‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Baghra Dead? Who Is The Firebird?

For book readers, the next few episodes of “Shadow And Bone” Season 2 are going to be maddening, considering all the crossovers and interactions of characters we could never imagine. A real treat for fans, but will things go wrong for any of these precious characters? Will there truly be no mourners and no funerals?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6 of ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

Baghra leads Mal and Alina to find the Firebird. Alina, keeping in mind what David said, believes that Merzost and the “cut” is what she needs to kill Aleksander in their tethered world. On her way, she narrates the story of a vicious girl, the daughter of Morozova, who killed her own sister out of jealousy. She was an abomination like no other who could control shadows. Yes, Baghra was Morozvoa’s daughter, but her sister, the precious little daughter, was the Firebird whom Morozova resurrected just as he did the Sea Whip and the Stag. Baghra was abandoned after killing her sister. Morozova’s workshop is where the secrets to the Firebird exist, and Baghra can lead them there because it’s where she grew up. A shocking revelation awaits Mal and Alina. Kirigan, on the other hand, now knows that Alina will not join him, so he plans on using the orphanage as leverage to bring her to him.


The Crows, on the other hand, have only one man standing. Wylan has no idea what is happening inside Ohval’s house as Kaz, Jes, Inej, and Tolya lose their minds in the toxic air. Tolya is the last to completely lose himself because he can control his breathing for a little while as a Heartrender. He manages to get Wylan to hear him before he goes into a dream—or rather, a nightmare—of his own. Tolya sees Tamar on the Humingbird, bleeding out with a sword inside her chest. He asks her who did this, and to his shock, she says, ‘you did.’ Kaz, as we saw in episode 5, saw Jordie. Jordie poses the question- what would you be without your vengeance. Kaz’s biggest nightmare is that he has no purpose now that he has avenged Jordie’s death. He is being drowned by his own brother because his mind is filled with his death and the sadness, rage, and violence it woke in him. It looks like while two of them were having bad trips, Jes and Inej are luckier. At least, Jes is for sure. Earlier, Jes and Wylan had a big fight.

While Jesper believed it was not a big deal that Wylan couldn’t read, he did really think he was the smartest person he knew. Wylan, on the other hand, did not like the patronization coming from a person who hides his true Grisha self. Jes proceeds to call being a Grisha a curse and clearly points out to Wylan that he doesn’t know anything. It is now that we see that Jes’s mother too, who he sees in the hallucination, was a Grisha who died while saving a little girl’s life using her powers. Jes needed her then, but she left him because she was the only one who could save the little girl. She was the one who taught Jes how to use his powers and shoot so magnificently. He was mama’s little rabbit, and maybe his pent-up anger made him so reckless. His mother tells her little rabbit not to hide who he is anymore because that will not save him (anybody else need tissues?).


Kanej fans definitely held their breaths, seeing what Inej’s imagination drew out for her. Inej hopes to be with Kaz one day, but even she knows that him touching her face, skin to skin, is impossible. She manages to wake up as Wylan uses an explosive to make a small hole in the door. Inej tells him they’re hallucinating, and Wylan has the genius, if a little bit strange, idea. Wylan gives them a butterfly that doesn’t die from the poison as an antidote. It works, and they all are saved. Kaz’s mind is cleared from Jordie as Inej appears to save him.

Ohval arrives at the house, and her power is unimaginable as she manages to stop all of them from hurting her, even Zoya and Nina, who finally made it behind her. Just as they are about to all be defeated by her strength, Kaz miraculously appears with an old man in a wheelchair.


What Happened To Baghra?

Baghra takes Mal away to tell him a little secret about the Firebird and leaves Alina behind with the Morozova journals. The big reveal is that Mal is actually the Firebird himself, and so he’s Aleksander’s cousin (wow, Alina, way to go)! This is why he was able to track the other two amplifiers, and he’s the face Alina saw when she took in the powers of the Sea Whip. During this conversation, Aleksander comes to Alina in her mind and tells her there’s no way she can escape him. Whatever she tries will not work. Baghra and Mal realize something’s wrong and head to Alina to see her in a trance. Baghra tells Mal that she has to be the one to end this all, and she will kill her own son. Baghra sets the place on fire, grabs Alina’s arm, and is transported to their world too. Mal manages to drag Alina out, although she cannot have another person sacrifice themselves for her, and they escape the fire. Baghra apologizes for not loving her son enough and tries to kill him with the cut, but before she can do any damage, the nichevo’ya attack her. As she dies in her son’s arms, she cuts his hand off and breaks his bond with Alina. Aleksander is saddened by the death of his mother, more than we could’ve imagined. Vladim uses the rest of the bone dust he had on Aleksander’s hand and attaches a fabrikator-made one over it. Since it’s an amplifier, Aleksander is able to see the last memories of his mother. The ones where she told Mal about him being the Firebird.

At Ohval’s house, the man in the wheelchair is said to be the Disciple. He explains that the Neshyenyer was the last thing he stole for his wife, or rather gave back to her because, as it happens, she’s the one who made it. Tolya explains that she is Saint Neyer, who fought for three days and nights all those years ago with a “relentless” sword that could tear down even shadows. She doesn’t want to give them her sword, of course, but they explain that it is Alina who needs it, not them. Neyer isn’t interested in Ravka’s problems, but the Crows convince her that it is the whole world that is in danger from the Darkling. Finally, she agrees to give it to Jesper. Jesper is surprised by the special treatment, but she chose him because he is a talented Durast who could do much more with his powers. Jesper has two reasons to show the world his true strengths now, his mother and a saint. He tells Wylan that he will not hide himself anymore, and they share a sweet kiss in front of everybody and Kaz realizes his team has lost their minds. Kaz essentially conveys to Inej that she is his new purpose, but Inej cuts him down by calling hope a dangerous thing (oh man, how much longer is this going to take). 


Mal tells Alina that he is the Firebird and that she needs to kill him. Alina knew there were consequences to combining three amplifiers, but she could never imagine it to be Mal. As they touch, she can see her power strengthen and turn a beautiful red. They realize this might as well be the last of their days together because Alina will have to kill Mal to use his strength. For now, they spend the night together as lovers.

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