidence points against her. Tess stops seeking Sunny’s help as a guide and starts relying on Matt to solve the crime. Deep down, however, Tess also knows that Sunny couldn’t have done it. If not her, then perhaps it’s an inside job? But if she can’t prove Sunny’s innocence, it could jeopardize her own career for taking help from a convicted criminal all along. Tess starts digging deep with Matt’s help and finds out that the victim, Sunny’s professor Rigby Daniels, was murdered; his throat was slit, and he was stabbed fourteen times. There’s also a blood-soaked handprint on the glass door, indicating it’s Sunny’s. All the evidence points to her, but it doesn’t sit right. It feels like a classic crime of passion, obsession, and revenge. Tess knows the only way to find the truth is by seeking help from none other than Sunny herself. This time, Sunny will be helping not to solve others’ crimes but her own. Their destination? Rigby Daniels’ house—the crime scene.


What Was Found In Rigby Daniels’ House? 

You can imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for Sunny to enter Rigby Daniels’ house, but she had to do it. As Tess entered the house with the help of the EyesUp app, Sunny joined her and started reminiscing about all the old times and the depth of her relationship with her professor. It wasn’t just a teacher-student relationship—they fell in love, and Rigby Daniels actually gave her a ring in a cardboard box, proposing to spend their life together. But this Rigby Daniels was married, and he was having an affair with Sunny. His partner might not have known about this fact because his wife used to travel a lot. So there’s not a high chance that she planned this murder. On the night of the proposal, when Sunny and Rigby went to sleep, Sunny had a strange dream. Someone was squeezing her hand, and when she opened her eyes, it was far from ordinary—there was a masked man hovering over her, trying to put a blood-soaked knife in her hand. Beside her lay Rigby, stabbed, his blood-soaked body lifeless. She started panicking, trying to push the person away, but he dragged her down from the bed, tried to drug her, and forced her to put the knife into her hand. However, the knife fell and dug into the cardboard floor. Sunny then ran away, taking the box with the ring and their old pictures, and never looked back, fleeing the country under a new name. When Tess notices the scratched floor from the knife, it further proves that Sunny is telling the truth. So she knew she had to help her uncover the identity of the real murderer.

Who Was The Actual Murderer? 

Meanwhile, we see that Sunny is in a new relationship with her flat’s concierge, Kye, and someone pretending to be Sunny’s father tries to contact him to learn everything about Sunny’s whereabouts. There’s a possibility that the murderer has finally found out about Sunny and knows where she is. He contacted Kye again, this time telling him to come to a specific location where they would meet, and he would pay him money in exchange for information about Sunny. Sunny told Kye to take the risk and go there because there might be a chance that it would give them a new lead on the murderer. But it’s all just a ploy—Kye waited and waited, but nobody came. Do you know why? Because that person actually wanted Kye to leave the apartment so that he could confront Sunny face-to-face and get what he wanted. Sunny started digging into the old files with the help of Matt and Tess and found out that there was a man who was a witness. He told the police that he saw Sunny running away wearing Rigby’s shirt after committing the crime—that was the same person they saw that night before going to have pizza. Maybe he was the murderer? As they were trying to solve the mystery together, suddenly a bell rang. And guess who was there? Yes, you guessed it right—it was the same man, the same witness, and Sunny knew she had to save herself. So she tried to tilt her laptop’s camera in a way so that Matt and Tess could have a proper look at the scene. They tried to guide her in any way possible so that she could save herself. But the perpetrator kept insisting that he needed the research paper on which Rigby was working. Even though she kept saying she knew nothing about it, he started threatening her and vandalizing her place to find the paper. And as he was about to attack her, Kye entered the apartment and held the man, stopping him. The gun fell to the floor from his hand, and suddenly there was a gunshot, and the man fell lifeless to the floor. Who did it? It was sunny—it was an act of self-defense.


And you would think this is over—I would say it’s just the beginning of something more sinister that’s happening within their own department. As I told you earlier, maybe it’s an inside job. Neither Tess nor Sunny knew what the man was actually looking for; they had no idea how to put this case to an end. But one thing was clear: Sunny was actually framed and never committed the crime. But who framed her? In the end, Sunny discovered that the perpetrator mistakenly left his phone at her house. When she opened his contact list, guess what she found? There was only one name—Bennett, Tess’s superintendent, the captain of their precinct. Why did the perpetrator contact him? Did he frame her? But why? These questions we don’t have answers to yet, but he was connected with the case. Something is strange—years ago, when this case was never solved, Bennett was still promoted. Why? Perhaps there was someone in higher authority who actually used Bennett, saying that if he could cover up this crime and frame Sunny, maybe he would get the promotion. All will surely be answered in the next season of Sight Unseen.

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