‘Secrets Of Summer’ Season 1: Recap And Ending, Explained – What To Expect In Season 2?

“Secrets of Summer,” aka “Cielo Grande,” is a 2022 Spanish musical drama series on Netflix that revolves around the life of a young and ambitious girl named Steffi Navarro. Throughout the whole series, Steffi dreamt of acquiring the Cielo Grande trophy, which was indirectly connected to all the important details of her past. Around twenty years ago, Steffi’s father bagged a trophy in the Cielo Grande Summer Crush wakeboarding competition. She decided to visit the resort with her coach, Antonio, aka Tony. From the very beginning, Steffi has been well-known for her wakeboarding skills; she is a popular Mexican wakeboarder. Throughout these years, Steffi has secured two Moomba Masters and three world championships to her name. Everyone was desperately waiting for her arrival at the Cielo Grande resort, as she was one of the most important contestants to compete in the competition. Steffi arrived at the location and met Charlie, the wakeboarding instructor. Tony and Steffi reached the resort with Charlie’s help, but Tony was not enthusiastic about the whole situation since Steffi never compromised anything for a competition. Well, Steffi was offered one of the best rooms in the resort, and she began her training within the first ten minutes of her arrival. Tony and Steffi took the training to the beach, where she met Luz and Nati. Surprisingly, Tony and Luz had known each other for a very long time, and the first day went pretty well.


Augusto is one of the main characters in “Secrets of Summer” Season 1. He handles the majority of the events that happen around the resort. The resort was under too much pressure since many competitors have not decided to attend the competition. The hotel staff wouldn’t have to participate ifn the competitors didn’t arrive, and in this process, Cielo Grande would have to bear debts. Augusto had no choice but to keep the competition alive. Meanwhile, new characters were introduced in “Secrets of Summer” Season 1, and this time, all their lives were interconnected. Soon, Steffi’s father, Ron, and her younger brother, Ian, arrived at the resort as well. Steffi was not happy about their arrival and left abruptly without greeting them. Ian and Ron wanted to see her compete, and they made plans to surprise her, but Steffi fought with Ron and it was pretty clear that the duo shared a strained relationship. But there was a catch—apart from the competition, Steffi went through their documents, trying to find any details of her past. So, whenever she got the chance, Steffi snuck into the hotel and checked out their computers to retrieve all the information. Steffi copied some data from the receptionist’s desk and hid before he caught her in the act. The receptionist Nado had some kind of connection with Steffi’s life as he forwarded secret audio messages to someone who was related to Steffi.

Spoilers Ahead


Who Is The Lady In Ron Navarro’s Picture? 

Sky Vibes is a karaoke bar that had many memories for the people working in Cielo Grande; but since the resort was facing losses, the owners had no choice but to shut down the bar. Luz and the other people decided to revive the whole bar once again. This time the competition was finally back on the stages after twelve years! Luz discovered a photo of Ron and a random woman from the karaoke bar, and Tony managed to get it back to Steffi. She had multiple photos of her mother, and this was someone else. Moreover, Steffi’s mother had passed away when she was around eight months old. So, she has barely seen around in the earlier days. The same day, Tony and Steffi sneaked into the karaoke bar and checked out all the old stuff. They found a box full of photos, but Tony and Steffi decided to take the box along. Well, Steffi spent her entire childhood with her grandparents and barely had any communication with her father. So, a part of her had always hated Ron for it. Ron tried his best to communicate with Steffi despite all their differences, but they had a long way to go.

Ron always apologized for his mistakes and asked for a chance to mend everything that was lost. Later that night, Steffi checked the box and found old photos of her father at Cielo Grande. Steffi managed to find more photos of that unknown lady, and she was determined to find her identity. Things took a different turn when Ian found out about her stepmother Paula’s letter, and now Ian wanted to know about Ron’s secrets too. Steffi stole more documents from Augusto’s cabin and managed to sneak them into her bedroom. She found Ron’s reviews on the resort, where he spoke about finding love and promised to be back soon. Steffi couldn’t figure out anything in detail, but she took little steps at a time. Meanwhile, Tony spoke to Ron and found out that he met Steffi’s mother in Orlando, not at Cielo. Tony and Steffi had conversations about this, and she shared her perspective that Ron would change certain sequences about his winning story at Cielo Grande.


