‘See You In My 19th Life’ Episodes 7 & 8 Recap And Review: Who Planned The Accident On Seo-Ha In 1998?

After seeing the movie Past Lives and sitting down to watch See You In My 19th Life, there’s an interesting sense of overlap between the two drastically different plots. One is a fantasy tale about a girl who remembers her past lives, and the other is a movie about a love story that could’ve been, but both talk about the fate of meeting someone special in life. As we come closer to the end of See You In My 19th Life, there are a lot of new developments in Seo-Ha and Ji-Eum’s relationship. At the same time, we’re getting closer to the revelation of why someone tried to kill Seo-Ha all those years ago. It’s a shame we’re not going to get to see more of the sizzling chemistry between Ahn Bo-Hyun and Shin Hye-Sun, but alas, good things don’t last forever.


Spoiler Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7?

While Ji-Eum is getting closer to Seo-Ha, Cho-Won is getting closer to Do-Yun too. As much as he hides it, there isn’t much he can do about his liking for this sweet girl, but because she’s rich, he can’t be with her and ruin his life anymore. Do-Yun knows all about the rich thanks to Seo-Ha’s family, specifically his dad, who has Do-Yun keep track of his own son. Cho-Won meets Ae-Gyeong, and for the first time in all her lives, Ji-Eum spends time with people from her two different past lives and enjoys it too. To commemorate the occasion, they ask Min-Gi to take a picture, and he still looks very suspicious to Ji-Eum. At the family dinner, Seo-Ha is tired of keeping a straight face and decides to walk out of the fake conversations and the backhanded worry. He had even removed his hearing aid beforehand. Exhausted by the pressure of the dinner, Seo-Ha gets a call from Wonjo Capital’s boss. He tells Seo-Ha that the person who wanted him dead is from the MI group who is really close to him. Hurt and confused, Seo-Ha falls into the swimming pool at his father’s house. It is his coping mechanism, after all. With no way to go back home, he calls Do-Yun to pick him up, but it’s Ji-Eum who shows up.


Do-Yun was made to look after Cho-Won after she drank with Ji-Eum and Ae-Gyeong, so Ji-Eum could be there for Seo-Ha when he needed her the most. Finally, Ji-Eum gets what she wants, and Seo-Ha opens his heart to her as they share a passionate kiss in the middle of the street. Seo-Ha tells Ji-Eum that he feels comfortable with her. While she’s with Seo-Ha, her brother Dong-U calls him. Seeing his name on his phone screen, Ji-Eum immediately rushes to see her brother. She finds out that he’s the one who told Seo-Ha about the accident and tells him never to show up in front of her again. Min-Gi watches as Ae-Gyeong’s health continues to get worse. Ji-Eum finally has a chance to have a word with him, and he tells her that he too, can remember his past lives. He tells her to touch the shaman bells again because they will remind her of her first life. According to Min-Gi, Ji-Eum needs to find the relationship, or rather, the fated relationship, from her first life in order to understand why she remembers her past lives.

We see Seo-Ha spend some time with his uncle. It looks like they’re pretty close, and while Seo-Ha is getting ready for work, his uncle checks his phone and sees Wonjo Capital in his call log. Before work, Do-Yun and Cho-Won have a chat, where she asks him if he likes her because he’s been giving such hints, and he admits he does, but he can never date her. At the same time, Ji-Eum meets Han-Na, who is also someone who remembers her past lives. It is revealed that she used to be Seo-Ha’s mother in her last life! Now the flowers make sense.


Seo-Ha goes to have a chat with the boss of Wonjo Capital, and Ji-Eum follows suit. Nobody is at the office, and they bump into each other. Even though Seo-Ha protests, Ji-Eum tells him she’ll drive him to the guy, wherever he calls him.

What Happens In Episode 8?

