‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 8: Recap, Ending And Easter Eggs, Explained

At the end of episode 7, we find that Josh, Jennifer’s newfound love interest, took her blood sample while she was asleep. He also took all the data from her phone with the probable intention of compromising her in front of the world. Will Episode 8 keep Jennifer oblivious to this fact, or is there something devilish waiting for her?


Spoilers Ahead

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending

Eugene Patilio, AKA Leapfrog, is hurt while trying to fight off bad guys. He also wrecks his repulsor boots in the process, which end up in flames. As a result, he gets burnt all over his legs. This leads him to GLK&H’s Jennifer Walters to file a case against the manufacturer for giving him a defective suit that wasn’t supposed to catch fire. Jennifer’s catch, however, is that the suit’s manufacturer is none other than Luke Jacobson, the guy who designs her suits. She approaches Halloway to talk about it but finds out that Eugene’s father is one of GLK&H’s most important clients. The only option that remains is to talk to Luke and try to persuade him to pay the compensation for Eugene’s “pain, mental anguish, and stuff.”


Luke is completely taken aback by Jennifer’s audacity to charge him with manufacturing a “dysfunctional” suit. He makes it clear to her that he has never designed a suit that malfunctions. He rather mentions how Jennifer has herewith lost Luke’s trust and rips apart the gown, which was pre-paid for by Jennifer, in front of her. This makes Jennifer lose her calm, and she openly declares that she is going to take him down in court.

In court, Jennifer represents Patilio. On the other hand, Luke Jacobson is represented by Matt Murdock. After a heated to-and-fro of arguments between the two, it is revealed, to even Jennifer’s shock, that Eugene Patilio was using jet fuel in his boots. This went against Luke’s instructions.. The judge thus rules in Luke Jacobson’s favor, and it seems that Jennifer, too, has lost her designer, seemingly forever.


Later on, we find Jennifer drinking at a bar all by herself. The waiter brings her an appletini, saying that a guy has ordered it for her as a “peace offering.” This is when the camera shifts, and we see Matt Murdock smiling at her. Jennifer finds out that Luke has made some suits for Matt as well. Their conversation seems to be going pretty well when Matt receives a call and, as a result, has to leave. Meanwhile, Jennifer also gets a text from Todd, who wants to meet. He has even sent her the location, i.e., a restaurant. For those who don’t remember, Todd is one of the guys who Jennifer met on the dating app and is also a GLK&H client.

Jennifer arrives at the restaurant as She-Hulk and, within a few minutes, realizes that Todd wants to propose to her. Disgusted, she leaves the place immediately. She returns home and jumps onto the sofa, intending to rest after a long day. But she is interrupted by a phone call from Eugene, who is apparently being “attacked” and needs help. She decides to put her new superhero suit to the test. She-Hulk arrives at the parking lot where Eugene is, and comes face-to-face with, finally, Daredevil. After a small duel that harms neither of them, and Eugene manages to flee, Jennifer unmasks Daredevil and is surprised to find Matt Murdock’s face under it. He tells her that Eugene has taken Luke Jacobson as hostage, and they both decide to rescue Luke together.


Back at Eugene’s hideout, we see him discussing his new suit, new weapons, and new names for his team that are also present there. Luke is sewing what seems to be something new for Eugene, and he is not scared but bored and disgusted. Matt and Jennifer peep through a window, and Matt decides to take down the goons before moving in. And does so within a few minutes, while Jennifer brings down the floor on the remaining ones. Eugene tries to escape again by jumping out of a window, only to break his legs. The cops are called. Luke forgives Jennifer and agrees to make her a gala dress. Sometime later, we see Jennifer and Matt, in his costume (“more of a secret identity thing”), sitting on the roof and talking. Both have taken a liking to each other, and Matt ends up asking Jennifer out the next time he is back in town. But Jennifer isn’t ready to wait this time. The two end up in bed in Jennifer’s apartment. The next morning, Nikki arrives at Jennifer’s place and tells her how she saw a guy dressed as the devil doing “the walk of shame.” Just a smile on Jennifer’s face makes it clear to Nikki as to what she “conspired” the previous night. As happy as they are, they don’t have any time to waste as the gala is on the clock.

