Sergeant Tak In ‘Sweet Home 2,’ Explained: Is He Turning Into A Monster Like Hyun-Su?

The character of Sergeant Tak In-hwan has been played by Yoo Oh-seong in the second season of Sweet Home. He is the Chief of the Special Forces, who guards the survivors and keeps a check on their mutation. He is in charge of the Crow Platoon and has been portrayed as a responsible figure in the series. With the introduction of Sergeant Tak, more layers are added to the narrative of Sweet Home. There are a lot of mysteries that are related to the character, which are to be explored through an in-depth character analysis. Did Sergeant Tak murder his family? Was he turning into a monster? Let’s find out!


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How Was Sergeant Tak’s Personality?

Sergeant Tak has a righteous character and is always looking out for the welfare of others. He is responsible and takes charge of guarding the people in the safety camp even during such situations instead of just thinking about himself. He is a soldier in the true sense! He does not hesitate to kill the monsters tactfully, and he does not retract from putting his life in danger. The scars on his face are a mark of his bravery and the experiences that he has gathered on the battlefield. He takes Sergeant Kim under his wing and protects all the common people along with his platoon. He is composed and has the ability to make good decisions under immense pressure.


He showcases himself to have a tough outer shell and is only driven by rationality. His rational side is brought out when he dissuades Sergeant Kim from going out on a search for their lost fellow soldier, Yong-seok. However, we also get to see his empathetic side when he quarantines Jun-il’s mother instead of killing her when she shows signs of monsterization. When Jun-il’s mother tries running from the camp, she accidentally steps on a landmine. Sergeant Tak and Park Chan-yeong collaboratively help her out, rather than just abandoning her there. When Dr. Lim wants to experiment on her, Sergeant Tak asks him to have control over his urges and reminds him that he is still in the camp because they are grateful to him for his previous experiments. When the chief also tells him to eliminate Jun-il’s mother, he refuses. He is empathetic and wants to give a chance to the monsterized people rather than just eliminate them.

Was Sergeant Tak Responsible For Murdering His Family?

We get glimpses of him murdering his own family! He is also called the murderer of his family by almost everyone around him. It is possible that his family started showing signs of monsterization, as a result of which he had to kill them. Maybe he was trying to get rid of his guilt by giving the monsters a second chance to survive. It is possible that back when he murdered his family, he did not know how to cope well with the situation, but with experience and time, he must have garnered that knowledge. On the other hand, it is also possible that the inner demon in him instigated him to murder his family.


What Conflict Did He Have With The Chief?

The chief of the safety zone had told Sergeant Tak to immediately get rid of anyone who would turn into a monster. She wanted him to drive the old woman out of the camp so that the others would be kept safe. She further told him that monsterization was mostly spread through fear and was contagious. He, however, does not pay any heed to her words and decides to keep the woman in quarantine rather than ousting her. Later, the chief plans on letting the old woman out of the quarantine area without informing anyone. She does not hesitate to cut the power supply for a short while to mislead the militants and drive the infected woman out.

Sergeant Tak, along with other militants, tells the people in the living facility that they should not hide any of their symptoms. He asks them to come clean and confess so that they can be quarantined at the right time. He also warns them that if anyone was to hide or help others hide the symptoms, then they were to face severe consequences. The Chief immediately counters him by saying that it is also possible for him to have the symptoms of monsterization, and hence asks him to prove himself.


Was Sergeant Tak Turning Into A Monster?

It is possible that he was empathizing with the monsters because he himself had signs of monsterization. We see symptoms of monsterization in Sergeant Tak that he conceals from the others. We see his inner monster often talking to him, and he seems to be controlling it from coming out and overtaking his senses completely. He contemplates how he should manage the people when they come to know that he is the real monster of the stadium. It is possible that he had been able to control his inner demons after he had been held responsible for the murder of his own family. His rational self must have been able to efficiently handle the demon and keep it from overpowering him in the long run. We see him struggling to hide his real identity from the others because he would then be ousted from his duties. The Chief was quite right in stating that monsterization occurred due to the personal fears of the individuals. Sergeant Tak feared losing his position as the Chief of the Special Forces in front of others.

Final Words

Sergeant Tak’s strong personality makes him stand out from the rest of the characters in the series. The mysterious character adds a lot of layers in the second season of Sweet Home. He has a selfless outlook, but it is also possible that he has other intentions in mind. He lacks transparency about his own monsterization, which makes us doubt his morality. What eventually happens to Sergeant Tak is, however, not made clear by the end of this season. Is the character really the way that he portrays himself to be, or is there more to his inner shell? A lot of doubts about Sergeant Tak are to be resolved in the third episode of Sweet Home.

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