Seo Yi-kyung In ‘Sweet Home 2,’ Explained: How Does Yi-kyung Turn Into A Monster?

The character of Seo Yi-kyung has been efficiently portrayed by Lee Si-young in Sweet Home. She has had a meaningful mission ever since Season 1, but she seemed to have no direction, which she attained in Season 2. While she diligently fights the monsters initially, her life comes to a halt when she finds out about her pregnancy. She is pulled between being a mother and a former fighter in the Special Forces. Will she be able to serve her ultimate purpose? What is her relationship with her daughter? What eventually happens to her? Let’s find out through an in-depth analysis of the character!


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What Happened To Yi-kyung’s Fiance?

Yi-kyung comes to the Green Roof apartment, his fiancé Sang-wan’s residence, in search of him after he goes missing. She was working as a firefighter, and he was a scientist who was involved in a secret experiment. Yi-kyung is faced with a situation where the monsters have encircled the entire apartment, and she tries to save the people there. She was, however, unable to find her fiancé there. She had flashbacks of her fiance trying to hide a journal from her; she was sure that some of his experiments had caused him to end up in danger. She later joins the military forces to find Sang-wan. After an extensive search, when she eventually comes across him, she sees that he has become a monster and has been subjected to experiments by the scientists. On seeing his condition, she feels empty within, and instead of killing him, she leaves him there. She couldn’t get herself to kill him because she was still in love with him.


What Is Yi-kyung’s Relationship With Her Daughter?

Yi-kyung had come to know of her pregnancy when she was in the Green Roof Apartment. When she finally gets a glimpse of her fiance, her belly rapidly starts growing, and she gives birth prematurely to Sang-wan’s daughter. She struggles to give birth to the child, and when she comes to her senses, she realizes that her own daughter is a monster. This sheds light on the fact that Sang-wan had hidden his signs of monsterization from Yi-kyung earlier, causing their daughter to be born as a monster. Initially, she had the thought of killing it but later abandoned it, letting Hyun-su take charge. The motherly instincts in her had prevented her from killing her own child, despite it being a monster. She tries to protect her daughter in all situations. We get a glimpse of an incident where her daughter is being chased around by people who wanted to kill her. She takes charge and tries saving her, but realizes that her daughter’s powers are enough to shield herself. She gets to know that her daughter’s touch could transform any human into a monster. Her nature as a dutiful fighter had compelled her to shoot her daughter in the head, as she thought that her daughter could be a threat to humanity later on. She was trying to save the world from her daughter’s deadly touch, which eventually changed with time. Even though she had shot her daughter, she managed to resurrect as she was a monster. Yi-kyung’s protective nature as a mother was evident, as she would never lose sight of her daughter so that no perils would befall her. At the same time, she also covered her daughter’s hands with gloves so that she would not be a threat to anyone in the long run.

How Does Yi-kyung Turn Into A Monster?

When Yi-kyung’s house is set on fire, she succumbs to the flames and is severely injured. Hyun-su saves her, and he takes her to a hospital to save her life. When he thinks that she will lose her life due to a lack of medical facilities, he requests that Yi-kyung’s daughter go and meet her one last time. Initially, she is reluctant, as she holds grudges against her for trying to separate her from her own kind all her life. She later goes to the medical facility, and when she sees Yi-kyung breathing her last, she touches her hand, turning her into a monster. She does that to immortalize her mother! It is possible that her daughter wanted Yi-kyung to experience the same traumas that she had faced as a monster all her life. She wanted her mother to be more empathetic towards their kind and understand their motives in the long run.


What Happens After She Becomes A Monster?

We see Yi-kyung transforming into a half-monster just like Hyun-su after she has been touched by her daughter! Her indomitable spirit to get control over her inner demons causes her to transform into a half-monster, rather than letting monsterization get full control over her conscience. One part of her tries attacking Hyun-su, while the other part tries controlling her urges, and Hyun-su tries stopping her. Even after she has been transformed into a monster, she says that she wants to kill all the other monsters. She had been trying to stop herself from transforming completely into a monster, much like Hyun-su. There is a possibility that she would go against her own kind and save human beings, eventually leading to a lot of conflicts in the long run.

How Was Yi-Kyung’s Personality?

Yi-kyung’s character is determined and focused on her goal of finding her husband. She is initially puzzled as to which direction she should be going and aimlessly finds her fiancé. However, after she finds her fiancé, she thinks that her purpose has been served, but life has other plans in store for her. She served the role of a mother with a lot of dedication and left no stone unturned to keep her daughter safe. She has the spirit to fight any adverse situations and has a tendency to help others in times of need. She doesn’t abandon the people in the apartment and fights the monsters tirelessly. Her agility as a fighter has been proven numerous times in several episodes of the series. Her presence in the series has added multiple layers to it, bringing out the colors of a fighter as well as a mother in a single woman. Even after becoming a monster, she has been fighting herself to stick to her ideologies. She is a character who has deep-embedded values and does not waver in fulfilling her duties towards others.


Final Words

Yi-kyung is one of the major characters in Sweet Home, who has a righteous nature and does not falter in fulfilling her duties, both as a mother and a fighter. She stands up to her dual role and tries to fulfill her duties to her daughter and to humanity as well. She makes sure that her own daughter does not become a threat to others. Her will to stick by someone through thick and thin is brought out when she refuses to abandon searching for her missing fiancé. In this aspect, she is quite similar to Eun-yu, as she did not leave out her hopes of finding her brother one day. She also shares similarities with Hyun-su, as she is able to handle her inner demons just like him. Hopefully, in the next season, she will get control over her inner monster and fight against the other monsters just like before. There are high chances that her conflict with demons will pit her against her own daughter in the future. We are eagerly waiting to see the complete transformation of Yi-kyung in Sweet Home season 3.

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