‘Scammy Boys’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Pankaj Dead?

I think I have just seen the most preposterous movie ever made. Scammy Boys has done it. It has won the prize. The movie is barely a movie and it feels like they didn’t bother shooting some parts of it because of budget constraints and just cobbled a half-baked movie together. But that’s not what makes this film so difficult to understand. It is a fact that there is very little logic even in those scenes that have been fully carved out. The characters, their clothes, their accents, and their surroundings don’t make sense for the kind of film this is. It’s the bizarre plot that baffles the mind, and the filmmaking puts the nail in the coffin.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Pankaj befriends Piyush and gets into trouble. A small-town boy, Pankaj had come to Jammu from his village to study, and he got mixed up in Piyush’s way of life. Piyush was a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy, who smoked weed and did some work on the side for a drug cartel as well. Pankaj almost got in trouble once, but the thrill of getting away from the police strengthened their friendship. Pankaj didn’t become a junkie like Piyush, but his idea was to earn a lot of money, and when Piyush told him about a shady scheme, Pankaj’s brain started to tick. They were just teenagers essentially, in their first year of college, and didn’t realize that the drug dealers were actually making them ready to work for terrorists. 


How Did Pankaj And Piyush Meet Rajendra?

Pankaj had a fair bit of fun in college as he hung out with Piyush. Aarti became his girlfriend and he completely forgot about his studies. Scoring drugs, hiding from cops and making out with Aarti were the order of the day. But one day Piyush met Loka, a drug dealer who showed him a new way to make money. He was receiving fake currency which could easily be passed off as the real thing. Piyush had dreams of becoming an actor and he thought Loka would help him as he had maintained that he had a lot of connections in the Mumbai film industry. However, he first asked Piyush if he wanted a million bucks in the fake currency. All he had to do was get two hundred thousand in cash in real notes. Piyush was ecstatic and he told this idea to Pankaj. Pankaj on the other hand came up with the idea of taking money from the kids in his class on the promise of returning double the amount they give. The kids fell for this and soon Pankaj and Piyush had enough money to meet Loka. 

Loka sent them to a shady man named Carlos who only gave half a million to Pankaj and Piyush and took their money away. Pankaj stabbed Carlos and Piyush ran away with the real cash. The duo were in trouble and soon the police saw them. There was a policeman named Rajendra who was working for Ghassauddin, a terrorist working from Pakistan. Rajendra saw potential in the two boys as he had seen Carlos’ dead body and figured that the boys could be of use. On top of it, he had taken away their real money, and hence he knew they would do anything for it.


What Were Pankaj And Piyush Made To Do?

Pankaj and Piyush were sent to Kashmir, and it seemed like they were given the contacts of the policemen who were working for the drug cartel. It’s unclear if the police knew that the drug cartels were funding Ghassauddin, but it’s logical to assume so. Pankaj and Piyush were asked to help get a truck across the checkpoints in Jammu, and when they couldn’t, they asked their contact to help. They had gotten quite good at facing the cops and were growing fearless by the hour. However, after a mission to procure drugs from the border went awry, they wanted out. Piyush asked Rajendra to at least let Pankaj go, but there was severe backlash. Carlos had been killed by Pankaj, and it was enough for Rajendra to keep him under his heel. The assignments were becoming dangerous for the duo, and soon something happened that made them come under Ghassauddin’s fury.

Why Did Pankaj Choose To Die?

Pankaj and Piyush weren’t aware that the trucks that they were helping smuggle into Jammu actually contained explosives. It’s not explicitly mentioned but it can be surmised. There was a point when Pankaj and Piyush were summoned by Ghassauddin himself. Perhaps he had come to meet them in Kashmir, or they had crossed into Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Whatever the case, Ghassauddin was furious, as there was a base in Jammu that had been raided by Narcotics. Ghassauddin wanted to find out who the traitor was and Pankaj and Piyush were the prime suspects. Pankaj, however, saved both of them when he pointed the needle towards Rajendra. It might have been because Rajendra had pointed a gun at him earlier when Piyush had asked Rajendra to let Pankaj go. Ghassauddin gave Pankaj and Piyush one final chance and asked them to get a truck into Jammu.


At the end of Scammy Boys, Piyush and Pankaj meet a man who seems to be the mastermind of the terrorist attack. He made Pankaj and Piyush split up and sold them the dream that, after the assignment, they were ‘free’. That meant he was going to kill them, as the truck contained explosives, and the mission to subject India to a terrorist attack was soon going to be a success. How Piyush got an inkling of that is not clear, but as soon as he did, he called Pankaj, who was with Amjad now and told him to bail and run. Pankaj tried to run away but couldn’t. So he decided to do the only thing he could at that moment. Amjad had a grenade tucked near his pocket, and Pankaj pulled the pin, resulting in a blast. The truck did not reach anywhere, and the terrorist attack was averted. Piyush heard Pankaj’s final goodbye and realized that he had died. What happened to him later on is a complete mystery, as the film ended with Pankaj’s death. There was a hint that Rajendra would soon be caught, as the Narcotics team was on to him. Whether Ghassauddin was captured or not isn’t clear as well. Pankaj couldn’t meet Aarti nor could he meet his parents and the film ended at his death. Whether or not his parents will ever come to know what happened to him is also a mystery, as Pankaj and Piyush had forged a leave application as Rajendra had sent them to Kashmir. So no one knew where they were. The case would be solved only if someone caught Rajendra, but that too is uncertain. 

Ayush Awasthi
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