12 Heart-Stirring Moments From ‘See You In My 19th Life’

Many of us may be saddened by the ending of See You In My 19th Life (spoilers for the ending), which doesn’t necessarily give us a happy ending but just the hope for one. So, to add to our sulking, we put together the most heart-fluttering moments of the show to make everything better. This will obviously include the second lead couple; even though they got their happy ending, we’re still obsessed. The show tells the story of a girl named Ji-Eum who’s lived 19 lives and remembers all her past lives. Her 18th life ended too early, and she had some unfinished business with the people she loved, so she decided to pursue them in her next life too. We don’t know if Ji-Eum will get a fairy tale ending, but we sure hope Seo-Ha tries his hardest to make it so.


1. Ji-Eum asking Seo-Ha out.

It’s rare in K-dramas to see a gender reversal in who is the more outgoing in a couple. For once, we get a woman taking the lead in every way possible. Ji-Eum decides to make three confessions to Se-Ha as herself without telling him she’s Ju-Won; every time she does this, Seo-Ha feels a step closer to her. Ahn Bo-Hyung does a really good job of being innocent and shocked by her advances, and it’s a really fun time to watch her tease him till he folds!

2. Cherry Blossoms 

A beautiful scene to watch. After Seo-Ha shows his vulnerable self in front of Ju-Won’s grave, Ji-Eum decides to walk away to give him some privacy, but she can finally see how much he must be hurting from that incident. To make him feel better, she decides to show him the cherry blossoms and give him some advice. She tells him to think about this day every time he finds himself sinking into sadness, and it’s just such a beautiful sight that we’re aww even thinking about it. Seo-Ha then replies that her good nature is always one-sided, but Ji-Eum reminds him that his mood is already 10 times better, making him relax a little bit.


3. Running hand-in-hand 

Ji-Eum’s first use of the trick of running with Seo-Ha was when he got caught breaking brick walls at a construction site and had no escape. Later, when she has to meet him outside to do some research for the hotel, Seo-Ha has a panic attack while waiting for her. As soon as she sees him, she grabs his hand and begins to run. Now, we don’t know how effective this is to make one feel better after having a panic attack, but it sure looks fun. After some time together, when Seo-Ha finds Ji-Eum crying in front of Cho-Won’s house, he pulls the same trick on her, and she’s immediately brought back to a state of happiness because of the fact that they are holding hands. It’s a win-win for them, you know?

4. Defending each other

Ji-Eum is a woman of many trades, and when she needs to defend herself, thanks to all the things she’s done in her previous lives, she’s able to fight physically and also use her flamenco skills to defend Seo-Ha when needed. It’s rather hilarious the way she uses her dance moves to block the incoming slander! On the other hand, when Seo-Ha notices a guy misbehaving with Ji-Eum, he can’t help but take the lead in fighting him off. While Ji-Eum is completely capable of taking care of herself, she likes when Seo-Ha stands up for her.


5. “You’ve become my fan.”

After a lot of crying, Seo-Ha gets Ji-Eum to cheer up when they getaway from her melancholy. Ji-Eum then proceeds to do her second round of drinking in the convenience store with ramen rather than drinks with Seo-Ha. At this point, Seo-Ha is becoming fond of Ji-Eum, and she’s able to make him laugh more openly. But the highlight of this moment is when she calls him her fan, explains to him his own feelings in a short 5 minutes, and then places her head on his chest to hear the sound of his heartbeat. Girl, we know he likes you.

6. Drunk Seo-Ha 

In classic K-drama style, a person who has fallen head over heels for another person ends up expressing some of those feelings while they’re too drunk to remember them. Seo-Ha innocently grabs Ji-Eum’s face while he’s thinking about how she resembles Ju-Won. They’re such a tease because Ji-Eum goes on to say that she could kiss him if he held her face so close, to which he replies, “What’s stopping you?” The writers! 


7. Shall we dance?

On their first outing outside of Seoul, which could basically be labeled a double date, Ji-Eum finds Seo-Ha deep in thought while looking at the sea. The other two are busy getting coffee. Seo-Ha somehow makes the conversation about Ji-Eum and then it quickly becomes sad, but to lighten the mood, Ji-Eum quickly asks Seo-Ha to dance with her, right there, with no music, just the sound of the ocean playing in the background. Considering Shin Hye-Sun is a stunning dancer, this scene is visually breathtaking, with the sea in the background and the two of them dancing away like in an old painting.

8. Can you hold me?

After finding out that Ju-Won’s death was not caused by an accident but a planned hit-and-run, Seo-Ha goes to talk to Do-Yun. There is some beef between them, and they fight it out physically, but it leaves Seo-Ha terribly sad. He then goes home to find Ji-Eum at his doorstep. Instead of telling her to go away, he asks her to give her a hug, something that may have been very difficult for him.

9. Drunk Do-Yun vs. Drunk Cho-Won

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the time Do-Yun got drunk and fell asleep on Cho-Won’s shoulder after attempting to kiss her. Of course, it gets extra special when Cho-Won does the same thing later on! Of course, for Do-Yun, it is the first time he confesses to Cho-Won that he really likes her at that moment.

10. The bridge 

Before thinking that Seo-Ha may have been the person to hurt her in her first life, Ji-Eum takes him to the bridge where it all went down, thinking they may have been lovers a thousand years ago too. On that bridge, Seo-Ha gives her a necklace and earrings (that product placement, though) as a sign of his affection after reading the story book from the jewelry box 100 times. Ji-Eum then says it’s her right to reject him twice, just as he did. Then we see Seo-Ha doing the asking and Ji-Eum rejecting him. They’re kind of adorable.


11. Seo-Ha’s promise 

When they learn that Ji-Eum has to forget everyone from her past lives so things can go back to normal, Seo-Ha promises her that he’ll make sure to come back to her life along with everyone else that she loves. They spend some time goofing around until he brings out matching couple rings to make his promise.

12. Do Yun’s confession

To end on a happy note, for our final heart-fluttering moment, we’re pulling a second lead moment. After 11 episodes of pining, we finally see Do-Yun let go of his inhibitions and hold on to Cho-Won after she tells him she’ll stop bothering him (classic!). It’s a sweet moment, but also, couldn’t he have realized how obsessed he was with her a little earlier on in the show? Either way, at least we get a real happy ending.


Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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