‘Secrets Of Summer’ Season 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Steffi Win The ‘Girls Jump’ Competition?

“Secrets of Summer” is a 2022 Spanish drama series that revolves around the life of wakeboarding champion Steffi Navarro. Throughout the first season of the series, Steffi discovers the hidden secret of her father’s past and the true identity of her mother, Cynthia. Most importantly, it was good to have both the twin sisters, Luz and Steffi, back together after a long separation. They became close to each other despite all their differences and the parenting gap between them. Steffi ended up getting second place in the Summer Crush competition, but it didn’t dishearten her. Even though Natasha won the match, she wanted to ruin Cielo Grande’s future because of her jealousy of Steffi. With this, the series took a drastic turn and ended with Natasha’s conversation with a stranger named Oliver, which threatened the future of “Cielo Grande.” Now, “Secrets of Summer” Season 2 begins on a refreshing note, where Steffi, Luz, and the whole group have started practicing for their next performance at the Cielo Grande Karaoke Night. Moreover, Steffi is desperately waiting to meet the special guest of the show, which is Grandma Rita. Her grandma didn’t know about Steffi, and both sisters were trying to find the right time to share everything with her. On the other hand, Steffi was all over the news with her final 720 move in the wakeboarding competition. Despite having one of the best finishing moves, it was Natasha who was awarded the prize.


The stranger is none other than Oliver Rossi, Natasha’s brother. They arrived at the resort and began listing things that needed to be removed. Meanwhile, Steffi, Luz, and the others were practicing for the upcoming performance, and he barged through the door and interrupted their whole session. Natasha and Oliver paid the outstanding debt of the resort, and now Cielo Grande belonged to them. Rossi made plans to turn the entire hotel into a boutique. The other members of the hotel had no choice but to maintain a good relationship with Oliver and Natasha since they partly owned the resort too. Oliver canceled their lineup for the Karaoke night and wanted them to focus on something more popular. Natasha took over the water loop and decided to host another wakeboarding competition for women. This time it was called “Girls Jump.” Steffi and the others were skeptical about this idea since the Summer Crush competition had just ended and hosting another one would not bring in any benefits. 

Spoilers Ahead 


What Happens In ‘Secrets Of Summer’ Season 2?

The Girls Jump competition would determine the winner of the wakeboarding competition, and Natasha invited some of the best wakeboarders to represent the competition. Whoever won this would be known as the real winner of the wakeboarding competition. In reality, Natasha just wanted to fulfill her egoistic wants since Steffi’s 720 moves ruined all her efforts at the Summer Crush competition. But Steffi was completely against the plan; she didn’t want to prove to anyone that her wakeboarding skills were better than Natasha’s. She was scheming against Steffi to win first place again. Tony tried to convince Steffi, but she was adamant about her decision and refused to be a part of Natasha’s plan. Steffi wanted to direct her entire focus on her family as she finally found a chance to be with them again. Every day she hoped to get a better understanding of Cynthia and Luz. Tony advised Steffi to balance both sides equally, as this competition could provide a huge opportunity to showcase her talents. Gradually, all the competitors arrived, and Steffi didn’t change her mind.

A part of Steffi resented her decision to compete at the Summer Crush competition, and Natasha bought the whole place because of their strained relationship. Natasha and Steffi were great friends in the past; they spent their entire training sessions together until she was removed from the team. Things were fine until Tony chose to represent Steffi as a coach and not Natasha. Back at the hotel, Natasha relocated Steffi’s belongings to the glamping area, and she couldn’t do anything about it as Steffi was equally responsible for hurting Natasha in the past. Cynthia tried to talk it out. Steffi didn’t reveal anything, and everything started to crumble when Steffi had to face her ex-boyfriend Santiago, who represented himself as Natasha’s new trainer. Santiago wanted to mend all the broken bonds. He expected a chance from Steffi so that they could reflect on their mistakes and get back together again. But Steffi was completely against this. His arrival created problems between Steffi and Julian, but the duo eventually managed to fix things. Santiago had cheated on Steffi with Natasha, and would not be given a second chance. 


Steffi and Luz began their training sessions at Waterloo, and Steffi chose to be Luz’s trainer. Luz had similar wakeboarding skills to Steffi. Natasha interrupted her training and challenged Luz to a match. The first few moves were incredible. Suddenly, Luz lost her balance, and she lost the challenge. Now, Steffi decided to compete against Natasha, and she won the challenge with excellent moves. On the other hand, Natasha was very upset since Santiago assisted Steffi with the challenge. She chose to confront Santiago and advised him to stay within his limits. Santiago claimed that he still loved her and hoped to get a chance in the future. In the past, Santiago and Steffi trained alongside each other, and he knew all her moves. There was a point where Steffi was distracted, and he caught that before Steffi lost the challenge. Natasha started spreading multiple rumors as Steffi refused to participate in the “Girls Jump” competition. Tony and Luz wanted Steffi to compete since not doing so could ruin her career. Moreover, Steffi’s career was indirectly connected to Tony’s as well. If she doesn’t perform in this competition, Tony’s reputation will be affected badly. 

Did Steffi Sort Out Her Differences? 

