‘Shadow Detective’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – Who Attacks Team Leader Bae?

In “Shadow Detective,” Taek Rok found out that The Friend had been going in and out of his apartment secretly. He collected his fingerprints from his house and handed them to Jin Han to run a test on them. Right after Taek Rok handed over the evidence to Jin Han, he received a text message from the friend and ran after Jin Han’s car. Jin Han lost control, and his car tumbled over.


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How Does Sunga Find Out About The Friend?

Jin Han’s car tumbled over, and he lost consciousness due to injuries. The car catches on fire, and Taek Rok pulls out Jin Han by breaking the car door. Jin Han opens his eyes and runs to get the evidence from the car, but Taek Rok stops him as the car blows up. Taek Rok gets a call from The Friend, who tells him that this was just a warning and that Jin Han should be careful.


Jin Han lies to the others and says that his car is defective because he doesn’t want others to find out the truth. Taek Rok tells him to stop working with him, but Jin Han is now more determined than ever to catch The Friend because if he could attack him, then other police officers aren’t safe either. Taek Rok leaves his apartment and moves into Jin Han’s apartment for the time being to speed up the process of investigation.

Sunga and Kyung Chan visit Jin Han’s house to ask about his well-being, but they see Taek Rok and Jin Han with a bunch of documents. Jin Han tells her about The Friend, and Sunga urges Taek Rok to let her help them too. Taek Rok doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, but Sunga is stubborn and starts going through the documents. They attend Hyun Seok’s funeral the next day, and Taek Rok is overcome with guilt. He could have stopped Hyun Seok from getting involved with the wrong people, and he would then not have lost his life.


The four of them start going through the previous cases and try to find the motive of the caller. While others think that The Friend is getting rid of people who are disadvantageous to Chief Seo, Taek Rok thinks that The Friend is targeting Chief Seo. All of the cases so far involved Chief Seo, where he was at fault. They find out all the cases where Chief Seo is at fault, and if The Friend uses one of the cases next, it will be confirmed that he is indeed after Chief Seo.

While in the middle of their discussion, Taek Rok gets a call from The Friend, and he tells him about a case, which is one of the cases that they had grouped out. Taek Rok asks him if he is targeting Chief Seo, and The Friend video calls him. The friend is near his daughter’s house and shows her standing at her window. Taek Rok rushes to her house to check if she is fine. It reminds both of them of the time when his daughter was kidnapped as a child.


Taek Rok has been looking for Cheon, and he finds out from Ki Tae that Cheon had disagreements with Hyun Seok. Ki Tae tells him that someone has seen Cheon leaving the country, but there is also a rumor that he is dead. Chief Seo gets a report that Taek Rok has been aggressively searching for someone. Team leader Bae has been doing a secret investigation into Hyun Seok’s death and finally finds out who the mysterious man Hyun Seok often had dinner with was.

Cheon has a long criminal history and has been committing them since a young age. He built his own business later on and started trading drugs. Ma Sang Gu is one of his biggest dealers, and Taek Rok raids his factory to find any clue about Cheon. He checks the activities around the factory and sees Sang Gu taking a ledger out of a locker. However, Sang Gu sees him in the CCTV footage.


Sunga and Kyung Chan have been working together at Kyung Chan’s place. Sunga goes into Kyung Chan’s study room to get a pen but sees something strange. On Kyung Chan’s computer, there are many video recordings of Taek Rok. Kyung Chan has been keeping an eye on Taek Rok, and Sunga has always been suspicious of him.

Does Taek Rok Catch The Drug Mafia, Cheon?

Taek Rok catches Sang Gu before he can run away and forces him to give him the ledgers in the locker. Sang Gu is a drug dealer and the easiest way to find Cheon. Taek Rok makes Sang Gu call Cheon’s secretary to tell him that he needs a bigger lot of drugs this time. Cheon is still alive and living on an island where he runs his business from. 


Sunga catches Kyung Chan red-handed with Taek Rok’s videos and asks him to tell the truth. She thinks that he is The Friend, but Kyung Chan denies it. Chief Seo had ordered him to spy on Taek Rok, and he was just following the orders. However, he didn’t trust the chief either and bugged his office. He shows the recordings to Sunga, and only then does she trust him. Kyung Chan’s behavior was suspicious, and it was easy for a detective like Sunga to catch onto it.

Sang Gu leads the way for Taek Rok to get him to the island where Cheon is staying. He prepares a boat for Taek Rok, but in between, he calls a certain person who had texted him earlier. Sang Gu or Taek Rok don’t have a license, so Sang Gu brings a trustworthy sailor with them. Sang Gu enters the main building on the island, while Taek Rok enters from the backdoor. Sang Gu told Taek Rok that he would distract others when he had another plan.


Chief Seo has ordered Sang Gu to kill Cheon, and Sang Gu wants to kill Taek Rok as well. Taek Rok finds Cheon and asks him why he killed Hyun Seok. Cheon believed that Hyun Seok died after falling from a cliff, and suddenly he was accused of murder. Taek Rok has already found the ledger, but he needs more to prove Seo’s crime. As they negotiate in a room, they start hearing noises from outside. Sang Gu has started a fight, and even the police officers have arrived to catch Sang Gu.

Taek Rok makes a promise to protect Cheon and helps him run away. Sang Gu sees them and shoots at them with a gun. Taek Rok dodges the bullets, but Cheon gets shot. Taek Rok crosses the sea and is surprised to see Jin Han waiting for him. Jin Han doesn’t like that Taek Rok is working all alone. However, they need to treat Cheon, and Jin Han drives them both to Taek Rok’s doctor. Soon enough, Seo arrives there with other officers and arrests Cheon. Taek Rok has already struck a deal with Cheon.


Cheon is now in a hospital with police officers guarding him, and Taek Rok tells him that he is only safe as long as he is under his protection. Taek Rok wants Cheon to testify, but Cheon still doesn’t completely trust Taek Rok. Jin Han comes later and tries to get ledgers from him in exchange for protecting him. Everybody promises Cheon protection, which makes him trust them even less. However, Taek Rok has Cheon’s ledgers, and he finds a connection to Chairman Jang. Jin Han had been discredited because he had tried to arrest Chairman Jang.

‘Shadow Detective’ Episode 6: Ending

A police officer comes into Cheon’s room and, yet again, offers him protection in exchange for the ledgers. However, he doesn’t just go away when Cheon refuses his offer. He threatens to show his power. Taek Rok was leaving the hospital when he got a call from Team Leader Bae. Bae informs him that Jin Han recently met with a person related to Chairman Jang and tells him to come over to his place to talk. Taek Rok asks Jin Han if he is still working on Chairman Jang’s case, but he denies it.


The hospital has become chaotic because of an accident, and many people have been admitted together. As the police guards help in managing the crowd, a man quietly walks toward Cheon’s ward. Bae has been waiting for Taek Rok to arrive, and he has CCTV footage that clearly shows Jin Han meeting with Hyun Seok. Taek Rok keeps on calling Bae, but he doesn’t pick up the calls.

“Shadow Detective” episode 6 has a shocking end as Jin Han tries to garrote Bae with a wire. Jin Han has been helping Taek Rok, but if he is trying to kill Bae, he becomes a prime suspect of being The Friend.


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