‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ Ending, Explained: What Is Ebenezer Scrooge’s Christmas Miracle?

Christmas is just around the corner. From the street outside your home to the TV in your room, everything is getting decked out for the celebration of the festival of cheer and hope. Netflix has seen bountiful releases celebrating the Christmas spirit. Almost all movies have the same slapstick romance story going on, and after a while, it can get boring to watch the same plot devices recycled and molded into a similar story with a different cast. But well, fret not. There’s just the movie to help you celebrate the Christmas cheer and indulge in its happy spirits. “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” is the movie for you if you’re looking to indulge in a Christmas movie but don’t want romance and comedy on the side.


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‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The film revolves around Ebenezer Scrooge, a money lender in London. The story begins on the eve of Christmas as Scrooge goes about collecting debts from the poor. He is very cold-hearted and calculating. He does not let a penny slip and has little regard for others’ emotions. He has taken over the money lending business from his former employer, Jacob Marley. He increases the interest on Jenkin’s debt when he is unable to pay off the debt in time. He also blatantly rejects his nephew’s invitation to Christmas dinner as well. He also cuts money from Crachit’s pay for spilling some ink. He expects him to come back to work early even though the holiday season is on. He does not give to charity either and simply goads the women involved with charity and mildly threatens to shut their charity down as well. On Christmas Eve, as Scrooge gets ready for bed, Jacob Marley’s ghost comes and warns Scrooge that he should change his pessimistic attitude. Jacob’s ghost tells him that he is bound by chains in his afterlife because of the greed and hatred he had when he was alive. He warns Scrooge that he will face a similar fate if he doesn’t mend his ways. Marley tells Scrooge that he has arranged for three spirits to meet him and that they will help him learn and correct his ways. The first person to arrive is Past. She arrives at one o’clock in the morning. The past shows Scrooge what kind of life he has had. He is shown his sister Jen whom he loved dearly and who passed away young while giving birth to her son. Past shows him what mistakes he made that cost him his loved ones, including the woman he loved – Isabel. The next one to arrive is Present. He arrives at two o’clock. The present shows Scrooge what is happening right now. He shows him the Cratchit house, where Bob Crachit is making Christmas dinner with his family. Cratchit’s wife speaks badly of Scrooge, for he never helped Cratchit and just inflicted more misery on him instead. The present also shows Scrooge’s nephew at the dinner party at his house. Scrooge’s sister Jen died while giving birth to her son. Scrooge is the only family he has from his mother’s side. When he raises a toast to Scrooge, his wife says, “Why bother remembering those who refuse to be remembered?” Finally, at three o’clock, Scrooge is met with Future. Future shows what Scrooge’s future could be should he choose not to change. People of the town are merrily dancing at Scrooge’s death, and no one bothers to even hold a funeral for the man, for he has wronged many people throughout his life. When Scrooge goes through these three phases in his life once again, he sees how meaningless his existence has been. He makes up his mind to mend his ways. The next day, which is Christmas, he wakes up and decides to invite everyone over for a Christmas dinner. He clears people’s debts, makes charitable donations, and also shows respect. He stops disregarding those around him—those who care for him. He learns to have an optimistic and happy approach toward life and the living. 


‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ Ending Explained: Did Ebenezer Mend His Ways Of Living? 

After going through the three phases of his life, Ebenezer Scrooge learns his lesson. He sees how his Future would be if he remained the mean and cold-hearted person he has been. He decides to correct the wrongs and make amends. He forgives certain debts, is grateful for people who want to help him, makes donations to charity, and reconnects with his nephew as well. He learns to shed the bitter shell he lived in. He also learns to respect those around him, regardless of their status or financial stability. 

True Christmas spirit is all about spreading happiness, joy, and cheer amongst those around you. One can truly do that if one is happy from within. Scrooge, who was embittered because of his money-minded approach, only made people sad and uncomfortable when he met them, regardless of the occasion. The movie “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” sends a message to the viewers that it is not too late to shed the hatred and pessimism one might have within oneself. That it is not too late to embrace love and warmth from those around you, despite the chilling cold weather, which tells otherwise. Wealth can help one grow economically, but when there is no one around to share that growth, it leads to loneliness. What good is that wealth when there is no one to share it with? What good is a life where there is not a single soul to speak to? The animated musical movie sticks to the original novella by Charles Dickens when it comes to storytelling. The makers presented the story in a very colorful manner matching the themes of Christmas and happiness. What makes the movie worthwhile is the use of delightful animations and wonderful songs throughout.


“Scrooge: A Christmas Carol” is directed by Stephen Donnelly. It is based on “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. 

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