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Before elaborating on the title, it is high time we addressed the show and its apparently aimless storyline. The way Episode 6 disregards Episode 5‘s cliffhanger is utterly annoying. “She-Hulk-Attorney at Law” is turning out to be a show created only to introduce Jennifer Walters and nothing more. With only 3 more episodes remaining, it can be said that the crucial events will be rushed and thus face the possibility of turning into a rather disastrous ending. That said, here’s what happened in Episode 6. And let us remind you, whatever happens in “She-Hulk-Attorney at Law” Episode 6 has got absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead

She-Hulk-Attorney at Law’ Episode 6: Recap Summary

“She-Hulk-Attorney at Law” Episode 6 has two plots that run simultaneously. One shows Jennifer’s experiences at the wedding of her childhood friend, Lulu. The other shows Nikki and Mallory Book defending an immortal fornicator.


Plot 1: Jennifer Walters receives an invitation to her “old friend from high school,” Lulu’s wedding, where she is asked to be the bridesmaid. The only thing that she is excited about is that she will be wearing a dress that Luke Jacobson has designed for She-Hulk. But when she arrives as She-Hulk in that attire at the destination wedding, Lulu is the first and only one to tell her, rather than requesting, to come to the wedding as “Just Jen” (the name of the episode). It just shows how irritatingly insecure Lulu is. Anyway, Jen promises her that she will turn up as Jen and not She-Hulk. She also finds out that she will be walking down the aisle with Jonathan, someone Lulu and her lady friends like a lot.

Back at the wedding, Jen faces yet another disrespectful moment with Lulu when she tries to overshadow Jen by bringing up the topic of her relationship status. Jen hasn’t even come out of the moment of self-reflection when she sees Titania. Indeed, she is at Jen’s childhood friend’s wedding. But contrary to what Jen thinks about Titania being at the wedding to take revenge on her, Titania happens to be dating a friend of the groom, who had invited her. Jen tries to tell Lulu that Titania has come only to “mess” with her, but as expected, Lulu brushes it off and tells Jen that her thought is “insane.” Irritated, Jen walks away and then out. There, she meets a guy named Josh, who is from the groom’s side. As they talk, Lulu approaches and takes Josh back in because she needs help with stuff. Later, she also discovers that her groomsman, Jonathan, is not a man but a little dog.


Jen decides to get drunk just enough to not regret coming to the wedding. She even tells Josh how she likes being She-Hulk because everyone finds She-Hulk amazing, which is another way of complaining that no one finds her, i.e., Jennifer Walters, the same way. While talking about all this, all the booze kicks in, and she rushes out to throw up. As she regains her sober self, Titania comes from the back and sucker-punches her hard. She gets thrown away. She intends to publicly destroy her for what Jen has done to her and her brand. After Jen takes some time to transform into, She-Hulk (thanks to all the booze), what follows is a “wedding fight” that ends with Titania losing her veneers after tripping on ice. She struts out of the wedding angry and hurt. Meanwhile, Lulu, who seems to be drunk, comes and hugs Jen, showing how glad she is that She-Hulk is at her wedding. This, too, seems pretentious, but who cares?

Plot 2: Craig Hollis AKA Mr. Immortal has approached Mallory Books, whom Nikki is working with for now (Jen being away for the wedding), for simultaneous divorce settlements. Mallory and Nikki are taken aback when they find out that Craig kills himself, resurrects and takes up a new identity to avoid any “conversation” with a woman. This has thus led him to have so many spouses who all now want him to answer for his actions. When Mallory and Nikki question his “tactic” and tell him how bizarre it is, he just stands up, walks to the window, and jumps off. After crashing on top of a car, he pulls himself up and walks off.


Later on, all the spouses of Craig Hollis arrive at GLK&H and reveal to Mallory and Nikki how much they have spent on him. One of them tells how she found out about Craig’s powers from a site called Intelligencia. To make things even with his spouses, Craig offers them some of his Apple shares and gold that they should all split even among themselves. But there is still confusion as splitting even doesn’t make sense as some of the spouses demand more than the others as they have spent more time with Craig. Ultimately, Nikki separately reimburses each spouse, and all of them are happy. Later on, as Mallory and Nikki celebrate their win, they check out the website Intelligencia. They find a lot of hatred for She-Hulk and even death threats. While Mallory tells Nikki to not put all that “mess” inside Jen’s head, Nikki, being the concerned friend that she is, tells Jen all about it, but on voicemail. On the other side, we see Jen and Josh having fries and dips.

“She-Hulk-Attorney at Law” Episode 6 ends in a lab where we see some people in suits working on a syringe that will seemingly be able to penetrate, She-Hulk’s skin before pulling out her gamma-infused blood. These guys seem to be connected to the Intelligencia group in some way. So, the future episodes will hopefully (we use this word because absolutely nothing constructive has happened in the first 6 episodes) reveal these guys, as well as the main villain. Let us not get ahead of ourselves and say that Episode 7 will introduce Matt Murdock, but surely one of the remaining three will. Also, Titania will return.


She-Hulk-Attorney at Law’ Episode 3: Easter Eggs Explained

Mr. Immortal: While in the show, Mr. Immortal isn’t a promising character, in the comics, he is a skilled acrobat. He was introduced in issue 45 of “The West Coast Avengers” in 1989, where he was the Leader of the Great Lakes Avengers, a group that also included Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, Leather Boy, and Doorman. Although his powers are addressed as mutants, he belongs to an evolutionary stage beyond humanity and mutants, known as Homo Supreme.

Intelligencia: Merely a website in the show, Intelligencia is a notorious secret group of villains in Marvel Comics. Founded by the one known as the Leader, a genius Hulk villain, the group includes Doctor Doom (to be introduced in “Black Panther-Wakanda Forever”; played a significant role in “Secret Wars,” also to be made into a movie), MODOK (confirmed to arrive in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”), Mr. Sinister, the Chameleon, Egghead (father of Ghost in “Ant-Man and the Wasp”; died when his experiments with Quantum Realm went wrong), and many more.


Samuel Sterns: As for The Leader, AKA Samuel Sterns, we have already come across the character in 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk.” After Sterns helped Emil Blonsky turn into an Abomination, he attacked Sterns. As Sterns lay on the ground, a few drops of Banner’s blood found their way into a cut on his forehead. His head then began to grow in size, which is how The Leader is depicted in the Marvel comics (green and with a large head). In this way, Marvel teased the character’s presence in the MCU. It is only now, almost 14 years later, that there are chances of his return.

Baroness Cromwell: Craig Hollis (AKA Mr. Immortal reveals that his first wife was Baroness Cromwell. In the comics, Lily Cromwell, AKA Baroness Blood, AKA Countess Blood, served Dracula. She revived Baron Blood, AKA John Falsworth, a vampire villain who then turned her into a vampire as well. She would go on to establish a cult in search of the Holy Grail. She did find it and consume it, thereby ridding herself of the traditional vampire weaknesses, like vulnerability to sunlight. With Blade about to arrive in the MCU, Baroness Cromwell might as well make her way in too.


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