There was some sort of connection between Nado and Ron, and he also went through Steffi’s room to look for more information. Nonetheless, Steffi decided to work with her brother Ian, and he started asking everyone about the lady, but things took a chaotic turn when Ron found the picture in Ian’s pocket. Ron confronted Ian about the woman’s picture, and guess what? It is soon revealed that the unknown lady is none other than Luz’s mother, Cynthia. Luz was confused about the whole situation and couldn’t figure out the reason behind all this. Ian took the help of the Monzo twins to get more information about her, but things only got worse with time. A part of Steffi was happy to know about her identity, but another part of her was scared since Ron knew that the photo belonged to her.

Ron’s Connection To Lyn And Cynthia 

Ron confronted Steffi about the whole situation and the photo, but Steffi questioned him back and demanded answers about Luz’s mother. Ron was extremely agitated since she had just participated in the competition to find more information about Ron’s past. Steffi just wanted to know if Cynthia was his girlfriend all this time, and she was sure that Ron had lied about every little detail of his past. Ron talked about the past and shared that he had met Steffi’s mother, Lyn, in the hotel, and they’d fallen in love, but Ron’s parents didn’t accept her. So they decided to move out when Lyn found out that she was pregnant. They chose to have a normal birth in their house, which was indeed a huge mistake, and Lyn dies from complications after the childbirth. Lyn never involved her family in her personal life, and after her death, Ron’s parents raised Lyn and lied about Lyn and Ron’s entire identities to make Steffi believe that she was a part of a loving family. Ron opened up about her past and apologized for not sharing any details. 


Steffi tried to talk about Cynthia, but he waved off the entire topic by claiming that he didn’t remember her. She checked the records and couldn’t find any information on Lyn’s participation in the Summer Crush competition. Steffi lost her entire focus and messed up the practice. She missed a log, and it caused a contusion on her head. Meanwhile, the story took a different turn as Luz noticed a birthmark on the back of Steffi’s neck, realizing that she had the same birthmark too. So, looking at this, Steffi decided to share everything that she had hidden from Luz as there was a huge possibility that Luz and Steffi might be sisters. Moreover, Steffi’s mother is not in the hotel registry either. Things made no sense at this point, but the girls were determined to find out the truth. 

Are Luz And Steffi Sisters? 

Luz and Steffi examined Paula’s letter, and the duo began searching for information together. They checked in through the hotel computer, and Nado helped them access the file since there was a huge chance that someone might have deleted Lyn’s information from the hotel’s background. Soon, it was confirmed that Lyn Ordonez didn’t exist in the hotel’s history. Noda kept someone continuously informed about Steffi’s whereabouts, and he did so when Luz and Steffi left for the city. Nado sent a cryptic message to an unknown person whose number was saved as Steffi’s. Luz and Steffi visited Luz’s place in the city and waited for her mother to arrive. Soon, Cynthia arrived, and they began having normal conversations until Luz spoke the first few lines of Ron’s reviews. Cynthia broke a plate and acted differently, and the girls could easily make out that something was wrong. Back at the hotel, it was clear that Ron and Nado were communicating with each other, and Ron had been the unknown messenger all along.


Ron entered Steffi’s room, went through her belongings, and found Paula’s letter. So, all this time, it has been true that Ron is Luz’s father. Ron wanted Steffi to get out of the house as soon as possible, and Nado had no choice but to lie that Cielo Grande was on fire. But guess what? Cynthia followed her back to the hotel, and the four of them finally had a face-off together. The truth is revealed, and Steffi and Luz are heartbroken to know their parents had deceived them, as both of them were twin sisters. Ron’s parents wanted Luz and Steffi to be separated from each other and it turns out they were responsible for everything. They did not want Cynthia and Ron to be together so, they lied to them individually. Ron believed that Cynthia didn’t love Steffi, so he left her to be raised with his parents. On the other hand, Cynthia was told that Ron didn’t want the kids. Moreover, Ron was clueless about the existence of his twin daughter Luz. 

