‘Royalteen: Princess Margrethe’ (2023): Things We Can Expect From Netflix Norwegian Sequel Film

Royalteen, 2022, a Norwegian Netflix original film, ended on a sweet note when Lena and Karl got back together. The two of them accept each other for who they are, especially knowing the background Karl comes from. It is a huge step for him to accept the fact that he is in love with a teenage mother. In the last scene of the movie, we see Princess Margrethe, the controlling twin sister of Karl John, having a glass of wine at the prom and feeling dizzy as the people around her are dancing and celebrating. As she feels dizzy, Margrethe faints, and one gets to see her tearing up before going unconscious. Is she feeling that way because she is overwhelmed around people? Since she is a royal, certain things are expected of her which may have caused some undiagnosed stress. It can be assumed from the last shot that there is a lot more going on in Margrethe’s mind and body than she lets out. She has complexities she is dealing with that even her brother and her friend might not know about. Margrethe’s mother too suffers from extreme anxiety, as stated by Karl to Lena in the Royalteen film. That makes it easy to conclude that probably her pain of seeing her mother suffer is because of the position she holds, which causes anxiety in Margrethe as well. It must be hard to watch her mother try to collect herself every day just because she holds a position of power.


Aptly so, the next film in the Royalteen series is about Princess Margrethe, because just like the complex life Crown Prince Karl Johan has led, Margrethe surely has her own stresses as well. In the trailer, we see Margrethe getting dressed for a party, and by the looks of it, she cannot wait to be at this event. It is not made clear what the party is about. It is assumed that because they are in their late teens, it could be the birthday party of their friend. Margrethe is joined by her friends from school, who include Ingrid, Arnie, Karl and Lena, who are in a relationship. They all come to a place, and it is obvious the party is a surprise birthday party for someone close to the group.

Margrethe also makes a point to help Lena learn how to hold a glass of champagne and says that she will need to learn this skill if she plans to become the future Queen of the country. This would mean Margrethe has finally accepted Lena as her brother’s girlfriend. Princess Margrethe was called Princess Paranoid but is now suddenly okay with Lena being a part of the group, even though by the end of the first film she made it clear to Lena that she wanted her to stay away from Karl. Maybe a lot would have transpired between the two of them to finally come to a ceasefire. Margrethe and Lena might have gone through conflicts and disagreements to conclude that Lena is probably not a threat to her family as Margrethe had assumed.


With Margrethe finally referring to Lena as the future Queen of the country, issues must have been resolved between the women for them to finally make peace with each other. Anyway, Lena and Karl are too young at this juncture to be thinking about marriage and becoming monarchs. We get to see Ingrid as well, who seems to have planned the party. This would imply the party is for someone else. Ingrid also seems okay with seeing Lena around them. She has finally accepted and is living with the fact that Lena and Karl are together and very much in love, for now. As they shut off the lights and the birthday girl walks in, it is Tess’s birthday that everyone is celebrating. Tess is back with the gang. If that has happened, a major event must have taken place for everyone to believe that Tess is not an attention seeker. All of them, including Karl and Margrethe, had major issues with Tess because they believed she used the Royal siblings to get more traction on social media. For that misunderstanding to be cleared, Tess must have had a showdown with the siblings, especially Margrethe, and made it clear to them that the world probably does not revolve around them. Tess maybe had proof that it was someone else who used Margrethe and Karl all this time, and they were blinded by the hatred for Tess, which made them overlook the actual culprit.

There is a possibility that maybe Ingrid was involved in spreading rumors about the royal siblings, and she blamed Tess in the hope of getting validation from Margrethe. Margrethe is sort of the leader of the gang; the girls still work around what Margrethe wants. Ingrid badly wanted attention from the princess and the prince. Blaming Tess came easily because it is very easy to break a friendship. Margrethe’s privacy was very important, and to be able to convince her that Tess probably violated it, there is a chance Ingrid created a rift without even Tess realizing it. The privacy matter must have been sorted between Margrethe and Tess; otherwise, Margrethe and the rest of the group wouldn’t have hosted a grand birthday party for Tess.


The focus of the trailer is the party being thrown for Tess. Something must be happening during the party, or post it to make the entire teaser trailer about it. Maybe a falling out or a breakup would lead to a big rift in the group. There can be a possibility of Lena and Karl breaking up during or after this party, which will lead to a rift between the siblings as well because Margrethe has come to like Lena as a person. There could be a revelation about a past incident that Margrethe was kept in the dark about. If Ingrid was behind the rift between Tess and Margrethe, the party would be the right time to reveal it. A party in a movie or a television show is the right place to cause a scene or a rift because if it became public, the impact of the rift would be higher. Nevertheless, Royalteen: Princess Margrethe is all set to be released this week, and we will all be privy to what is cooking in Margrethe’s life.

Royalteen: Princess Margrethe, a Norwegian Netflix original film, will be out on May 11, 2023.


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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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