‘Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Did Ruby Defeat The Mermaid Queen?

In the vast expanse of the world’s oceans lies a creature of myth and legend, shrouded in mystery and terror—the Kraken. For centuries, sailors and seafarers have whispered tales of its immense size, its tentacled arms reaching out to grasp unsuspecting ships, and its ability to drag entire vessels into the murky depths. These harrowing stories have painted the Kraken as a deadly menace, an unforgiving force of nature that strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to venture across the open waters. But what if we were to unveil a different perspective—a revelation that challenges our preconceived notions and turns the Kraken from a malevolent monster to a true protector of the oceans? In the enchanting world of Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken, we are introduced to a young and curious teen, Ruby, who leads an ordinary life on the surface but yearns for something more. Little does she know that she is no ordinary teenager; she carries a secret that will unlock a wondrous journey into the depths of the ocean and reveal her true identity as a Kraken.


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What Happens When Ruby Ventures Into The Ocean?

Ruby, a brilliant mathematician with a curious mind, resides with her intriguing family, who pretend to be typical Canadians but are, in fact, extraordinary Krakens. Living near the ocean in a quaint seaside house, they guard their true identity from the rest of the world. As junior prom night approaches, Ruby’s excitement soars. She yearns to attend the special event with her long-time crush, Connor. However, her ever-vigilant real estate mom, who is aware of her daughter’s Kraken heritage, worries about the potential dangers of the prom being held on a boat in the middle of the ocean. She fears that this environment might trigger Ruby’s uncharted Kraken instincts and reveal her family’s secret, putting her in harm’s way.


Unwilling to give up her dreams of attending prom with Connor, Ruby devises a daring plan to sneak out and attend the event secretly. With the help of her loyal friends, Kayla and others, Ruby carefully orchestrates a promposal to woo Connor and make the night truly magical. But just as the plan seems to be coming together, fate intervenes. During the promenade, an unexpected mishap occurs, causing Connor to accidentally fall into the ocean. Panicked and without a moment to think, Ruby makes a brave yet impulsive decision to jump in after him, driven by her determination to save the boy she cares deeply for.

As Ruby plunges into the ocean’s depths, an astonishing transformation begins to unfold. Her emotions and adrenaline set off her latent Kraken energies, signaling her presence to the creatures that inhabit the deep waters. This unintended revelation sparks a chain reaction in the ocean, leaving Ruby in a precarious situation. Amidst the chaos, a new girl named Chelsea emerges as an unexpected ally. She manages to rescue Connor from the perilous situation, preventing a potential disaster. But as Ruby’s Kraken powers grow stronger and her giant Kraken mode activates, she finds herself grappling with her true nature and the responsibility that comes with it.


How Did Agatha Defeat The Mermaid Queen Nerissa?

After Ruby accidentally triggers her giant mode, she finds herself overwhelmed and confused by her newfound powers. She becomes increasingly self-conscious, fearing that her tentacles may appear at any moment, leading others to fear and misunderstand her. Despite her mother Agatha’s support, Ruby struggles with insecurities while feeling alienated from both the human and the Kraken worlds. As events unfold, Ruby’s curiosity about her true heritage intensifies. She uncovers secrets that her mother Agatha has hidden about their past, raising questions about their place in the human world. Feeling a deep longing to understand her family history and the significance of her powers, Ruby decides to seek answers where it all began: with her grandmother.

Driven by her desire to connect with her roots, Ruby embarks on a daring mission to meet her grandma, the powerful Warrior Queen and ruler of the seven oceans, with her uncle Brill. Determined to keep her plans hidden from Agatha, Ruby sets off into the ocean once more, embracing her giant mode this time and reveling in the underwater world that holds so many secrets from her past. When Ruby finally meets her grandma, she discovers that she is one of the three giant Krakens, destined to be the princess and successor to her grandmother’s throne. Guided by her grandma’s wisdom, Ruby learns to embrace her Kraken heritage fully. She realizes that her powers are not a curse but a gift and that she has the strength within her to be a protector and a leader.


As Ruby learns the truth about her mother’s royal heritage, the revelation that Agatha was once a princess herself and not just an ordinary real estate businesswoman is a lot for her to digest. The fact that her mother successfully defeated Nerissa, the powerful Mermaid Queen, only adds to the mystery and wonder of Agatha’s past. However, as Ruby delves deeper into the Kraken lore, she learns of the existence of a weapon that can take down even the mighty giant Krakens: the Trident of Oceanus. This ancient artifact possesses the ability to slay any Kraken, making them vulnerable despite their seemingly invincible nature.

