‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Alina Be Able To Save Mal From Death?

With just two episodes remaining of “Shadow And Bone” Season 2, we’re already missing the show. A found family like no other, how often do we root for a group of criminals and a Saint at the same time? Yeah, that’s what we thought too. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7 of ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

Now that Kirigan knows Mal is the Firebird, he decides to meet him in his head too. Kirigan makes it clear to Mal that he knows about his mythological self. Just as he did with Alina and Zoya and anybody else he manipulated, Kirigan tries to appeal to Mal’s soft side by telling him there’s a way out of this. This cousin connection clearly doesn’t work for Mal, though, as he knows the only way to save Alina and Ravka is by, well, dying. Alina is broken by the knowledge that Mal is her Firebird. Nikolai notices that there is something off with her when they are discussing important matters for the Army’s next steps. She tells him that Mal is the Firebird, and Nikolai comforts her. It is clear that Nikolai has developed deep feelings for Alina and wants to look after her in whatever situation she’s in. Dominik, Nikolai’s close friend and one of the commanders of the First Army, sees through Nikolai’s feelings. He does confess it is odd to see a fake marriage with true feelings.


On the Hummingbird, Mal sees that Nikolai has the capability to protect and also love Alina just as he did. He essentially says goodbye and asks Nikolai to take care of her when he’s gone. Nikolai reluctantly agrees; he’s come to love him like a brother of his own. Mal admits that before he met Nikolai, he didn’t ever see a life ahead for himself; he only saw Alina. But when he saw Sturmhond, he envied his life and wanted to be him. It’s unfortunate now that he will never be able to see it through (or will he?). Mal tells Alina’s close crew that he is the Firebird, even with Alina’s protests. While everyone is brooding, Tamar comes up with a brilliant plan. If David can use Mal’s bones the way they did with the Sea Whip and Stag, but with Tamar stopping his heart only for two minutes while Alina destroys the Fold, he could be resurrected after it’s done. Just two minutes, though. Alina admits it’s a great idea, and they decide to try. You must be wondering where the Crows might be in the middle of all of this, probably rushing from Shu Han to Ravka.

David helps Adrik with a new hand, and he hopes he can Squal again. Nikolai and team Hummingbird head to Keramzin, where Kirigan awaits Alina’s arrival, and Alina, Mal, and the rest stay back for the experiment. Nikolai gives a powerful and unifying speech before leaving. In case you forgot about Matthias, in Hellgate, Pekka offers him relief for his rage, suggesting he’d help him get rid of all this anger. 


Will The Team Be Able To Win Against Kirigan, Divided?

Although David is very enthusiastic about detaching and attaching Mal’s bones, he’s actually physically too afraid to do it. Genya offers pain relief, and Alina watches as they try to cut off Mal’s pinky. With all the chaos, they don’t realize the nichevo’ya are entering the room. On the other hand, on their way to Keramzin, Nioklai and his team are ambushed and directed to the fort, where more of Kirigan’s Grisha await their arrival. Without Nikolai, there will be no new Ravka, and so it will be easier for Kirigan to take over. Nadia and Adrik try their best to help Nikolai as they make their way into Kirigan’s trap without realizing the man himself is on his way to attack Alina. As the nichevo’ya attack, Alina and Mal head one way whereas Genya and David go another. In the meanwhile, they realize something big is happening; the floor begins to shake, and the light seems to be fading. Alina realizes that Kirigan is expanding the Fold. With no signs of Tolya and the Crows, everybody is worried. Tamar, who has lost Alina, decides she needs to head to the fort to save king Nikolai. She takes a team of people and heads there.

Alina and Mal are unable to control the shadow monsters, and just as Mal gets lifted up to his death, Inej arrives with the sword of Neyer. Nina and Zoya are with her, too; the girls here to save the day. Tamar reaches Nikolai just in time; he’s terribly wounded in the leg but manages to get as far as possible with the team and Dominik’s help. Unfortunately, Dominik’s love for Nikolai and Ravka is very deep, and he ends up sacrificing himself to save their king. On the other side, Tolya tries to make his way to Tamar and clears up space in the fort for their escape after everything is done. David locks Genya up in a room to save her and is attacked by the nichevo’ya, as Genya realizes too late what he has done. Because Kirigan’s Grisha, who are after Nikolai, are amplified, Nadia and Adrik cannot hold them off for long. Even with Tamar’s help, they struggle until Tolya arrives with the Crows. Wylan ironically kills the Inferni with a bomb at her feet, fire for fire that it is. Jesper carries on with his shooting until the Tidemaker freezes his revolvers. Remembering what Neyer taught him; he uses the buttons and pins on his clothes to attack her. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s lost all her fingers just then until she tries to attack them again. These interactions were unimaginable, but Wylan threw some Datura Meloxia (the poison from Ohval’s home) at them with the help of Nadia and Adrik, killing the second-to-last member of the amplified Grisha. The last one standing is fingerless, meaning she can’t use her powers, meaning Nikolai can now put a bullet through her neck. They make their way to Alina and Mal through the path Tolya cleared for them.


In the extended Fold, Alina believes she can destroy the Fold even if Mal’s just with her. They hold hands, and a beautiful red light emerges from them. Zoya, Nina, and Inej are enthralled by the beauty of it all, but the nichevo’ya attack them. As Mal and Alina kiss to seal the power, an almost ‘guilty’ Kirigan arrives. If the view is so stunning and the couple so handsome, of course, you’d be sad to destroy it, right? Or you could at least pretend. Alina is distracted, and before Kirigan can do the ‘cut’ and kill Mal, Alina does the same. She’s able to wound Kirigan terribly, but to her horror, Mal’s been hit too. Nina is taken away by the nichevo’ya, and Inej and Zoya are left wondering how to save her. A lot of chaos and nail-biting is due for the final episode of “Shadow and Bone” season 2.

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