‘Saint X’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Gogo Find Out About Edwin? Does Emily Meet Clive Again?

The two timelines in Saint X have reached their respective crucial stages. On the one hand, we have Allison, who has just found out about Edwin’s true intentions. On the other hand, we have Emily [we will address Clairey as Emily from now on], who now has evidence that makes Clive a possible suspect in her sister’s murder. Will Allison confront Edwin? Will Emily confront Clive? Saint X Episode 7 has a lot of questions to answer, and it does.


Spoilers Ahead

The Truth

Two days have passed since Emily saw Clive beating a man, and Josh is worried sick due to her condition. He knows that she met Clive, but nothing more. As for Emily, seeing what Clive did to the man has rocked her to the core and reinforced her belief that Clive is the one who killed her sister. And yet, she tells her therapist that she wants to see him. Emily flips out upon hearing that it is possible that she is suffering from survivor’s guilt and that maybe she wants to undergo the same things that her sister did. This isn’t true at all. Her therapist is apparently addressing her actions as an issue, while her actions are a result of her issue, which is more than an issue. Emily wants to find out the truth about her sister’s death. The reason why no one seems to understand Emily’s issue is probably that they had accepted that they would never be able to find out about it without even trying, especially Emily’s parents, who would rather spend their lives crying and making Emily feel less loved than searching for Allison’s murderers when they had the means and the chance. If only they had opened up to her, she wouldn’t be frantically looking for answers today. And so, they do not have any right to question her for her actions now. She lost her sister, and she deserves to know what happened to her.


The Secret

Edwin’s behavior, from fantasizing about men’s inners as a kid to getting jealous when Sara kissed Gogo to being pleasured by a man in the forest, proves that he is bisexual. Or, it can be that he is trying to hide the fact that he is gay, even convincing himself that he is straight by sleeping with girls and bragging about it to his friends. He is worried that the two guys who spotted him in the forest will spread the word about him and make fun of him. But considering how Edwin’s sister addressed Gogo as his boyfriend (when they were kids), is it possible that the reason Edwin told Sara not to marry Gogo and made sure that she stayed away from him by doing her the favor of getting her mother’s boyfriend a job away from them [Sara told this to Desmond who then revealed it to Bery], is not because he loves Sara but because he is attracted to Gogo? It is, and it makes sense too. Another example of this is when Edwin struggles to tell Gogo something after he tells Edwin how much he likes Sara. It seems that Edwin likes Gogo. Unfortunately, he is scared of telling Gogo how he feels, especially since he knows how much Gogo hates gays, or “anti-men,” as he calls them. Edwin still making fun of “anti-men” in front of Gogo just shows how long he has held back from telling Gogo the truth.

Meanwhile, it is the last day of the Thomas’s at Indigo Bay. Now that Allison knows what Edwin is doing to her, she intends to do something to him that he hasn’t done with other girls. But when Edwin brushes off her plan to go to Faraway Cay due to being upset about something, she plans to spend the night with her sister Emily. So even though Tyler apologizes to Allison for being rude and intends on hanging with her, that’s not happening.


Does Allison Go To Paulette’s With Edwin And Gogo? Where Are Emily And Clive?

Allison agreeing to join Edwin at his special local shop on her last night is her fatal step and the reason why we are watching the show. She wonders if it makes her desperate as she tells Olivia, who is rather bent on convincing her to sleep with Edwin and Gogo. Maybe she just wants Allison to stay away from her and Tyler, with whom she has finally had some alone time. Be that as it may, Allison will have to confront her little sister before leaving with Edwin because she promised to be with her. Her telling Emily that she will get over it as soon as they get home is just deeply saddening because we know that Emily will never get over it her entire life. Unbeknownst to her, that would be the last time she saw her sister. Somewhere else, Gogo finds out about Edwin and Sara from Desmond but doesn’t believe it. For him, Edwin would never do that. But it is Sara’s words that matter more than Edwin’s. If she loved Gogo, Edwin’s words, or anyone else’s for that matter, that couldn’t have stopped her from doing that. She believes that Clive loves her because she is the daughter of a minister, but the truth is that Clive loves her for who she is and not what she is. She thinks that Clive’s feelings for her are false. Maybe she never realized it because she never found herself worthy of Clive’s love. But why is she with Keithley, then? Is it because of money? If it is, then it makes sense because Sara needs to take care of her mother too. But then Clive’s words also make sense, i.e., if Edwin hadn’t interfered, they would have been together because Sara would have realized that she loves him and not Keithley. It’s just annoying to see Sara not make things clear to Clive. If Sara had opened up to him, we wouldn’t have had to conjecture. Meanwhile, Edwin’s conversation with Paul in the restroom reveals that he is indeed gay but is afraid to admit it. [So, he does like Clive.] Later on, we see Clive confront Edwin, but they choose to remain quiet because Allison is with them. Edwin is shocked and sad and has no words to explain or justify what he did. They leave for the party at Paulette’s.

Emily and Clive decide that they need something stronger to share their feelings about being ripped apart. They go to a pub, and Emily, deliberately or under the influence, tries to get close to Clive, who pushes her away. Tensed, she begins scribbling on her arm, an action that she used to do as a kid whenever she got anxious. This is a way for Emily to cope with her anxiety. Clive notices this, and it seems that he remembers someone else who did it too. This, along with the fact that Emily’s brother was killed, and the murderer was never found, and her love for checkers, might just be enough proof for Clive to realize that Emily is Clairey. But he cannot be sure. Saint X Episode 7 ends with neither Josh nor Sunita being able to contact Emily while Clive asks her to get into his cab. Clive has probably recognized her and will tell her the truth. Saint X Episode 8 is the season finale, and we will finally find out what happened to Allison all those years ago and if Edwin is in New York. Does Clive know that whatever Edwin did was because he liked him?


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