Rodney And His Superpowers In ‘Supacell’ Explained: What Happens To Spud?

Rodney in Supacell is a mixed-race kid who feels abandoned and lonely. He has two things in his life: his drug-dealing business and his best friend, Spud. He didn’t realize he had the ability to run as fast as the Flash. When he found out, he believed his entire life would change for the better. Instead, it brought more trouble for both him and Spud. Sadly, he had nobody to turn to until he met Michael and the others. So, what happened to Rodney? Was he able to save Spud from the trouble they got mixed up in? Let’s find out about his journey and what the future holds for him.


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Rodney? 

Rodney was a young, fun-loving kid who spent his days delivering drugs around the streets of South London. It wasn’t an easy job because he always had to watch out for turf problems. He wasn’t alone in this business; his best friend, Spud, was there to help him out. Spud was like a guide to Rodney and a very important part of his life. As for his parents, Rodney didn’t really have anyone. After his father passed away, his mother married another man. But this new stepfather was very racist and didn’t let Rodney come home. He didn’t even like Rodney’s mother spending time with him. Even though Rodney missed his mother very much, he couldn’t see her often, and that hurt him deeply.


What was Rodney’s superpower?

Rodney’s life was pretty normal until he discovered his superpower—the ability to run like the Flash. In just seconds, he could run from London to Edinburgh and back. It blew his mind, and he quickly got hooked on it. Rodney thought this power could help him get away from trouble and deliver drugs faster than ever, which would ultimately help him make loads of money. When he told his best friend Spud about it, Spud warned him not to use this power for personal gain. Spud believed superpowers should be used to help others, as he has watched in movies. But Rodney wasn’t one to listen to logical advice. He saw how his power could save him from the police and make him money faster than ever. After all the years of fending for himself, Rodney felt like this superpower was his ticket to success. So, despite Spud’s warning, Rodney couldn’t resist the temptation to use his newfound ability to his advantage.

Why did Rodney help Michael? 

At first, when Michael asked Rodney for help to save his girlfriend Dionne from the bad guys, Rodney was not interested. He wasn’t selfish; he was just laid-back and wanted to avoid trouble. He liked peace in his life and didn’t see himself as a hero because, let’s face it, he wasn’t exactly a good guy either. Even Spud encouraged him to go and help Michael, but Rodney brushed it off. But everything changed when Spud got abducted by Krazy’s gang as he was delivering drugs on their turf. Rodney had no idea what had happened until it got late and Spud didn’t come home. Worried, Rodney went to Krazy’s base and found Spud in critical condition. He rushed Spud to the hospital because Spud was like family—the only person Rodney had in his life. Rodney was terrified of being alone, which pushed him to turn to Michael for help. Rodney promised Michael that if Michael used his superpower to go back in time and save Spud, Rodney would help him save Dionne too. But here’s the sad part: Michael didn’t have his power then and could not save Spud. When Rodney tried to save Dionne on Michael’s behalf, Krazy ended up killing her, and Michael couldn’t save her either. It was a tough lesson for Rodney as he realized that even with his superpower and best intentions, there are some things that can’t be changed or fixed like that, no matter how badly he wanted it.


What can we expect next? 

As for my own take on Rodney’s future, I see him evolving into a complex character driven by a mix of personal trauma and newfound purpose. His journey will likely be marked by struggles with morality—using his powers for good while going through and overcoming the harsh realities of crime and vengeance. Rodney’s alliances with Michael’s team could bring him stability and a sense of belonging he’s never had before. However, the path won’t be easy, for sure. He’ll face tough choices that challenge his beliefs and loyalties. I think Rodney’s journey promises growth and redemption. Starting as someone reluctant to be a savior for Michael, he could evolve into an all-round hero where he can showcase his resilience and ability to change. His story might explore how he dwells between doing what’s right and wrong in the underworld. Whether he finds closure for Spud’s attack or gets pulled deeper into the complexities of crime, we don’t know, but let’s assume Rodney’s future in Supacell seems set for significant and meaningful development.

So what can we expect from him in Supacell  season 2? Well, Rodney has been through a lot, but now maybe he will finally be motivated to use his superpower for good, inspired by Spud’s guidance. His first mission might be to turn against Ray’s shady business and demolish the organization that exploits people with powers. He’ll likely join forces with Michael’s team, driven by a mix of personal revenge for Spud’s attack and a desire to make things right in his own way, as he might be guilty of not being able to save Dionne. For Rodney, Spud’s recovery is crucial. Whether Spud lives or not will deeply affect Rodney. But whatever the outcome might be, I think Rodney will seek revenge against Krazy and his gang, the men responsible for Spud’s critical condition. He may start by disrupting drug deliveries on Krazy’s turf to show he’s not backing down. With backup from Michael, Sabrina, Andre, and Tazer, Rodney could build a team fight against Krazy’s gang, because even though Krazy is dead, his gang is still there. There is also a possibility that Rodney and Tazer could become unexpected allies. Their shared goal of bringing down Krazy might unite them, and maybe by blending Tazer’s power of invisibility with Rodney’s power of speed, they can dominate the underground drug world.


Sutanuka Banerjee
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