‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Sturmhond Really? 

There’s no rest when it comes to “Shadow and Bone.” In episode 2, we saw Alina harness the power of the Sea Whip amplifier. She is stronger than before, but will she be able to destroy the Fold alone? What of Kaz and the Crows? After Inej is injured so terribly, will Kaz continue his vendetta? Let’s find out in episode 3 of “Shadow and Bone” Season 2. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 3 of ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

The Darkling is itching to know if Alina survived the events of the Fold. He thinks that even if Alina manages to gather some Grisha on her side, he will still be more powerful with his army. Baghra reminds him that there was a time he wanted Alina’s love, but he ruined all of that because of his lust for power. David is one of the Grisha that ends up returning to the Darkling, and Genya asks him to run away immediately. Unfortunately, she doesn’t warn him in time, and Kirigan welcomes David with open arms. Kirigan trusts David and even gives him some information on what the Merzost is doing to him. He also gives him the journal because he has the intellectual ability to decode Morozova’s writings. In the meanwhile, Genya and David plot their escape from Kirigan.


Back on the ship, Alina and Mal ask Sturmhond how they will get across the Fold. To their utmost surprise, the ship they’re on has a second vessel that can fly with the help of a Squaller. It’s essentially a flying ship. Alina is the Sun Summoner, but she’s afraid of heights. As they enter the Fold, Alina prepares herself to destroy it in one big blow. Sturmhond, Toyla, and Tamar are confident that Alina can do it, but Mal isn’t so sure. Alina is a little bit overconfident herself, feeling the surge of power from the new amplifier. Unfortunately, Mal is right, and Alina isn’t entirely in control of the power she has. While initially, it looks like she is destroying the Fold, she sees Kirigan’s face and everything that happened the last time they were in the Fold. His voice reminds her that she can’t do this on her own, and she collapses. Mal protects Alina while Toyla and Tamar fight off a Volcra with style as they manage to get out of the Fold and land in East Ravka. The First Army is there to greet them for their illegal entry into the country until Sturmhond decides to ‘handle things.’ Unbeknownst to anybody except Tamar and Toyla, Sturmhond introduces himself as the prince of Ravka, Nikolai Lantsov. Alina is absolutely disgruntled and punches him in the face for being a liar. Nikolai is the younger brother of the crown prince, who is killing Grisha because of the incidents that took place previously. Nikolai believes the Grisha and the common folk should work hand in hand and live in harmony, unlike his predecessors and brother. Nikolai knew the importance of bringing Alina home, but there was no way she would’ve come by with him if he had shown up as himself. He brings them to a Grisha sanctuary, his inventory workshop known as the Spinning Wheel. Nadia is already there with her brother, and so is Zoya. Alina and Zoya have a little chat where Zoya, in many words, pledges her allegiance to Alina.

In Ketterdam, things are looking off for Kaz Brekker. His team is unable to trust him after they were all put in danger for a personal vendetta. Inej was severely wounded by Mogens and needs healing. Nina doesn’t have the powers to heal a person, yet she tries her best to ease Inej’s pain. Kaz isn’t thinking straight after his encounter with Pekka and is extra snappy with the crew. Jesper and Inej know exactly what Kaz is like, but they’re confused too. Kaz sends Jesper and Wylan to a hidden ‘workshop’ in Pekka’s papers to find out what’s there. Kaz finds Inej alone, trying to fix up her wounds, and clearly can’t bear to see the sight. He wants to talk to her, but he’s unable to do so. Finally, after Inej shows her distrust in him, he tells her that Pekka killed his brother. Inej immediately softens and tells him that they will destroy Pekka together.


Kaz, who can’t even go near bare skin, tries to help Inej clean her wound. She tells him she wants to get Mogens, and Kaz explains to her how she can find his weakness. Inej tells Kaz that Mogens has no weakness because he can’t feel pain, but in fact, Kaz says that itself is his weakness. Inej kills Mogens and prays for forgiveness, but she can’t risk going back to the Menagerie. In the meantime, Kaz visits Per Haskell again to get the Dregs on his team. They try to ambush him, but Kaz and his cane are too strong for the Dregs. Finally, they are put in their place and realize that if there has to be anybody who has a chance against Pekka, it is Kaz.

Wylan and Jesper find out that the secret hideout is actually where Pekka launders money and also hides his son. Wylan requests Jesper not to tell Kaz about Alby, the little boy, and Jesper tells Wylan that this is not his burden to bear. Matthias, in Hellgate, finds himself face-to-face with the sacred wolves of Djel. The prisoners of Hellgate are made to fight each other, but also creatures that are considered mythical but do exist. Matthias is taken to fight, but he refuses to do it. Finally, with many people of Ketterdam watching, Matthias is pegged against a cannibal.


Will Matthias Defeat The Cannibal? What Will Kaz Do Next?

Nikolai has a plan to get Grisha and the people to believe in Alina again. He proposes a marriage between the two of them to represent an alliance between the king of Ravka and Grisha. Nikolai knows how much Mal means to Alina, and he would never come in between the two of them, but he believes even an engagement could make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Alina doesn’t love the idea, but Mal believes it will work. He trusts anything Alina chooses, but he thinks that if the First Army can see this alliance, then they will have more people on their side of the fight. They also realize the Darkling has survived because First Army soldiers have been found sliced to pieces near Grisha Camps.

The Grisha Camps were used by the First Army to capture the magical people and murder them, just like before the incidents in the Fold. The Darkling has brought Grisha right back to where they started out. He is angry with Baghra for not taking his side anymore and cuts his finger off to use as an amplifier. He believes Morozova used human bones as amplifiers. After this, David and Genya know there’s no way they should remain with him and try to make their escape. Kirigan catches Genya, but David manages to escape. Kirigan’s shadow monster is seen walking toward Genya, and we hear her screams, but considering the Darkling wants her next to him, she is definitely not dead. Possibly transformed by the creature of the dark. Kirigan then realizes that his Alina is still alive and can contact her through some shards of the Stag bone left inside his hand. Kirigan reaches out to Alina in their collective dream and tells her that there’s no way she can escape him. After all, they’re too similar to be separated from one another. Alina wakes up from this dream and makes her decision. We believe she will accept Nikolai’s proposal.


Kaz asks Jes and Wylan what they found in the secret hideout. Jes tells him about the money laundering, but Kaz then asks if the ‘boy’ was there. Kaz knows that Pekka has a child because he had renamed “The Crow Club,” which was now known as “The Kaelish Prince.” Now Wylan says he will not do anything to help Kaz harm the little boy who hasn’t done anything. Kaz remembers that he, too, was just a little boy when Pekka made a deal with his older brother Jordie and ran away with their money. They were left with nothing. All Kaz knows now is suffering, and that is what he wants to show Pekka as well. Nina heads to Hellgate, where she finds Pekka there too. Kaz had warned Nina to stay low because she was a Crow now after what she did. But Nina, who sees Matthias in the rink, forgets everything else and calls out to him after he brutally defeats the cannibal. Matthias gives Nina a strange look before heading back inside. It is clear that he thinks she’s a vision in his head. He can’t even imagine that she would come to save him. Pekka finds Nina and tells her that if she wants her Fjerdan man free, she needs to bring him Kaz Brekker. Will Nina betray Kaz? Or will she plan an escape for Matthias with The Crows? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Shadow and Bone.”

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