Despite the losses and challenges Agatha faced, she chose not to exploit this power or conquer others. Instead, she made a difficult decision to protect the world from potential harm. In her battle against the Mermaid clan, Agatha demonstrated remarkable courage, prevailing against all odds. Rather than taking control or destroying her adversaries, she understood the potential dangers of such a powerful weapon falling into the wrong hands. Agatha chose to hide the Trident of Oceanus and retreat from the ocean world, opting to lead a normal life on the surface.

What Motivates Ruby To Embark On A Quest To Find The Trident Of Oceanus?

After her encounter with Chelsea, the mysterious new girl who reveals herself to be a mermaid, Ruby’s world is turned upside down. Together, they form an unlikely but genuine friendship, determined to mend the age-old animosity between their two species. Chelsea confides in Ruby, telling her that the Trident holds the key to ending the conflict and restoring harmony between Krakens and Mermaids. Despite her mother’s warning, cautioning her about the inherent hostility between Krakens and Mermaids, Ruby’s skepticism and anger cloud her judgment, leading her to dismiss Agatha’s words. So, Ruby tirelessly trains and learns every move, growing increasingly powerful as she navigates the turbulent waters of her emotions.

With Chelsea’s help, Ruby discovers the existence of the Well of Seas, a place only accessible to a giant Kraken due to their unique ability to maintain a delicate balance in the ocean’s energy. The Well stores the vast power of the ocean, and its significance becomes apparent as Ruby realizes its connection to the Trident. As Ruby delves deeper into the Well of Seas, her perception of the world shifts. She begins to grasp the immense responsibility she holds as a giant Kraken and finally gets the Trident out of the Well.


‘Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Ruby?

In the heart-stopping climax of Ruby’s tumultuous journey, the true identity of Chelsea is finally exposed, leaving her and the Krakens in grave danger. As Chelsea reveals herself to be none other than Nerissa, the vengeful and deceitful Mermaid Queen, Ruby realizes the magnitude of her mistake in seeking the Trident. Nerissa, fueled by her desire for revenge and power, had cleverly manipulated Ruby into believing she was her best friend, exploiting her vulnerability and trust. This betrayal leaves Ruby shocked and heartbroken, trapped under a massive pile of rocks. As Agatha becomes aware of the imminent danger her daughter is in, she immediately sets out on a rescue mission, enlisting the help of Ruby’s grandmother. While Ruby lies trapped and reflects on her mother’s actions, she realizes the love and sacrifice behind Agatha’s decision to leave the Kraken kingdom. Her mother chose to protect her from the endless cycle of conflict between Krakens and Mermaids, understanding that Ruby’s safety and happiness were of the utmost importance. Ruby emerges from the rubble.

With unity and courage, the three generations of strong women stand together, ready to face Nerissa and put an end to her reign of deceit and vengeance. In a breathtaking display of power, Ruby and her family unite their forces, using their combined strength to confront Nerissa head-on. As the battle rages, Ruby realizes that true power lies not in seeking vengeance or dominance but in defending what she holds dear and protecting the ones she loves. Summoning all her strength and will, Ruby takes a decisive stand. With their powers combined, Ruby breaks the Trident in her hand and Nerissa’s malevolent reign crumbles. In the climactic conclusion of Ruby Gilman’s extraordinary journey, her actions not only lead to the capture of the treacherous Nerissa but also serve as a catalyst for growth and reconciliation. Defeating Nerissa and saving both the oceanic realms and the human world breaks an intangible barrier that once separated Ruby from her human life.


The danger and challenges she faced became a transformative experience, enabling her to understand her true worth and embrace her dual identity as a Kraken and a human. As the dust settles and the waters calm, Ruby finds herself closer than ever to her mother, Agatha. The events they endured together have strengthened their bond, as they share an appreciation and understanding for one another. Ruby’s friends, who witnessed her bravery and sacrifice, hold her in even higher esteem. They don’t see her as a monster but rather as a true hero, respected and loved for her courage in protecting both land and sea. This affirmation from her friends reaffirms Ruby’s sense of belonging and self-worth, allowing her to step into her dream life with confidence. As she dons a beautiful dress and prepares to attend the prom with Connor, Ruby stands at the intersection of two worlds. Despite choosing to live in the human world, she carries her Kraken identity with pride. The events of her journey have shown her that she doesn’t have to sacrifice one part of herself for another. Instead, she embraces both worlds while protecting the ocean from monsters.

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