Steffi fought with Luz because she felt that Tony had convinced Luz to force her to participate in the competition. Later that night, Tony confronted Steffi about her thoughts about the competition. Tony decided to support her decision and didn’t pressure her with the training sessions. Yet things didn’t work out in Steffi’s favor; Tony also trained Leonor. Steffi didn’t like this and dropped all plans to participate in Girls Jump. Steffi didn’t realize that Natasha was using this competition to ruin her career, and Steffi had given her all the opportunities to do so. In the end, Tony and Steffi went their separate ways since Steffi didn’t change her mind. Things were going downhill for Steffi; her relationship worsened with Julian as well. Julian chose to take a break since his relationship with Steffi had become too overbearing for him. Steffi didn’t open up to him about whatever had been happening lately, and this created a huge misunderstanding between the duo. Steffi chose to enroll as a trainer in the Girls Jump, but this time Luz will be competing as a wakeboarder instead. Natasha tried to stop this since Luz’s participation could ruin her plans to destroy Steffi’s career. Meanwhile, the sisters finally resolved their fight and decided to compete together. 


Even though the sisters agreed to train together, things didn’t work out in Luz’s favor. Steffi pressed her with the training sessions and ended up saying hurtful things. In reality, Luz was not a professional wakeboarder, and it was her first time competing in a high-profile competition. Steffi and Luz fought with each other, and Tony decided to interrupt. He noticed that things were getting bitter between the sisters, and he advised them to focus on their relationship rather than the competition. Tony managed to convince Luz to train under another coach. Still, the sisters didn’t get along well with each other. Meanwhile, Santiago and Steffi were caught kissing in the woods, so she manipulated Julian into trusting her and faked Steffi’s entire story. Even though she was busy, Steffi managed to talk to Luz and fix things with her. Her relationship with Julian wasn’t getting any better at this point. Julian didn’t trust Natasha’s actions and decided to confront Steffi, and guess what? She admitted the truth about kissing Santiago. The duo broke up with each other as things were completely out of control. He gave up on their relationship and chose to stay apart from Steffi. 

Despite all the problems, Steffi joined the whole group in a protest against Oliver and Natasha since they were planning to destroy the trees in Cielo Grande. The whole group marched together on a boat while playing instruments at the same time. Authorities were called to stop them, but nothing worked. Meanwhile, Natasha and Oliver had to face many losses since participants were dropping out of the competition. Soon, the whole group was all over the news. Natasha’s management team had made plans that affected the ecosystem of the area. The resort was surrounded by a forest, and they blocked everyone’s path to avoid any entrance to the forest. Oliver wanted to destroy the forest to expand the Cielo Grande into a luxurious hotel. Oliver was suffering a financial loss, but Natasha was stubborn. She still wanted to build the hotel and destroy Cielo Grande. The whole group spent their entire night on the boat, so to fix this, Ron offered to pay double the amount to buy Cielo Grande from Natasha, and she refused. To make this work, she made a deal. If Steffi won the Girls Jump competition, Natasha would hand over the entire resort to Ron, and this time, Steffi was ready to strike back! 


‘Secrets Of Summer’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Did Steffi Win The ‘Girls Jump’ Competition? 

The future of Cielo Grande lay in Steffi’s hands. She began her training sessions with Tony immediately. Steffi is fantastic with her moves. Meanwhile, Tony wanted her to add an air trick to defeat Natasha. She never practiced these moves, but it might be the only way to defeat Natasha. But Steffi found it too difficult and risky to handle. On the other hand, Tony planned to modify the final trick with all the amazing air trick moves. Steffi was skeptical about this since she had missed several days of training. Similarly, Luz trained with Julian to sharpen her skills for the competition. Soon, it was time for the girls’ jump competition, and all the participants were offered positions. Luz became the fifth competitor, whereas Steffi was the seventh competitor. One by one, all the participants performed, and Luz bagged 92 points, making her the highest scorer in the entire game. Now it was time for Steffi’s turn; if she broke her record, Steffi would reach the finals. She only scored 77 points, pushing her down to the fifth position. Only the top five members will enter the finals! Now it was Natasha’s turn, and her moves got her 94 points, pushing Steffi out of the competition.

But there’s a catch: Luz backed out of the competition to keep her sister in the game. According to the rules, if a participant quits, the first non-qualifier can step into the game again. At the finals, Natasha finished the game with her scarecrow move and managed to become one of the highest-scoring competitors in the competition, with a score of 95 points. Steffi was the final one to compete, and she went through aggressive training to win this match! Steffi managed to get 91 points, and she had only one chance to win. For the final round, Steffi decided to take Julian’s help with meditating, as it helped her to calm her mind. Before the final round, Steffi confronted Natasha and apologized for her mistakes, hoping for them to become good friends again. Steffi entered the final round confidently and went for the air trick, creating unforgettable history. Steffi won the game with 97 points and became the Girl’s Jump champion, and Cielo Grande was finally back! 


Final Words 

The Girls’ Jump competition helped Steffi and Natasha fix their differences. The two became enemies over the fact that they liked Santiago when Steffi started dating him, and Natasha felt betrayed. In the end, things worked out, and they decided never to fight over a guy again. Steffi finally got her best friend back, and this competition showed her the true meaning of friendship and love. Julian and Steffi were back together. Apart from having a great career, Steffi moved ahead in her life with a bunch of new friends and a happy family to hold on to. “Secrets of Summer” highlights the true importance of companionship and trust. Despite all the misunderstandings, everyone trusted Steffi with her wakeboarding skills, and she trusted them back. Meanwhile, Cielo Grande was completely out of debt and all set to host amazing wakeboarding competitions ahead. Steffi was able to compete in this competition because of Luz, and “Secrets of Summer” proved the fact that no matter what happens, love goes beyond everything!

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