Sabrina And Her Powers In ‘Supacell’ Explained: What Happens To Her Sister, Sharleen?

Sabrina in Supacell is a real go-getter. You can tell she puts her whole heart into her job as a nurse and cares deeply for the people around her, whether they’re patients or her friends. Remember when Michael needed help rescuing his girlfriend, Dionne, from Ray? Sabrina was the first one to step up and lend a hand. She didn’t just sit back—she used her telekinesis powers to help him and even convinced the others to support Michael as well. And it’s not just Michael she’s helped out with her powers. She’s also used them to protect herself and her own sister, Sharleen. But does she manage to save her sister at the end? And if not, then what will she do? Let’s predict that, shall we? 


Spoilers Ahead

Who was Sabrina? 

Sabrina, in Supacell, was a dedicated nurse at the local hospital. She was always there early, and she took care of her patients with so much attention and love that everyone, from the hospital staff to the patients themselves, adored her. Her days were spent at work, and at home, she spent her time with her sister, Sharleen. But despite how much Sabrina poured her heart into others, she often felt overlooked, especially by her boyfriend, who repeatedly let her down. He promised her to go on dates, but he never showed up. Sabrina wasn’t one to create drama; she valued peace and didn’t believe in bothering others. 


What was the superpower that Sabrina had?

Sabrina had the superpower of Telekinesis. One day her sister Sharleen and she went to look for Sabrina’s boyfriend at his house. She was not the snooping-around type but her sister, on the other hand, knew firsthand the pain of dealing with cheating boyfriends and toxic relationships. When they assumed maybe Sabrina’s boyfriend was cheating on her, Sharleen didn’t hesitate to investigate. When they went to his house and actually found him having an affair with another girl, Sabrina was hurt, betrayed, and enraged. And then something unexpected happened. Sabrina, overwhelmed with anger, discovered she had superpowers. Without even touching him, she sent her boyfriend flying across the room when he tried to apologize. It wasn’t just a one-time thing; she started seeing objects move around her at the hospital, which started scaring her and affecting her ability to concentrate on her work. Sabrina feared her newfound powers would ruin her career aspirations. She worried that being a black woman might have already hindered her chances of getting promoted to senior nurse, and now this power threatened to complicate things even more. She had always seen power as something that could save people, but now it was controlling her life in ways she couldn’t handle. However, her powers eventually proved to be a blessing in disguise, and it shows how power can be both a gift and a burden. One night at a bar, a man tried to assault Sharleen, and Sabrina, being the protective sister she was, intervened. She accidentally killed the man, who turned out to have powers of his own. 

Why was Sabrina looking for Sharleen? 

Killing the guy with superpowers at the bar by Sabrina attracted the attention of Ray’s people. The problem was they mistook Sharleen as the one with powers, not Sabrina, as they saw Sharleen with the man. They kidnapped Sharleen because they believed her powers could be exploited for their own gain in Ray’s organization. Sabrina couldn’t bear the thought of her sister being taken away. She knew the danger and the potential consequences of using her powers, but she knew she had to fight back to rescue Sharleen. After all, she refused to turn herself into the authorities for the man’s death at her hands because she knew Sharleen would be left alone, and without her, she would be clueless. But now that she was gone and Sabrina did not even know where she was and she could not handle that. Sabrina knew she had to use her powers to reunite with the only family she had left and bring her back home safely, no matter what it took. 


What can we expect next?

Now that Sabrina didn’t know where Sharleen was, the first thought that came to her mind was that she might have been taken away by her toxic ex-boyfriend, Krazy. This guy had cheated on Sharleen multiple times, made fake promises, and tried to win her over with expensive gifts. The last time Sharleen was with Krazy, he physically tortured her, and she couldn’t bear it anymore. She called Sabrina and vowed to end this and take revenge because she was tired of letting men take advantage of her without putting up a fight. The incident with the perpetrator and Krazy’s torment were too much for Sharleen, and that’s why she left home to seek revenge. During this vulnerable moment, she was abducted by Ray’s people. However, Sabrina didn’t know about Ray’s involvement; she only knew that Sharleen was missing. So, her mission became clear—find Krazy to get to her sister. Along the way, Sabrina met Michael, Rodney, and Tazer, who were also connected to Krazy. Together, their mission expanded: Sabrina aimed to find Ray to save Dionne for Michael and support Tazer, who was preparing to fight Krazy in A-Town. They soon realized Krazy was the supreme powerholder, one of Ray’s men, and had been manipulating them all along to abduct them for Ray’s benefit. Sabrina was enraged. Not only was Krazy an abuser and a killer, but he was also involved in this scheme to take people with powers for Ray’s gain. She fought hard alongside her new allies but couldn’t save Dionne, who died at Krazy’s hands. Although this could have given Sabrina a strong motive to take revenge and kill Krazy in the future, along with holding him responsible for her sister’s abduction, Ray killed him first for failing to abduct them.

But Sabrina still didn’t know where her sister was. So, what can we expect from her in the future? For starters, she’ll likely search for Sharleen’s whereabouts in A-Town because she knows how Ray’s people operate. She might even master her telekinetic powers to fight against her enemies. Her motive is deeply personal. Her driving force will be finding and saving her sister, no matter what. But as we know Sabrina, she will fight for those who’ve been tortured and taken by Ray’s people, not just for selfish reasons, that is for sure. 


Sutanuka Banerjee
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