‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Jennifer Defend Emil Blonsky?

At the end of Episode 2 of “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law,” Jennifer Walters finds out that her new client, Emil Blonsky, got out of prison and was found fighting in an underground fight club. This makes defending him a lot more complex, thereby bringing down his chances of parole. In Episode 3, we see how desperately Jennifer Walters defends Emil Blonsky in front of the jury and to what extent she goes for her client.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 3: Recap and Ending

Jennifer Walters flounces inside the DODC prison, intending to ask Emil Blonsky the reason behind his latest actions, knowing that it could send him behind bars forever. He had apparently lied to her too about not changing into Abomination. But Emil defends himself, saying that he chose to turn into Abomination due to “extenuating circumstances.” He was forced to leave his cell, but he returned on his own free will. He tells her that it was Wong, the Master of the Mystic Arts, who had taken him out. Jennifer asks her friend Nikki to see if she can get in touch with this guy. Meanwhile, Jennifer herself has already begun to receive backlash from the public who are now questioning her qualifications.

On the other hand, Jennifer’s former colleague from the DA’s office, Dennis Bukowski, has arrived at GLK & H with his own “delicate matter.” He has been defrauded by his ex-girlfriend Runa and wants to file a suit against her to get his money back. And Holden Holliway wants Jennifer to handle Dennis’s case. Runa is a shapeshifting Light Elf from Asgard who conned Dennis as multiple Grammy-award-winning American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. While Jennifer is having a tough time controlling her laughter at how Dennis had actually believed that he was dating a superstar, a portal appears inside the office, and Wong comes out of it. Jennifer excuses herself and takes Wong to her office, making it clear that she is disinterested in Dennis’s case, which then goes to a guy named Pug. After telling Pug the amount his girlfriend owes i.e., $175,000, Dennis leaves.

According to Wong, whatever Emil Blonsky told her is factual. It was he who took Emil because he needed a worthy opponent as part of his Sorcerer Supreme training. She rejects Wong’s plan to send Emil to other dimensions or erase the memories of the jury and wants him to just show up at the hearing and explain everything, to which Wong agrees. Back in Pug’s office, Dennis’s girlfriend arrives, taking up his appearance, and tells Pug that he wants to take the case back. It is when Pug receives a call from Dennis himself that he realizes that the person in front of him isn’t Dennis but his girlfriend, the Elf. She then tries to hilariously warn Pug to not take the case by trying to sabotage Pug’s character in front of other girls in the office.

Jennifer Walters arrives at the hearing of Emil Blonsky. As the hearing begins, Emil states to the jury how he has changed as a person. He feels remorse and is ashamed of all the harm he has done. He now has a place to stay, and his pen pals have pledged to support him financially. Jennifer also presents witnesses who reveal that Emil’s prison literacy program has helped the prisoners to meditate. He has even saved a witness from an ill-fitted marriage. As for the matter of his escape, Wong arrives just in time to explain. Back at the hearing of Dennis’s case, the judge goes against Runa’s lawyer’s argument to dismiss his case, telling Pug to prove his argument that his client was indeed robbed. After the judge leaves, Runa impersonates the judge and tries to change the verdict.

Wong clarifies that he didn’t give Emil Blonsky any choice regarding vacating his cell, but it was absolutely Emil’s will to return. He was adamant to return and repay his debt to society. Then the jury asks that though Emil Blonsky might now be a changed man, but doesn’t he turn into a raging monster after he “uncontrollably” becomes Abomination? At this point, Emil, intending to show the jury that he is in complete control, turns into Abomination against Jennifer’s disapproval. The jury freaks out, sirens start blaring, and guards rush in. Wong tells the guards that force will not be necessary. Emil then turns back into his human self, thereby giving Jennifer the argument to present to the jury that he could have broken out of prison whenever he wanted in the past but chose not to. “He deserves a future as a free man and a productive citizen.” The jury states that it will consider all the facts and adjourns.  It shall reconvene once a decision has been reached. It also addresses Wong and tells him that he has committed a crime by facilitating a criminal escape. However, Wong respectfully departs without paying any heed.

