‘Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo’ Season 2 Expectations & Possibilities

Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo ends on a very lukewarm note, but that does not mean there are no expectations for season two. It concluded with many revelations brought to light so that everyone knew who the boss was. Kajal comes out as the Monk’s mole in Savitri’s family, and she confesses that she actively worked towards destroying Savitri’s business. Kajal has been angry at her mother-in-law because she took her only child away and made Kajal believe that the child was no more. Kajal was later informed by the Monk himself about the child being alive, and this made Kajal switch sides. Her anger has no limits right now, and that’s why she agreed to be the Monk’s informer. Kajal did not think twice because she always pined over the child that she had lost. It is hard to conclude what answers Savitri would have for Kajal’s questions about her child’s fate.


On the other hand, it was revealed that Savitri was indeed not dead by the end of the first season. She’d faked her death to find out who in her family were traitors. She was right in her approach because someone had indeed gone behind her back a while ago and managed to leak all the syndicate-related information to Monk. Though the end of the show was frustrating, it still ended with the possibility of many scenarios and storylines that would take place in the second season. Savitri is far from retiring from her job, and now with Kajal’s betrayal, she will have a hard time trusting her family as well. Kajal and Monk would be the first ones to run away from the scene of the crime and begin to work together, aiming to regroup again to finish Savitri’s drug ring. Monk is not the kind of person who would give up on his goals this soon. He would probably bring in more allies who would be willing to help him finish Savitri.

Monk would also introduce a new product to the market as a competitor to Savitri’s Flamingo. Monk would make sure people preferred that over Flamingo, and that would happen for a while before Savitri and her gang would take it down. Just like Monk, Savitri would do anything to remain relevant in the market, Savitri will encourage Kapil to join the syndicate, and by getting his hands dirty, Kapil, by losing Kajal, will have more reason to become ruthless against Monk and his people, especially Kajal. It would be interesting to see if Kajal really loved her husband and how badly Kapil would take this rejection of his wife. Kajal not only betrayed Savitri, but she betrayed her husband as well. Kapil might bring out another version of himself, which would be new to witness, especially for his family. Shanta, Harish, and Deeman would be shocked to see the brand-new Kapil. Meanwhile, the mother might not be surprised. She probably knew what her son was capable of. She might also consider him to be her heir.


In the second season, Savitri will again be in a dilemma as to who to anoint as heir to her Rani Cooperative. There are candidates she would have in mind, but with Kajal’s betrayal, she will have to come up with a better plan to choose among them. There is a possibility that the child Monk claimed to be Kajal’s is not her child. She was made to believe her child was alive, for Monk knew this woman had been upset since her child supposedly died in childbirth. It can be speculated that Kajal was manipulated into believing the Monk. Maybe her child is indeed no more, and Savitri will find a way to tell her that. Kajal might feel betrayed by the Monk for using her for his benefit. Either she will exact revenge to get Savitri’s trust back, or she will barely manage to survive the betrayal she felt and the betrayal she did to the women who sheltered her for many years. Kajal will not have many options here.

Bijli will become even more power-hungry, keeping in mind that she has nothing to lose this time. The only person she loves is gone, and she will also become something like Kapil has become. Ruthless and relentlessly wanting Savitri’s seat, I’m not sure if she would know who was behind Naina’s death. She would go in-depth to investigate who killed her girlfriend when Naina had nothing to do with the syndicate. Bijli’s purpose might change from the point she comes to know who killed Naina. Her husband, Harish, might also step up to help her finally find answers.


Shanta and Deeman will end up becoming rivals in this Game of Thrones because they were done pandering to each other and are done being in love too. They would seek power by one-upping each other. There will be a point where they will again try to find the love that is lost, but again, an obstacle is inevitable. There is a chance of them never getting back together because too much happened between the two, thanks to Savitri, and they would have to finally part ways and look for another partner to spend their lives with. It would be heartbreaking to see them part ways, but the two of them know that it is the right thing to do. Kapil might also come into power and not allow Shanta and Deeman to come together. He would try his level best to dominate Shanta and possibly force her to choose between her family or Deeman. Shanta will either willingly choose her family or be forced to be on her family’s side. Deeman might be asked to leave the syndicate, or he will willingly walk away from it if Shanta is forced to be with her family. It would be interesting to understand and comprehend how Savitri’s life would be from here on now that she knows who her enemies are in the family itself. I look forward to an engaging season two of Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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