‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 4: Recap, Ending & Easter Eggs, Explained

The ending of “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law” Episode 3 did seem to hint that Episode 4 would reveal the show’s villain, or at least one of them, if at all. But it seems that we have to wait longer for that. In Episode 4, Jennifer Walters receives a new client, and it is the Sorcerer Supreme himself.


Spoilers Ahead

‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Recap Summary

Stage magician Donny Blaze is trying to impress a crowd but isn’t making any mark. He then asks the audience for a volunteer. A woman, Madisynn King, comes to the stage. Donny brings out a sling ring and opens a portal. We don’t see the location that it leads to, but Madisynn’s “Eww” proves that it isn’t somewhere beautiful.


The scene then shifts to Kathmandu, Nepal (Kamar-Taj). Sorcerer Supreme Wong is having a fun time watching The Sopranos. Right then, Madisynn falls out of a portal with what seems to be a human heart in her hand. When Wong asks her if a low-cost magician had sent her there, she tells him that the magician had sent her to a different dimension where a talking goat in a lava pit let her go in exchange for six drops of her blood, after which she landed in Wong’s room.

Jennifer Walters is getting ready to leave for the office. As she has her quick breakfast, she takes a dig at the viewers, telling them how everybody loves Wong, and his appearance gives the show “twitter armor” for at least a week. Her father walks in with new locks and pepper spray, among other things, so that Jennifer can protect herself after the attack on her (Episode 3). She tells her dad that she can protect herself. After all, she is She-Hulk.


At the office, Jennifer opens an account on a dating app and puts her human face as her profile picture. Just then, Nikki enters her office and turns on the TV that is airing her news interview. As both watch it, Wong appears out of a portal and asks for her help on a legal matter. He tells her about Donny Blaze and how his cheap magic tricks risk “untangling the material and astral planes.” The guy was a student at Kamar-Taj for a week before he was thrown out. Perhaps he somehow managed to get hold of a sling ring. But now Wong wants to set a precedent that no unauthorized person can be allowed to practice mystic arts again. However, he doesn’t have any material proof that can be used as evidence in a court of law. He gives Jennifer his card and leaves.

That night, at the Legal Ease Bar & Grill, Jennifer and Nikki work on the former’s dating profile. Nikki helps Jennifer “swipe” through guys, desperate to send her on her first date. She even suggests creating a profile as She-Hulk. But Jennifer is adamant that if she goes on a date, it will be as “regular old Jen.”


She-Hulk and Wong meet Donny Blaze and Cornelius Willows, Curator of the Mystic Castle, and warn them to cease their Mystic Arts practices. Jennifer then hands Donny a “cease and desist” letter, which is a legal document to cease illegal practices. The next time the two parties meet will be in court. As Jennifer and Wong are set to leave, Jen’s phone pings. She had her first match. On the date, it becomes clear to Jen that the guy in front of her is not her type at all, and the same goes for the guy. The guy leaves, and Jennifer has to pay the bill. “Oh my God.”

At the court, after Jennifer stated her claim, the judge asked for a witness. Wong opens a portal, and in comes Madisynn. She testifies that Donny sent her to a “fire land” where she made a pact with a demon named Jake, after which Jake opened another portal through which she landed in Wong’s house. After listening to both the parties, the judge declared that she would review the motion and give a decision in a few weeks. She takes the decision even after Wong mentioned how dangerous it can be for the known and unknown universes. She even allows Donny to perform magic in the interim period and does not grant Jen and Wong the preliminary injunction. Magic is Donny’s life, and he makes a living out of it. The court is adjourned.


That night, while working Jen desperately waits for a match on her dating app. But when she finds that there are no new matches, she decides to opt for Nikki’s decision. She changes her profile picture and her name too, putting on a selfie as “She-Hulk,” although she isn’t proud of it. Surprisingly, matches arrive within minutes. After three failed dates, she finally finds a guy she likes. The guy, too, decides to “split some fries.”