That night, at a bar, Jennifer and Nikki are having a jolly time talking about the backlash Jennifer is facing from the public. This is when Pug arrives, who is clearly frustrated with his new client, Dennis Bukowski. At one point, Jennifer says that Dennis is “almost terminally deluded.” A moment of realization dawns upon Pug, who wants Jennifer to say the same thing in court.

Jennifer is brought in as a witness during Dennis Bukowski’s case. She states that Dennis is an almost “pathologically entitled man,” delusional enough to absolutely believe that he is dating Megan Thee Stallion. Dennis wins the case, and Runa is sentenced to 60 days for impersonating a judge. At the second hearing of Emil’s case at the DODC prison, the jury grants Emil’s release on parole. However, he cannot turn into Abomination ever again and will have to wear an inhibitor. Violation of either of these will result in his return to prison.

After a brief interview with a news channel regarding her latest victory in court, Jennifer returns home at night. As she comes out of her car, four guys who had recently “robbed an Asgardian construction worker” attack her, but after Jennifer gives them a taste of her powers, they run away. One of them even tries to get a sample of her blood, or so it seems, but couldn’t get it as Jennifer’s She-Hulk skin doesn’t let the needle penetrate. Inside their vehicle, the head of the group is worried as their “boss is going to be mad.” Jennifer picks up her paraphernalia from the floor and looks at herself on the window of a car. The mid-credits scene shows She-Hulk dancing in her GLK & H office with the real Megan Thee Stallion, who was also present at the hearing of Dennis’s case.

‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ Episode 3: Easter Eggs

Gideon Wilson: Towards the beginning of the episode, a news reporter is seen talking to Gideon Wilson, who had prosecuted Emil Blonsky the first-time years ago. In the comics, Gideon is the brother of Sam Wilson, formerly Falcon, and the current Captain America. His revelation reconstitutes Sam’s family history that we come to know from “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Keeping in mind that “Captain America: New World Order” will be based on the super soldier serum storyline and that Abomination is also a product of the serum, Gideon’s appearance in “She-Hulk” adds to the show’s chances to connect with the upcoming Captain America movie.

Mallory Book: When Dennis and Jennifer meet at Holden Holliway’s office, we also come across Mallory Book. In the comics, she and Jennifer are professional rivals. She has been involved in Madripoor (“Falcon and the Winter Soldier”) and was also the Chairperson, discreetly, of Fourth Wall Enterprises (FWE). This company intended to destroy She-Hulk with the aim of making their own version of her.

Erasing Memories is Messy: When Jennifer meets Wong for the first time, he tells her how he is against erasing memories because they are messy. Through this, he addresses the events of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and how it almost messed up the entire multiverse. The question is, since he knows of Strange’s attempt at erasing the world’s memory regarding Peter Parker being Spider-Man (since Wong used the words “Not again.”), does he also remember Peter and that he is Spider-Man? He probably should.

Runa in Asgard’s Defense: At the hearing of Dennis’s case, Asgardian elf Runa tries to defend herself by saying that Asgard is not a place; it is a people. This line is from “Thor: Ragnarok.” Odin said this to Thor before Thor’s battle with his sister Hela, Goddess of Death. Heimdall, too, said the same thing at the end of the film. The Asgardians settled in Tnsberg, Norway after the foundations were destroyed by Surtur, the fire demon.

Mafia Hit Gone Wrong: As Jennifer comes out of the DODC prison after presenting Wong as a witness, one of the reporters asks her if the rumors of her getting her powers as a result of a mob hit gone wrong are true. This is a direct reference to the Marvel archives. In the comics, Jennifer Walters was shot by criminals who were being prosecuted by her. She didn’t die, thanks to her cousin Bruce, who provided her with some of his own blood. However, it gave her the Hulk’s powers.

Wrecking Crew: The crew that attacked Jennifer at the end of “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law” Episode 3 isn’t any random crew. It has a past in the comics too. Traditionally, the Wrecking Crew is a Thor group of villains. Hence, Jennifer’s mention of Asgard fits aptly. The team includes Thunderball (whose name is also mentioned), Bulldozer, Piledriver, and their leader, Wrecker. They got their power from an enchanted crowbar amid a thunderstorm that hit them with lightning. It remains to be seen who their boss is.

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