Jennifer arrives as She-Hulk at the gala in a shining silver gown, turning heads all the way. She received the “Female Lawyer of the Year” award along with four other women. She has only begun with her speech when it is interrupted by a clip on the screen behind her. It is from Intelligencia, the notorious secret group that is bent on bringing down She-Hulk. They claim that She-Hulk doesn’t deserve the attention, praise, and power she has. This is followed by multiple screenshots from her phone that show all the guys she has dated and other very personal information, including a clip of her in bed with Josh. Ashamed, scared, helpless, and enraged, Jennifer loses her temper and shatters the screen into pieces. For the first time, the rage of the Hulk is visible in her. In the middle of all the confusion, with people running out of the hall in fear, she notices some guys in black with their faces hidden behind masks and caps. She rushes towards them and manages to get a hold of one of them outside. But unfortunately, she is in the limelight now, with cops with guns surrounding her from all sides and people looking at her in fright. The episode ends with Jennifer staring directly at us, the viewers, in disbelief. Or is it someone else?


‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 8: Easter Eggs, Explained

Leap-Frog: In the comics, Eugene Patilio’s father, Vincent Patilio, was the villain Leap-Frog. It was only later that his son found the suit after his father was sent to prison. He put on the suit with the intention of being a symbol of good. We don’t see Vincent Patilio in this episode, but we can expect to see him in Episode 9, the finale.

Matt Murdock: Finally, we have Matt Murdock in a more-than-a-cameo avatar. This is his introduction to the MCU after his short yet effective appearance in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” His skills are at their peak as he smoothly gains the upper hand in court against Jennifer Walters. And with Jennifer becoming his new “friend,” we can expect to see more of them together in the next episode as well as in the future of the MCU.


The Sokovia Accords Have Been Repealed: During the court session, Matt Murdock mentions that the Sokovia Accords have been repealed. But this must have happened recently in the MCU timeline, as we are yet to know when or how. The Sokovia Accords took a huge toll on the superheroes by putting them under government laws. And for them to be repealed would require a lot of reasoning and authority.

Wakandan War Spear: When Jennifer meets Todd, he shows her a Wakandan War Spear used by Dora Milaje. He bought it for a million dollars. Keeping in mind how possessive Wakandans are about their belongings, they must be looking for it and more vibranium weaponry that must have been stolen. And it is clear that Todd bought it from a black market, possibly even Madripoor. This issue will probably reappear again in the upcoming “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Also, a vibranium weapon can harm She-Hulk. So, we have to wait and see if someone wields it in Episode 9, the season finale.


Fancy AI with a British Accent: While talking to his henchmen or goons, he mentions how he would like to have a fancy AI with a British accent. This denotes Tony Stark’s JARVIS AI, which also had a British accent. It was good to hear from Jarvis again after so long in the MCU. Let’s admit it. We all miss him and wouldn’t mind an AI like JARVIS ourselves.

Classic Daredevil Costume: Matt Murdock’s Daredevil also reveals himself in this episode. But unlike his previous series on Netflix, now available on Hotstar, here we see him in his traditional red and yellow suit from his introduction in the comics in 1964’s “Daredevil” #1. It is a good thing that Marvel is taking inspiration from the comics while creating its own canon.


Nikki’s Wolverine Impression: Towards the end of the episode, when Nikki arrives at Jennifer’s house, she makes a Wolverine impression by sticking makeup utensils among her fingers and holding them up like claws. This is certainly a hint at Wolverine’s presence in the MCU. We do know that Hugh Jackman will play Logan in Deadpool 3. But that seems to be “one more time” (Ryan Reynolds has said it himself) rather than a “return of the.” But let’s hope for the best.

The Red Hulk: Before going to the gala, Jennifer Walters breaches the 4th wall to tell the audience how the final episode might feature a Red Hulk. In the comics, the Red Hulk is none other than General Thaddeus Ross. He was obsessed with Bruce’s Hulking power and ended up shaking hands with MODOK and Abomination to kill Hulk. He was later recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D and underwent an experiment that gave him superpowers but also rendered him unstable mentally. This would turn him into a villain before finally becoming an anti-hero in the Hulk comics.


We can only hope for the show to reveal a strong villain who will play a significant role in the future of the MCU. There is absolutely no mention of who leads the intelligence. Also, we do not know what Josh did with Jennifer’s gamma blood. But we can be sure that it will show up in Episode 9 in one form or another. Bruce might turn up as well.

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