When they reach the place, it’s an open field, and Seo-Ha tells Ji-Eum to stay in the car. He turns his back on her and starts to walk away, but Ji-Eum suddenly has a vision of her first life, where Seo-Ha is there with a bloody sword. Because of this eerie feeling, she follows him, despite his being against it. When Seo-Ha reaches an abandoned building, before he can talk to the boss, the man falls to his death right in front of Seo-Ha. Seo-Ha looks up in astonishment to see someone standing there. He fights three people and gets hit in the head with a stick. When Ji-Eum arrives, Seo-Ha finds her looking at the body and covers her eyes. In the meantime, we see that Ms. Jang and Seo-Ha’s uncle are pretty close, close enough to share a drink once in a while.


Ji-Eum is invited home by Seo-Ha’s dad, who offers her money to not tell anyone about the accident she witnessed. She’s straightforward and directly asks Seo-Ha’s father, who he is trying to protect, as it looks like he already knows who made the accident happen. At home, Ji-Eum and Min-Gi have a small chat. Min-Gi knew Ji-Eum in her first life, too; this is his 23rd, but we can assume the one he shared with Ji-Eum was his first. Ji-Eum asks him if they were lovers a long time ago, but he denies it. But in his visions of the past, we see Ji-Eum hugging somebody and crying while Seo-Ha walks away with the bloody sword. But Ji-Eum only sees Se-Ha and the happy memories they shared in her first life.

Wonjo Capital’s Boss’ assistant, Yang sik, visits Seo-Ha and leaves a bag on his doorstep. The bag contains all the information that Bang Ho Sik was going to give Seo-Ha on the day that he died. Seo-Ha looks through the contents and finds out that it was Ji-Eum’s father who drove the dump truck that hit his car that fateful day in 1998. Somehow, even after everything he’s been through, Seo-Ha is able to separate Ji-Eum from her family. On the phone, she tells him a tale of how they could’ve been together in their past lives. It’s the scenes she saw when she touched the bells, but Seo-Ha, of course, doesn’t know that she actually remembers her past lives.


After work the next day, Seo-Ha takes Ji-Eum home for a meal. While he’s cooking for her, she tells him about her father, who had visited her at the hotel. He was never kind, and Ji-Eum tells Seo-Ha how she ran away and found a new family with Ae-Gyeong, who was totally unrelated to her. Afterward, Ji-Eum sees the papers in Seo-Ha’s room and realizes how far he’s come to be able to be in the same room as her and even like her after her father was the reason his life was ruined. Ji-Eum rushes home and confronts her father about the accident. He admits that he had taken up a part-time job to save his family after being in debt. But he knew this job entailed causing a minor accident.  She’s so disgusted by him that she can’t bear to see his face ever again, not even in death. While Ji-Eum is leaving the house, he screams about how the breaks suddenly stopped working, but she’s long gone.

Was It Mrs. Jang Who Tried To Kill Seo-Ha?

Ji-Eum meets with Han-Na to see if she can think of anyone who would hold a grudge against little Seo-Ha. The only person they can think of is Ms. Jang. At the same time, Seo-Ha burns all the papers that connect Ji-Eum’s family to the accident, but he finds a cassette in the bag that he hadn’t seen earlier. He quickly listened to it. Ms. Jang is surprised to see Ji-Eum, who asks her straight up if she is the one Seo-Ha’s father was trying to protect. But it is ultimately not Ms. Jang who ordered the accident; as Seo-Ha listens to the cassette, both Ji-Eum and he realizes that it is his uncle who ordered the collision at Wonjo Capital. Seo-Ha, who had one family member he liked, is completely destroyed by this thought. He makes a mess in the house and weeps. Ji-Eum rushes to his house, and seeing him like that and knowing that he’s thinking about Cho-Won and Do-Yun, who both lost important people in their lives due to that accident when he was the one who was supposed to die, makes her realize something.


At the end of the episode, Ji-Eum finally decides to tell Seo-Ha the truth about who she is. She plays her song on the piano and repeats the same words she had said to Seo-Ha when he was young for him to believe her. But Seo-Ha is still not safe after all these years, as we see his father and Ms. Jang plot something in the next episode. At the same time, we need to know what Min-Gi is hiding and why he wants Ji-Eum to remember her first life.

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