Sang-Won In ‘Sweet Home 2,’ Explained: Did Sang-Won And Lim Create The Curse?

At the end of the second season of the highly anticipated Sweet Home, we get a glimpse of what’s to come in the summer of 2024. While there’s more than one unexpected plot twist, this revelation entirely changes our perspective on the series. Yi-Kyung’s fiancé is still alive! Well, he’s not technically alive as an ordinary human, but he’s still around in a monster-human state, and now they both can be a monster couple with their monster daughter! Of course, that would be a bizarre turn of events because Yi-Kyung absolutely despises the monsters, and in her new half-monster and half-human state (literally), she is still in the same state of mind.


In Sweet Home Season 1, it was revealed that Yi-Kyung was engaged to Sang-Won, who worked at a government-run laboratory. In the series, it was suggested that Sang-Won was the first one to find out about the “Crucru,” or curse, which everybody else assumed to be a virus. Sang-Won wrote all about it in his internet blog. However, out of the blue, Sang-Won died under unusual circumstances a few days before the marriage. Yi-Kyung tried to find out about his death, but the government refused to share any information. Yi-Kyung is certain that there’s something fishy, and she tries to find more details about Sang-Won’s mysterious death. Much later, it is revealed that he didn’t actually die but was one of the first humans to turn and get experimented on. 

Spoilers Ahead


Did Sang-Won And Lim Create The Curse?

Well, nothing is certain at this point, but at the end of Sweet Home 2, we learn that Sang-Won and Lim used to be friends before Lim chose to cut open his friend for the sake of research. Sang-Won became MH-1, the first human monster—the type of monster that can control itself and appear human. We can imagine that Sang-Won and Lim were colleagues who were working closely on some sort of biomatter to cure chronic illnesses, which then somehow led to them unleashing a curse on humanity. Sang-Won was the first victim, which only helped Lim get more intrigued by the matter. On the other hand, it could be that Lim is at the center of it all, and Sang-Won ended up becoming collateral damage for Lim’s experiments, leading him to become sludge. Somehow, the latter seems more plausible because of Lim’s nihilistic worldview, but on the other hand, it could have just been a terrible accident.

Has Sang-Won Been Around The Whole Time?

This, too, can be looked at in two ways. On the one hand, we can imagine Sang-Won was always the sludge, pretended to be Ui-Myeong (not sure why, though), got out of the facility through his ability to possess other human bodies, and then made his way to Green Home to find Hyun-Su, who he must’ve imagined really had the best of both worlds. But, in this case, he’s completely wiped the memory of Yi-Kyung from his mind and even shoots at her in season 1 of the series. This could mean that he’s locked away his human memories. Ui-Myeong believes that humans and his kind can’t survive together, and he’s been chosen by nature to eradicate all humans. Additionally, Ui-Myeong is terrified of the research facility because a lot of nasty things happened to him there, but for Sang-Won, it’s more like unfinished business. There are subtle differences between the two versions of the person within Sang-Wook at the beginning of the series and the end, even if he appears for just 5 minutes. In all honesty, we can’t be certain that Ui-Myeong is Sang-Won. If he was, then we can imagine that Sang-Won’s original body gave the sludge version of Sang-Won the strength to walk in Sang-Wook’s body. Is it highly confusing? For us, too. When Ui-Myeong kills the two doctors in the research facility, he doesn’t have enough strength to walk. It could be because he’s been away from his actual body for far too long, so when he touches the real deal, he regains that strength and some core memories, too. At the end of Sweet Home 2, Sang-Won (who clearly remembers Lim) shows him his original body to remind Lim who he is since he’s possessed Sang-Wook’s body and all. Lim is genuinely terrified when he realizes who the man is and what power he possesses. Additionally, we suppose Sang-Won would want to keep Lim around and make him do his dirty work until he can get rid of him for good.


What’s Next For The MHs?

We can imagine Sang-Won is now a changed man for certain, and he could want total power over the world through his many minions—the other MHs. What he doesn’t know is that he has a daughter who can control other monsters—the real chosen one. We know that the mystery girl has a problem with humans, just like her father, so she will probably pick his side in the blink of an eye. What’s certain is that Sang-Won wants revenge and power (get in line, dude), but he can only have it all with the help of his daughter.

Now, if we go with the theory that Sang-Won was Ui-Myeong right from the start, we’ll pretend he forgot everything from his life before he became an MH, which is why he didn’t recognize Yi-Kyung and shot at her, etc. After reuniting with his body (which he possibly needs to be available for him at all times for strength, etc.), he may have also gotten back some core memories. So, he possibly remembers Yi-Kyung now and will want to reunite with her. On the other hand, if Ui-Myeong was actually a different person and when he touched Sang-Won’s body, he died, and Sang-Won took over, then he definitely knows about Yi-Kyung, but he doesn’t know that she was pregnant because she herself realized that much too late, meaning he won’t know of his daughter’s existence either way.


Rather than becoming one happy family, it seems there might be one epic battle between Yi-Kyung and Sang-Won, the monster, to save humanity. Yi-Kyung is still very much on the side of humans, even after being converted by her daughter in order to save her life—the same one she wanted to stop living. Hyun-Su and Yi-Kyung may be currently trapped in eternal nightmares, but they’re the only ones who can put some sense into the minds of Sang-Won and his daughter. We can imagine season 3 will beg the question: will it be a better world with MHs rather than humans and push the boundaries for what is truly good or evil? Nothing is quite certain except that this man is back and ready to unleash mayhem. 

Ruchika Bhat
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