Both sisters were devastated by the whole situation. The fact that Ron kept up with his parents’ lies was even more heartbreaking. Ron and Cynthia had a lot of misunderstandings to clear up. Ron’s parents lied about several things that created a huge gap between them, and they couldn’t contact each other despite being in love. Soon, the sisters began preparing for the competition, and things were getting better between Ron and Cynthia. Steffi took breathing lessons to calm herself down, and it was extremely helpful in increasing concentration and patience. Finally, things were working out for the sisters as well. They chose to support each other despite all the problems, and both parents gave them enough time to cope with the changes. 


‘Secrets Of Summer’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Did Steffi Win The Cielo Grande Trophy? 

The day of the competition was here! Steffi was all set to face off against her competitors. Summer Crush included the men’s and women’s categories. For the men’s category, Augusto Rovegno won the competition with 93 points. Now, it was time for the women’s match, and the first contestant scored 83 points. Steffi followed her routine and maintained her patience throughout the whole match. Natasha Rossi was indeed a strong competitor; she gave one of her best performances in the competition, and everyone was quite scared about Steffi’s finishing routine. Natasha Rossi scored 96 points, and it was indeed a tough competition. Steffi was the final contestant, and all her friends were pretty scared of her. The first few minutes of her performance were marvelous, and now it was time for her finishing routine, which would determine her win in the competition. Steffi risked her entire streak with the 720 move, but she won second place with 95 points. Ron and Cynthia awarded the winners at the game. But this competition surely brought in more advantages for Steffi.

The family was together despite all the problems! Steffi learned a lot of things with this series, and this journey helped her understand the importance of relationships. She chose to break all the barriers between her and Natasha and invited her to be part of the after-party! It was indeed one of the best experiences for her since she got back to her family and found new friends to make memories with. The night continued with the fundraiser party at Sky Vibes to save Cielo. The Monzo Boys performed at the party, and it became a huge hit. Throughout the whole party, Ron and Cynthia reminisced about their old days. Even though things were fine, Steffi wanted her father to lend her some time to figure out everything that had happened in the past few days, as it was too much for Luz and Steffi to take in at the moment. Moreover, both sisters performed at the Sky Vibes karaoke, and everyone was impressed by their connection. 


Ron and Cynthia decided to change their lives for the better. At this point, Luz and Steffi were still confused about the new family. Well, things changed for Cielo as it had been closed, but the #savecielo stream saved the resort, and the bank accepted their payments, as the deficits could be paid back in the next payment. Well, Steffi chose to stay back at Cielo to improve her bond with Cynthia and Luz, and things changed between Luz and Ron as well. He wanted to make up for everything that Luz had lost. Even though things were still budding, there was a chance that things would get better in the future for sure. “Secrets of Summer” Season 1 ended on a happy and ambiguous note, where Steffi and Luz got back their families, but Natasha was not happy with the win as people started slamming her on the internet, claiming that she stole the Cielo Grande trophy. Natasha canceled her flight and called a person named Oliver to discuss the future of Cielo Grande.

What To Expect From Season 2 Of ‘Secrets Of Summer’?

The second season of “Secrets of Summer” will be released on December 30, 2022, on Netflix. This time, the future of Cielo Grande is in the hands of all the fellow friends that are working together at the hotel to make it successful. In the final episode of Cielo Grande season one, the sisters found each other and decided to spend more time together with their mother, Cynthia. Meanwhile, things were getting better between Ron and the girls as well. But things were quite fired up on the other side of the story. Natasha was not so happy about her win this time, even though she won first place at the Summer Crush wakeboarding competition. Steffi’s final score of 720 spread like wildfire and hampered Natasha’s win. Envious of this situation, Natasha is surely planning a way to destroy Cielo with her contacts. This time everyone will have to work together to raise more funds and host interesting competitions to fight for the future of Cielo. The second season might even bring more light to Luz and Steffi’s relationship with her parents; maybe in this season; Luz will visit her father in Mexico and mend everything together.


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