Meanwhile, Donny Blaze is back on-stage performing magic. He again tries to show his portal magic using another female volunteer from the audience. However, after the woman denies entering the portal, he decides to go for another trick. He conjures a pigeon that lays an egg on the woman’s right palm, from which comes out what seems to be a baby gargoyle. Donny tries to send it back through a portal but isn’t able to close it. Within minutes, more gargoyles come out of the portal and fill the whole room. The crowd goes haywire out of fear.


Back in Kamar-Taj, Wong is watching TV when Donny arrives through a portal asking for his help. Wong tells him to call Jennifer Walters, who is, at the moment, having a moment with his new date. Donny has been calling her, but she disconnects it without even checking. Finally, she is about to kiss him when Wong shows up, again through a portal, asking for her help. She excuses herself to her date, tells him that she will be back in a few minutes, and joins Wong.

One by one, Jennifer and Wong send the gargoyles to the freezing mountains. Wong also closes the portal from where the demons had arrived (which seems like Hell). She also makes Donny and Cornelius, who have been hiding behind the chairs all the while, agree to the terms of their cease and desist, holding a gargoyle over their heads for persuasion. She then returns home to his date and carries him to the bedroom. The next morning, however, when the guy sees Jennifer in her human form, he leaves without any conversation. Clearly, it was She-Hulk he was attracted to, not Jennifer Walters. Jen, too, accepts the fact. A few minutes later, she receives a “special delivery” from a process server, i.e., a person who serves legal documents that require an appearance in court. It seems that Titania has sued Jennifer for her name “She-Hulk.” Titania had trademarked the name before it became the name of Jennifer’s alter-ego. Episode 5 will thus bring her face-to-face with Titania, which will be their first meeting after Episode 1. The mid-credits scene shows Madisynn and Wong watching “This Is Us” together and talking about different drinks they like.


‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 4: Easter Eggs Explained

  • Donny Blaze: With a name seemingly borrowed from Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, Donny Blaze is a stage magician. However, he does not seem to relate to the Spirit of Vengeance in any way. He took the name, perhaps due to the way he uses fire in his magic tricks. However, the name does stress the possibility that there is somewhere a Johnny Blaze in the MCU who hasn’t yet signed his contract with the Devil.
  • Billy Shakes: While showing one of his tricks, Donny Blaze quotes Billy Shakes. For those who don’t know, Billy Shakes is a nickname of William Shakespeare. The quote Donny uses is, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It is from the play “Romeo Juliet.”.
  • Jennifer’s To-Do List: The To-Do List pays tribute to many people who are a part of the She-Hulk universe. “Kraft v Soule” relates to David Anthony Kraft and Charles Soule. Both of them are She-Hulk writers. “Jansen Class-Action” certainly points at Klaus Jansen, a famous comic book artist for both Marvel and DC. Last but not the least, “Compile disposition for Lee v. Byrne” points out to Stan Lee (She-Hulk creator) and John Byrne (She-Hulk writer/artist).
  • Baphomet in the MCU: When Madisynn arrives at Wong’s house, she mentions that she met a talking goat in a lava pit. This is not random, at least not in the MCU, considering its track record. The entity she encounters seems to be Baphomet, one of Satan’s (AKA Marduk Kurios; not to be confused with Mephisto) most powerful servants in the Marvel comics. In fact, the flying demons that we see in the episode are his minions. He is also called “Goat-Boy,” and he first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #15: “Black Sabbath!”
  • Mephisto: Later, in court, Madisynn mentions the name of the talking goat, Jake. While “Jake” is a new name that doesn’t relate to anyone from the comics, it does sound similar to the name “Jack.” And “Jack Scratch” is a pseudonym for Mephisto, the ruler of Hell in the comics. So, it could be him as well, whom Madisynn had met. But then, we do not know how she survived him. There have already been interpretations of “WandaVision” suspecting his presence in the MCU.
  • The Wedding: In the mid-credits scene of Episode 4, Wong mentions how there might be soyakYak milk left from “the wedding”. This seems to be Christine Palmer’s wedding in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” This proves that the events of this show take place only some days after the events of the film. 

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