‘Royalteen’ Ending Explained: Did Kalle And Lena End Up Together?

Falling in love with a young and charming prince has been in our books for a very long time. It’s almost too dreamy to have a romance that’s so sophisticated. Well, “Royalteen” on Netflix is a Norwegian romantic drama film that will enlighten the viewers with the same context. But there’s a catch! This movie revolves around the lives of two young individuals, Lena Karlsvik (Ines Høysæter Asserson) and Karl Johan (Mathias Storhøi), who belong to two different worlds and backgrounds. Despite all the differences, they fall in love with each other, but things turn out to become quite problematic with each passing day, as both of their personal lives heavily collide with their thoughts and perceptions. “Royalteen” will highlight the importance of truth and honesty, as multiple factors are covered in this film. These factors will ensure that viewers experience the all-time classic love story between the Prince and a commoner. Moreover, this coming-of-age romance film will rewrite this tale with a hinge of all the mishaps that happen through social media. While Kalle is figuring out ways to bring Lena to be a part of his life along with the responsibilities that he holds, things are quite skeptical of Lena’s vision. Since she is carrying the weight of her hidden past, it makes her question this impossible relationship with the Prince.

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What Happens In The ‘Royalteen’ Film?

The movie begins with an introduction of our lead character, Lena, who’s all set to attend the first day of her new school and has recently moved to Oslo from Horten. Lena’s vivid interaction with her mother, Lise (Veslemøy Mørkrid), is highlighted through close-ups, and viewers can make out that she is not looking forward to attending school. But, things turn out to be quite interesting for her since everybody is pretty welcoming, and here viewers will finally meet Prince Kalle. The day goes by, and Lena enjoys her new beginnings! Moreover, things are heating up between Kalle and Lena as Kalle tries to generate a conversation between them. Moreover, Lena heads out for a walk and accidentally strolls into an unknown forest area, and situations worsen as her brother Theodor is along with her too. Well, Kalle comes into the picture and helps her get back home. Soon, both of them become the talk of the town as their bond is quite visible to everyone in school. 

Days pass by, and Lena is invited to Ingrid’s party by none other than the Prince himself. He escorts Lena from her house, and together they attend the party. Another important point in this scenario is that Kalle’s sister Margrethe (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne) doesn’t appreciate Lena’s presence. Well, Lena quickly begins drinking and eating at the party, and soon she is heavily drunk. Without knowing it, Lena accidentally falls into the pool but makes it look like she was swimming. Kalle was able to save her, but a disturbed Lena decides to leave the party abruptly. Instead of accepting that she drowned, Lena becomes very annoyed and claims that she was just trying to swim! “Royalteen” provides a very important message: that you can never build anything based on lies. It will crumble down one or the other day! Lena’s father plays a very important role in her life, and he always confronts her about her hidden secrets and advises Lena to share everything with Kalle.

From the very beginning, viewers will be hooked on the movie because the most intriguing part is Lena’s secrets! The next morning, after the pool party, Lena wakes up to all the disturbing memes about her breakdown at the party. To avoid any kind of awkwardness, Kalle decides to invite Lena for a boat ride, but she politely rejects the offer as she has to watch over Theodor. But plans are made, and Lena’s parents arrive sooner than expected, so she decides to go along with Kalle. On the other hand, things turn ugly when Margrethe ridicules Lena to the point where Margrethe begins to question her character. Well, all this time, Lena’s intuition gave her strong messages that being together with Kalle would bring massive chaos and challenges.

‘Royalteen’ Ending Explained: What Is Lena’s Biggest Secret?

Kalle and Lena are always surrounded by the envious eyes of their friends. Amidst all the happy moments, viewers will notice a strange connection between Lena’s past and present. Throughout the whole movie, there are glimpses of her past, and each of those moments is heavily connected to social media. Moreover, more clarity comes into the light when Lena spots one of her old classmates, Guro (Carmen Andrea Høilund), and it seems that they had a long history back together. Lena was responsible for sharing a personal video of herself with Guro, and for apologizing for her mistakes; Lena decided to follow Guro and convey her message. Margrethe spots them fighting with each other, while Lena’s face is smeared with mud. As time moves on, Lena realizes that Kalle has his own fears, and over these years, he has been fighting with the demons inside his mind.

People would often judge him because of his status as a Prince, but that’s not something that defined Kalle’s character. Kalle was always worried about his mother’s mental health as she often doubted her own capabilities. Moreover, Guro and Lena had a lot of misunderstandings, and Lena is facing her fears again. Kalle and Lena attend a trip with all their friends, and this is where she ends up meeting Guro again. Lena just leaves her trip abruptly because she knows Guro could be a threat to her. To clear everything up, Lena decides to plan a meeting with Kalle, and that’s when viewers get to know about Lena’s biggest secret! Theodor, her son, is. Moreover, Lena had him with her previous boyfriend, Kristian. Instead of Kalle, Margrethe turns up and begins to demean her again. Lena becomes distraught after learning that Margrethe knew about her son. Kalle’s family is going through a lot of problems, and Margrethe wanted Lena to know that her presence could make things even more negative.

Margrethe gives her an ultimatum to leave Kalle, and if Lena failed to do that, she would reveal all her darkest secrets. The ending of “Royalteen” is quite impressive, wherein Lena shares her entire story on Instagram. Moreover, everyone leaves amazing messages for her, and guess what? Lena and Kalle got back together. But “Royalteen” finishes up with a bittersweet ending for Margrethe. It seems that she is suffering from the same mental health issues that Kalle’s mother is facing. If you look closely, viewers will understand that Margrethe had a different approach to people whenever she was in public, and that’s something that heavily highlighted her anxiety. Well, “Royalteen” is heavily dedicated to young adults who are caught up in the web of social media and the wrong influences. Moreover, taking accountability for our own mistakes and growing up is one of the best things to do. That’s exactly what Lena did. Instead of running away from her fears, she chose to fight them and rise.

“Royalteen” is a 2022 Norwegian romantic drama streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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