‘See You In My 19th Life’ Episodes 9 & 10 Recap And Review: What’s The Secret Of Ji-Eum’s First Life?

We’re closing in on the end of the series See You In My 19th Life, and so the drama has amplified, and all the fluff has gone down. We finally know a little bit more about Ji-Eum’s first life, and more people from her present life are involved there than we had anticipated. Min-Gi’s character is still as confusing as he was when he showed up, and we need to know ASAP what he’s all about! With only two episodes remaining, is it possible for Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha to have the happy life they’ve been dreaming about, or will their dream be shattered in a jiffy?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 9?

Ji-Eum has finally informed Seo-Ha about who she really is: Yoon Ju-Won. She’s worried he won’t believe her, but she leaves him with a note and the location of the key to the jewelry box she gifted him on his birthday that fateful day that she died as Ju-Won. Min-Gi attempts to remind Ji-Eum of her first life by placing the bells in her room, so she accidentally touches them, but she smartly avoids them and delivers them back to him. Ji-Eum is not bothered about her first life right now because her present life is much more precious and important than the first one. Ji-Eum keeps having dreams of her first life, though, where she’s on a bridge with fireworks all around her and Seo-Ha in front of her. Her first life doesn’t look happy, though, as someone special to her definitely dies, and Seo-Ha may have been responsible. We still haven’t got the remotest clue who Min-Gi is, though.


At Seo-Ha’s father’s house, Seo-Ha, who is under the impression that his father had something to do with his car accident, confronts his dad and uncle. He asks if they have something to tell him, but his father seems oblivious. On the other hand, his uncle breaks out in a sweat. Elsewhere, Do-Yun and Cho-Won meet coincidentally, and he tells her firmly that he has no intention of ever being with her. He admits he’s had a difficult life next to Seo-Ha, and he can’t stand the thought of that being the same even with his personal life. Cho-Won walks away, heartbroken. Seo-Ha, who keeps dreaming about Ju-Won, finally musters up the courage to open the box. Inside, he finds a book that essentially tells him about all of Ji-Eum’s past lives. The end of the novel explains how Ju-Won’s life has been weighed down by every past life. These words remind Seo-Ha of what Ju-Won had told him before she died in the car. He hadn’t been able to hear it, but he had tried to read her lips. Now, he knows that she said that she would like to remember him in her next life too. Finally, he opens the note Ji-Eum gave him, and it says that the protagonist of that novel was Ju-Won back then, but now it is Ji-Eum. She tells him to meet him at the place they were supposed to go on the day she died, and Seo-Ha rushes there.

At the amusement park, we see the two friends reunite after years. On the other hand, Han-Na and Min-Gi discuss how there will be problems for Seo-Ha if Ji-Eum continues on the path that she is on. It looks like they need to become “normal” in order to keep their loved ones safe. On the other hand, Han-Na (who was Seo-Ha’s mother in her previous life) requests that Ji-Eum do a favor for her. Ji-Eum meets with Jang Yeon-Ok and relays a message from Seo-Ha’s mother. Until Ms. Jang apologizes to Seo-Ha, she’s going to be haunted by his mother for the rest of her life. Before parting ways, Han-Na tells Ji-Eum that people like them should be making new relationships in new lives, so they shouldn’t keep in touch. It’s supposed to be a warning, but her words are not as effective as she’d hoped.


Min-Gi provides Ji-Eum with some pictures of the bridge she described to him. She wants to go check it out for herself and asks Seo-Ha to go with her! Before that, though, Seo-Ha has some important work to take care of. He asks his uncle why he tried to kill him, but it turns out the intention was to hurt his father. His jealous uncle didn’t like the way his father was treating his mother and getting close to Ms. Jang. His uncle claims his intention was never to kill his father, just to scare him, but it was all a big accident. Seo-Ha allows his uncle very little time to turn himself in for what happened all those years ago. Now that everything is perfect, Seo-Ha and Ji-Eum head to the bridge to find out about her first life.

What Happens In Episode 10?

Ji-Eum explains to Seo-Ha that she needs to piece together her first life because that’s the only one she doesn’t remember clearly. She tells him that there was a man who walked towards her with fireworks all around on the same bridge that they’re looking at. Seo-Ha wonders if it’s a first love from 1000 years ago, and they joke around a little bit. While they’re enjoying themselves, Do-Yun scrolls through pictures of the bridge, and Cho-Won has a pot crash near her, almost like a warning, implying that they both were involved in that first life too. On the bridge, Ji-Eum sees the vision very clearly. It was Seo-Ha who she was walking towards, but it was with the intention of killing him. She stabbed him in the chest, but at the same time, she was shot in the back with an arrow, and as she looked on, beyond Seo-Ha, Min-Gi was standing there, teary-eyed. It looks like he was a prince of some sort, too.


