‘Role Play’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Did Emma Save Her Family?

Action comedies are so fun to watch. Throw in an exciting title with a tempting premise, and you have a winning combination. The new film Role Play knows exactly what it’s doing when it adds a Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe to the plot, with slight changes. We have a story about a couple who don’t know the reality of their marriage. The wife is a hired assassin, and the husband has no idea about it. The comedy stems from the fact that he is a simple guy who gets embroiled in his wife’s double life, and it all begins when the couple engages in a role-play exercise to spice things up in their marriage.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Emma Brackett had it all under control when she fooled her husband. She used to tell him that she had such a hectic job that she had to go to other states to manage it. Husband Dave had no idea that Emma used to go on missions to assassinate people and that her manager, Raj, was actually the one who used to give her the names of the people she was supposed to kill. When she forgot her seventh marriage anniversary, Dave gifted her a nurse costume for the role play. Emma had an even better idea. As their kids Wyatt and Caroline were at home, they planned to meet as ‘different people’ in a hotel and have a blast rediscovering each other. Their night in the hotel was disturbed by an older gentleman who happened to know Emma’s other identity as an assassin.


How Did Emma Deal With Bob Kellerman?

Bill Nighy gets the cool suave part, and he makes one hell of an impact as Bob Kellerman. Bob took the opportunity and went to speak with Emma at the hotel bar. Dave was late because of traffic, and Emma sensed that Bob was trouble. However, she did not immediately take any action and let Dave join the conversation. They had promised to meet as different people; hence, Dave introduced himself as Jack Dawson (Leo from Titanic) and Emma, who had many names, went with the name Alice Overbee for this particular night. When Bob started to disturb the couple, she understood that he wasn’t just some random businessman who wanted to chat her up. Bob had called her into his room, and after Dave fell asleep, she paid Bob a visit. He turned out to be contract killer Derek Worley, and he wanted a hefty sum from Emma to let her go. Bob suddenly became paralyzed, as she had already poisoned him at the bar. Bob had taken his eyes away from his drink, a mistake he committed because he was busy charming her and Dave. Emma didn’t let that opportunity go, but after Derek died and the couple left the hotel, the case became big news, and Emma and Dave were dragged into it as the CCTV footage revealed that they were the last people to have talked to ‘Bob’.

How Did Dave Find Out About Emma’s Hidden Life?

Dave was concerned about seeing their faces in the newsreels, and he was worried about how they explained checking into the hotel with made-up names. Emma went to Berlin on the pretext of work, and Dave had to manage the kids. He didn’t doubt her for one second, but when the police brought him in for questioning and showed him evidence that his wife might have been using the identity of a woman who died eight years ago, the doubts started to roll in. What aggravated the situation was that Dave went through Emma’s stuff and found multiple wigs, passports and guns, all neatly hidden in a trunk. Agent Gwen Carver, who had a special interest in the case, made it clear to Dave that his wife’s real name was Anna Peller. Dave was desperate for some contact with Emma, and he found a calling card in the trunk for a laundry service in Berlin. It was Raj’s number, and Emma was there to pick up the call. The love between the couple was real, which is why Dave chose to go to Berlin even after Emma had begged him not to do so.


How Did Emma Defeat Sovereign?

When Dave reached Berlin, despite Emma’s warning, she told him that she had left her family because she was making arrangements for their escape. She revealed that Agent Gwen Carver was the one who ran ‘Sovereign,’ Emma’s father’s security agency. When Emma’s father died, Carver was the one who had taken over the agency, and she was responsible for having made her into an assassin. Emma ran away from the agency, and Carver has been trying to hunt her down ever since. Dave seemed convinced, but he couldn’t digest the fact that she had killed people even after getting married. Emma consoled him with the statement that she did it for the family’s protection, which is true. Raj was the one who had to be paid to keep her life hidden, and the money came from all the killings. However, Carver was onto Raj, and he died while trying to get Emma to safety. Dave and Emma were all alone in Berlin, and they couldn’t hide from Carver’s people for too long.

There was Agent Ji working with Carver. She was like Emma’s cruel sister while growing up. There were lots of scores to settle, but the situation was more delicate than imagined. Carver had flown in Wyatt and Caroline from the States and kept them in a secluded house in the woods, making things extremely difficult for Emma. She was asked to kill Dave if she wanted to ensure the kids’ safety, and she used all her skills as an assassin to get out of the situation. She shot Dave, but it was a ‘clean shot’ which meant no organ damage and little bleeding. When Carver’s men came to confirm the kill, she went into full kill mode and started to take them out one by one. Dave could function, and he went back to the house to rescue the kids.


Meanwhile, Emma took Ji head-on and neutralized her. She then took Carver head-on and made her shoot till her bullets dried up. She didn’t hesitate to kill the ‘Evil Mother’ and hence the security agency, which was started for a good cause but had been usurped to cause mayhem, was wiped from the face of the Earth. Emma had managed to keep her kids oblivious to all the bloodshed, and this was her real victory. The Brackett family survived and might be living a happy life somewhere in Canada, unless a new enemy comes up and disturbs their life. Emma had played multiple roles her whole life, but now she could finally give up the lies and live her one true role. She could make an exception, though, when the couple wanted to spice things up a bit!

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