‘Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga’ Ending, Explained: Did Gangaram Get Mauled By A Tiger?

Sometimes people might go to any lengths to have their bellies filled. So, have you ever heard about the real-life incidents in the Pilibhit region? “Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga” on Netflix is a 2022 Indian film that might give you a clearer insight into the same. To begin with, many people in the Pilibhit region sacrificed themselves to get an allowance from the government, and this story will highlight the fact that there is a huge bridge between rich and poor, which eventually led to the urban and rural gap. The vast growth of the internet and urbanization have majorly affected the population shift. Moreover, “Sherdil” will tell the story for you from the perspective of Gangaram (Pankaj Tripathi). This Bollywood actor has created a phenomenal impact in several movies and shows through his acting skills, and he continues to impress. Moreover, “Sherdil” is a Srijit Mukherji directorial, and he perfectly emphasizes the main storyline of the movie. Viewers will be delighted to have this film on-screen since it is put together with a line-up of amazing actors and a plot.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The ‘Sherdil’ Film?

The creators of this film came up with an amazing idea to cover up these painful experiences with comedy. Well, Pankaj Tripathi is another reason for his explicit performance in front of the camera, but apart from that, the movie didn’t fail to convey its meaning. “Sherdil” talks about the life of Gangaram, who is fulfilling his duties as the Head of Jhundao, a village in Gutipur. He confidently approaches the cops to enlighten himself about the schemes that are required for the betterment of all the people in Jhundao. But while interrogating all his doubts, Gangaram is facing immense problems in understanding the laws of social media. To get the scheme, he has to make use of the internet, but Gangaram is naive and closed off to all these services. So, the cop politely asks him to get a certificate from the Forest Department claiming that wild animals are destroying his crops.


Now Gangaram’s mind is stuck in a huge dilemma since it’s becoming pretty difficult for him to understand the process. Things take a difficult turn for Gangaram when he is diagnosed with blood cancer, and he’s got only three more months to live. Throughout the whole movie, viewers will get to see that Gangaram went on to live the rest of his time in the jungle, trying to get himself killed by an animal. Since he is the head of the village, he has to sacrifice himself. The tragic part of the movie would be its ability to make viewers understand that people who leave their village for their betterment are suffering from the lifestyle they have in a city. Moreover, there’s no surety of whether they’ll get employment or not. To ensure the safety of the villagers, Gangaram comes up with a plan to become the bait. The government will be compensating that man with ten lakh rupees.

After Gangaram left for the village, Mahesh arrived from the city, and he claimed that Gangaram didn’t have cancer. Finally, he is spotted by a panther who lures him into the dark to kill him. But hunter Jim Ahmed (Neeraj Kabi) kills him before he attacks Gangaram. Quickly, he befriends Jim and Gangaram, and shares the whole story about his visit to the Tiger Reserve as well. So Gangaram quickly comes up with an idea and requests Jim’s help with finding a tiger. So, together they begin their trip. On the other hand, the villagers and Gangaram’s wife, Lajjo (Sayani Gupta), have filed a police complaint since he has been missing for the last nine days. With Jim, Gangaram learned a lot about the world. He talked about various facts, and that was fascinating to Gangaram’s ears.


Sherdil’s Ending Explained: Did Gangaram Get Mauled By A Tiger?

Things take a different angle when it is revealed that the cops of Jhundao are planning to assassinate Jim. Since he has been earning off of their lands. Back in the jungle, Gangaram and Jim are trying to find a tiger as soon as they can, and guess what? They were able to get a breakthrough. For the sake of the scheme, Jim advises him to keep it low until the next day. So, they spend the night speaking about worldly matters, and just like that, another night goes on! The next morning, Gangaram and Jim spot the tiger they were looking for. But Jim lets him know that the tiger’s belly is full since he ate a deer last night. So all the efforts of Gangaram are failing. Moreover, it is interesting to watch how Gangaram is having a conversation with the tiger.

But now, things are becoming more complicated as Jim and Gangaram are getting into an argument. But the tiger escapes when the cops arrive and kill Jim. Gangaram was arrested by the cops, and now he’s taken back to the village. Now, Gangaram is being mauled by the court since he was arrested under several allegations of the Wildlife Prevention Act and the Arms Act. Throughout his interrogations, Gangaram confesses that his main purpose was to sacrifice himself, but everybody starts to laugh at his words. But then, just like a miracle, his story is overheard by a journalist and quickly becomes the center of attention on various social media websites. People started to reshare his story with different hashtags. Moreover, people started protesting him as well, and this clearly showed how impactful Gangaram’s story was.


Furthermore, several news channels began debating this topic too. Sherdil’s attempt to highlight national problems like poverty and starvation was downright amazing. Since the movie subjectively conveys its message. Moreover, Gangaram even justifies the differences between the individuals from villages and cities. When he is allowed to speak, Gangaram addresses his pain and requests the judge to come up with acts that will also ensure the safety and betterment of villagers. Finally, the court arrives at the conclusion that Gangaram will be freed from all the charges, and his life will change drastically as he became a huge example for many individuals. Soon, he began his career in advertisements and also got an award. But just like the movie suggests, some endings are bizarre and not happy, as Gangaram is finally killed by a Tiger.

“Sherdil: The Pilibhit Saga” is a 2022 drama thriller film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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