In the present day, Ji-Eum falls into Seo-Ha’s arms in the same manner she did back then, and he worries she’s seriously ill. Back in the room, they sit by each other, and Ji-Eum thanks Seo-Ha for burning the papers about her father. It’s ironic that her father from her present life was the person who killed Ji-Eum in her past life, and no matter how far apart they are, Ji-Eum is grateful that Seo-Ha did such a thing for her. Ji-Eum gets another vision where she learns that her name was Su and Seo-Ha’s name was Han-Ya in her first life. Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha spend a jolly time together on their trip and head back home. On their way, Min-Gi informs Ji-Eum that Ae-Gyeong is in the hospital. Ji-Eum is upset with Min-Gi for not telling her earlier that Ae-Gyeong was sick.

On the other hand, Cho-Won is invited to dinner with the rich people’s gang. She goes out of the room, but Do-Yun shows up there as Seo-Ha’s assistant. One of Seo-Ha and Cho-Won’s friends is giving out wedding invites, and their companies are important to each other, so Do-Yun showed up to save face for the MI group. Instead, he gets insulted yet again by Ji-Seok. Do-Yun leaves unphased, but Cho-Won is extremely hurt by Ji-Seok’s behavior, and after throwing some insults his way, she leaves too. Ae-Gyeong finally wakes up, and Ji-Eum falls asleep by her bed, knowing she’s okay. She has decided to move her to another hospital in the meantime.

Han-Na and Min-Gi have yet another cryptic meeting, and he tells her that Ae-Gyeong has been hospitalized. Han-Na wishes she had told Ji-Eum the whole truth, but Min-Gi admits it’s his work, and she should move on from being someone who remembers her past lives. The thing that Ji-Eum has to do will be shocking for her, according to Han-Na, but it will mean Seo-Ha and Cho-Won will not end up like Ae-Gyeong.

Seo-Ha gets a box of the financial documents that prove Ms. Jang has been slowly ruining the hotel. Seo-Ha has everything he needs to get her arrested for fraud and embezzlement, leaving the hotel for him to look after, including a handwritten notebook of his mother’s. It could be that she knew before she died that Yeon-Ok was ruining the hotel, or Han-Na may have written all those things down as she observed the woman through the years. Seo-Ha’s relationship with his dad finally looks to be mended, and his father also sends Ms. Jang away for good. Han-Na can’t resist it and gives Seo-Ha a hug and a crochet turtle as a parting gift. He doesn’t know who she is, but he’s reminded of his mother anyway.


What Does Ji-Eum See In The First Life She Had?

When Ji-Eum returns home, she tells Min-Gi that he has to find a new place to live, as they might be shutting down permanently to look after Ae-Gyeong. Min-Gi warns Ji-Eum that if she lives closely with Ae-Gyeong anymore, it’s possible she could die too. She’s only sick because Ji-Eum has been living with her for so long. Ji-Eum gets extremely angry with Min-Gi for saying such a thing, but it turns out he might be right. He tells her that if she were this close with an enemy from her past life, it would be okay, but right now, she can’t even say this is a new life at all, considering she has not forged any new relationships. Min-Gi tells Ji-Eum that he only wants peace for her and that she still has a chance to be someone who doesn’t remember their past lives. The answer lies in her first life.

Ji-Eum holds onto the shaman bells and tries to remember everything clearly now to save Ae-Gyeong. The first thing she sees is that it was Cho-Won who had called her by the name “Su” in her first life. She looks sick, though, and it’s not very clear what their relationship is. All we know is that they were very close. The then Su had picked up those same shaman bells and run away with Cho-Won, only to be caught by soldiers. Su had asked how they could perform a ritual when someone was dying right in front of them. And then it had been Han-Ya (Seo-Ha) who had pulled a sword on Cho-Won and slit her throat with Min-Gi watching. In the present day, Seo-Ha had walked up to Ji-Eum’s room to meet her at the same time, and when Ji-Eum saw his face, she began to say she needed to kill him. The episode ends with Ji-Eum choking Seo-Ha for killing Cho-Won in her first life, while Min-Gi stands outside listening to the commotion.


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We're closing in on the end of the series See You In My 19th Life, and so the drama has amplified and all the fluff has gone down. 'See You In My 19th Life' Episodes 9 & 10 Recap And Review: What's The Secret Of Ji-Eum's First Life?