‘See You In My 19th Life’ Episodes 5 & 6 Recap And Review: Did Ju-Won Really Die In An Accident?

We’re already halfway through See You In My 19th Life, and that makes us sad. Not sure if having read the webtoon has anything to do with it, but the characters are so loveable, and we just want to see them all end up happy. There are some new developments in the show, and we’ve learned a little bit more about the person who was following Ji-Eum around in the last episode. The chemistry between our two leads is fantastic, and we’re swooning over them. We can say the same about the second lead couple, Cho-Won and Do-Yun, too! With a lot of laughs and an occasional cry, let’s break down everything that went down in the two new episodes of See You In My 19th Life

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Last week, the episode ended with Seo-Ha grabbing Ji-Eum’s hand and calling out for Ju-Won. She stays with him a little while longer, so he’s not alone in a time of sadness. Cho-Won, on the other hand, only now knows the extent of Seo-Ha’s misery and cries over the fact that she was horrible to him as a child. A cute little Cho-Won had told him to go away because his sister had died when she was with him. Seo-Ha gets flashes of Ju-Eum crying and calling him by his first name. He wakes up in the morning with a jerk because he sees Ju-Won in place of Ji-Eum. He has a terrible ringing in his ear and makes a mess of the house by the time Do-Yun arrives. Seo-Ha decides to rest for the day but confesses to Do-Yun that Ji-Eum reminds him a lot of Ju-Won. The young girl who changed the flowers in the hotel earlier shows up near Ji-Eum but addresses her as Ju-Won, telling her that she’s grown up well.

Cho-Won and Ji-Eum join Do-Yun and Seo-Ha on an outing out of Seoul. Ji-Eum understands that Seo-Ha is having a hard time, so she makes him dance by the sea, which brings a smile to his face. It begins to rain then, and Cho-Won suggests they stay the night at a vacation home they have nearby. While Ji-Eum sleeps because she got sick from getting wet in the rain, Cho-Won and Seo-Ha talk it out a little to patch things up between them. Finally, Seo-Ha is able to open up to her and tell her that it was hard to see her because she reminded him of Ju-Won. Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Ae-Gyeong has a visitor. This visitor is Min-Gi, the person who had followed Ji-Eum in a suspicious way previously. He tells Ae-Gyeong that he’s there to get a part-time job with her, but before she can say anything, she clutches her heart and falls to the floor. Ae-Gyeong is terribly sick, and Min-Gi accompanies her to the hospital and stays with her the whole night.

Ji-Eum wakes up in the middle of the night because of the sound of lightning and wanders around the house. She remembers a spot where she had hidden one of Cho-Won’s toys and where she measured her height. Cho-Won happens to watch her do all of this and immediately questions her. Nobody but her older sister knew where that toy was hidden, and no matter how hard she tried to look, Cho-Won never found it herself. Ji-Eum manages to escape by the skin of her teeth from Cho-Won’s interrogation.

Ae-Gyeong doesn’t tell Ji-Eum about her illness but introduces her to Min-Gi, the new part-timer who is also lodging with them from now on. Ji-Eum’s older brother uses Seo-Ha as bait so Ji-Eum can pay off his debts. The loan sharks threaten to harm Seo-Ha, and Ji-Eum comically brings a megaphone with a siren sound to scare them off. Ji-Eum and Seo-Ha have a little heart-to-heart because he’s amused by her. He tells her a little bit about Ju-Won. On the other hand, Do-Yun tells Cho-Won that Ji-Eum told him that she had ulterior motives for joining the company. This makes her especially suspicious, and at the end of the episode, she tells Ji-Eum that she doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore because Ji-Eum was impersonating her sister. Ji-Eum finally decides to tell her the truth and tells her that she’s Ju-Won.

What Happens In Episode 6?

Cho-Won is very skeptical of Ji-Eum’s words and doesn’t believe her. Ji-Eum tells her some specific details that only Ju-Won could’ve known, and Cho-Won confirms those things with her mother. It turns out all those things are right, and Cho-Won decides to believe Ji-Eum on a whim. On the other hand, Ji-Eum visits the loan sharks who are after her brother and gives them a very expensive vase from the Joseon dynasty to cover the amount. Since they think she’s Seo-Ha’s girlfriend, they believe it can be an expensive thing and accept her offer. Ji-Eum makes sure they sign a paper saying the transaction is complete, and they won’t show their faces to Ji-Eum or Seo-Ha again. Her brother also wanted to know what she was up to, but he was too late to hear the actual conversation. Before he can go in and check what his sister gave the men, he overhears the loan shark talking about the accident that killed Ju-Won. The boss clearly says it wasn’t an accident, and he thought he’d be dead meat since the wrong child had died, but somehow he survived.

When Cho-Won comes to meet Ji-Eum to tell her that she’s accepted her as her sister, Min-Gi overhears the conversation. At that time, Min-Gi gives Han-Na a call and tells her that Ji-Eum has revealed her identity to someone from her past life. They know that it is dangerous for Ji-Eum to do this, but clearly, Ji-Eum doesn’t know this herself. This is why Ae-Gyeong is sick too. Ji-Eum finds Min-Gi a bit odd, and when she goes through his things while he’s out with Ae-Gyeong, she finds bells used by shamans. When she touches those bells, she is struck by the same images she’s been dreaming about. Or rather, having nightmares of. Why would such a young person carry around shaman bells and why did Ji-Eum get those visions in the day?

Elsewhere, Ji-Eum’s older brother messages Seo-Ha about the accident, telling him that he knows who was behind the attempted murder. Her brother relates everything he heard at the loan shark’s office to Seo-Ha. Seo-Ha is surprised to find out that Ju-Won died in a “planned” accident. At work, Cho-Won calls Ji-Eum “older sister,” and everyone begins to wonder why. Ji-Eum quickly takes her to what they think is a secluded staircase to discuss, but Do-Yun overhears their conversation. He obviously doesn’t believe that Ji-Eum could be a reincarnation of Cho-Won’s sister, but for the time being, they let him go. There’s an important family meeting that Seo-Ha has to attend, but he definitely wants to avoid it.

What Does Seo-ha Learn About The Night Of The Accident?

Seo-Ha is distracted by Ji-Eum’s brother’s words and visits the loan shark to learn the truth. We don’t know what they discussed, but the loan shark is visibly shaken while talking on the phone to someone. Ji-Eum overhears his conversation and threatens him physically to know who ordered him to cause the accident. The loan shark tells her that he would definitely end up dead if he said anything to her. In the meantime, Seo-Ha finds out another really important piece of information. It was Do-Yun’s father who had been driving the car when Ju-Won died, and he had died on the same day too.

A strange man visits Seo-Ha’s father after a conversation with the loan shark, which means that his own father had something to do with the accident! Cho-Won tries to save Do-Yun from the same embarrassing classmate that Seo-Ha saved him from, but Do-Yun admits he doesn’t need Cho-Won’s help. In fact, it would just make things worse for him to be seen trying to get together with a rich girl. At home, Seo-Ha visits Do-Yun, demanding to know why Do-Yun never told him about his father. They physically fight it out to get rid of their pent-up anger toward the world and themselves. At the end of the episode, Seo-Ha heads back home, and Ji-Eum is waiting there for him. He asks for a hug because he’s just learned some horrible things, and Ji-Eum comforts him by saying they’ll have a happy ending.

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We're already halfway through See You In My 19th Life, and that makes us sad. Not sure if having read the webtoon has anything to do with it, but the characters are so loveable, and we just want to see them all end up happy. 'See You In My 19th Life' Episodes 5 & 6 Recap And Review: Did Ju-Won Really Die In An Accident?