Sarah In ‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ Season 2, Explained: What Did Sarah Do To Get Money? 

Tara Abboud efficiently plays the role of Sarah in the second season of Alrawabi School for Girls. Sarah’s aspirations to become a well-known face among her peers make her undertake desperate measures. Once she reaches the zenith of popularity, she starts realizing that maintaining her image and social status is very important, and she, therefore, engages in activities that eventually drag down her reputation. Just to fit in with a gang of popular girls and to gain a few likes on social media, Sarah forgets her roots and starts behaving like a different person altogether. However, after analyzing her character, certain questions come to our minds. Will Sarah’s fame be short-lived? How will Sarah help herself come out of the traumatic situation? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Sarah would do anything to seek attention! She did not like the fact that she was not as popular at her school as Tasneem or Hiba, and people hardly noticed her. She would try desperately to seek everyone’s attention by making videos on TikTok, but all in vain, as she did not have as many followers as the popular girls. Sarah lacked individuality and wanted to step into Tasneem’s shoes so that she could have the full attention of the people around her. Once, when she was turned down by one of the guys (Ali) she liked, she came back home feeling dejected and decided to make a video that would help her gain fame. Sarah wanted to make viral content and decided to shoot a video on the types of girls in her school. As expected, the video went viral, and she gained a lot of popularity overnight. She, however, forgot the fact that fame on the internet was short-lived and could be gone in the blink of an eye.   


Was Sarah Insulted By Tasneem’s Gang?

After Sarah gained fame, she started ignoring her old friends and wanted to fit herself into Tasneem’s group. She would follow Tasneem like a puppy all day and seek her validation in everything that she did. It was as if Tasneem had become Sarah’s godmother, instructing her on how to lead her life. Little did Sarah realize that Tasneem was using her to gain more fame on social media. Whenever she went out with Tasneem’s gang, she was insulted by Hiba and the others, making her feel like an outsider. She could never match up to the standards of the girls, no matter how hard she tried. She did as the girls said, only distancing herself further from her old friend Nadeen. No matter how sweet Tasneem was to her on the surface, even she did not like Sarah as much and was only taking advantage of Sarah’s gullibility. 

Once, when Sarah went out with Tasneem, she realized that she couldn’t afford the lifestyle that her friends had. They would often go out shopping and dine at expensive restaurants, which her middle-class lifestyle did not permit her to do. Sarah was, however, determined to change the lifestyle that she had, by hook or by crook. 


What Did Sarah Do To Get Money? 

Sarah decided to gain some easy money by talking to strangers on social media. Once, when a stranger offered her some money in exchange for a picture of her feet, she agreed. She thought that it was quick money, and she could use it to buy new clothes for the event to which she was invited. Without thinking much about the consequences, Sarah sent the man a picture of her feet. Sarah was so naive that she did not realize why the man was asking for such a picture. She thought that it was a one-time thing and would not land her in any trouble. 

Did Sarah Get Into Trouble?

After sending a picture of the feet, the man started demanding inappropriate pictures of her in her school uniform. The perverted nature of creeps on the internet have been briefly portrayed in the series. He started blackmailing Sarah, saying that if she did not send him a video, he would come to her house and inform her mother all about her deeds. Sarah was flabbergasted and did not know who to seek help from. She eventually sent the video, which only served to escalate things and he demanded to meet her. Sarah did not realize that feeding the inner demon of her stalker would make her look more vulnerable to him. 


When Jawad found out about the incident, he took screenshots of the chat and sent the video to his own phone. Maybe he wanted to protect his sister, but an incident at his school turned Sarah’s life upside down. The video got leaked, severely hampering Sarah’s reputation. Sarah’s weakness and addiction to social media had landed her in a big mess. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought of such a scenario in her life. Sarah was only looking at the brighter side of social media while completely ignoring the perils associated with it. Sarah’s downfall from the peak of her fame was quite quick! The incident keeps us wondering whether the short-lived fame, which eventually brought Sarah’s life tumbling down, was worth the hype. 

What Did Sarah Do To Help Other Girls?

The incident had completely shaken up Sarah’s life and transformed her as a person. She no longer craved fame and wanted to ensure that other girls would not commit the same mistakes that she had made. When Shams asked Sarah if she could explore her downfall in her documentary, she agreed to it. Sarah wanted to spread awareness among the other girls in her school about the consequences of being addicted to social media. Sarah gave a small speech at her school, highlighting the consequences she had faced in trying to live a fake lifestyle. She warned others against the evils of social media and how fake people were there. She said that in the process of copying the lifestyles of the girls who were seemingly perfect, she had ended up messing up her own life. The people we see on social media, no matter how perfect they seem, have some flaws that are kept concealed from the rest of the world. She advised others to maintain their originality and to learn to love themselves no matter what the situation is. She selflessly tried to make an example out of herself for the same classmates who had once laughed at her. She was ready to take all the stones herself, but she wanted to make sure that no one else’s life was hampered like her own. 


Final Words

Sarah is one of the central characters in the second season of Netflix’ series. She has been through a lot, just within a short span of her fame. She had suddenly risen to the zenith, and then it was not long before she had a downfall from the crest. The short-lived fame had taught Sarah many lessons in life. She realized that with fame came many additional hazards! Her downfall had been predicted by Shams so well that she wanted to make a documentary on it. Sarah was unable to handle her fame and ended up ruining her image in front of the entire world. Had she remained grounded, she would not have had to face the humiliation or bring disgrace to her family. The story of Sarah is the story of many young girls all over the world who fall victim to the superficial world of social media.

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