Rigel In ‘The Tearsmith’ Explained: Why Did Rigel Choose Not To Be Adopted?

Living his whole life under the supervision of a malevolent mother-like figure, The Tearsmith‘s Rigel Wilde grew up to be a man who thought that he didn’t deserve to be loved. Margaret cherished Rigel over the other children of the orphanage and alienated him from the others. Seeing the other kids getting abused and the girl he loves getting the worst of it broke Rigel very early in life. So, let’s explore Rigel’s journey in The Tearsmith and find out what happens to him in the end.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Rigel Choose Not To Be Adopted?

The Tearsmith‘s Rigel was a gifted child who always garnered interest from many people who visited the orphanage. He had countless options for his adoption, but he refused every single one of them. Young Rigel had fallen in love with Nica from the moment he saw her. Whenever Nica was tied up and locked in the dark cellar, Rigel would go hold her hand. He once even willingly cut his own hand to save Nica from Margaret’s abuse. Rigel always pushed Nica away because if Margaret noticed anything, Nica would be tortured even more. His selflessness for the girl he loves developed for years in the orphanage. Nica’s best friend Adeline knew all about Rigel’s feelings, but he stopped her from telling Nica about them. Rigel knew he couldn’t stay apart from her, and choosing not to be adopted was his love language toward her. 


How Does Rigel Show His Affection For Nica?

After getting adopted by Anna and Norman, Rigel warns Nica not to get close to him. Rigel acts all tough, but his feelings are too obvious, and they come out in ways he can’t control. Thinking he’s the wolf of her fairytale, he distances himself. But when boys from school lay their eyes on her, Rigel talks with his fists. His savior complex for Nica is apparent, and Nica hates that. Rigel can’t see anyone wishing harm on Nica, and he thinks her biggest threat is himself. Rigel doesn’t get how his being distant but also caring affects Nica, and she’s constantly seeing two different versions of him. Nica does hate Rigel, but she’s also in love and thinks there’s hope. Nica sees through Rigel more than he realizes, and she could see that he’s a troubled soul looking for a chance to do good. 

Does Rigel Confess To Nica About His Feelings?

When Rigel saw Lionel dropping Nina off at home, he lost it. Rigel is possessive over her, and Lionel faces the rough end of it. Rigel comes back to Nica, burning up in fever. They find themselves in the same bed for the very first time in their lives. Rigel’s feelings got the better of him, and he sought shelter from Nica in his most vulnerable state. He cuddles up to the girl he’s only ever watched from afar. The love of his life was holding Rigel close to her, and he couldn’t help but hold her back. Rigel doesn’t say anything to Nica, but he surely lets Nica know how important she is to him. 


Does Rigel Move On From Nica?

Days before they were going to be adopted by the same parents, Rigel chose not to. Their being siblings would be absurd, and he can’t snatch Nica’s dream of having her own family. Rigel takes his time and bids goodbye to Anna, sacrificing his love in exchange for her happiness. Rigel is heartbroken, and the heap of love he’s buried since childhood stops him from leaving the town.

How Does Rigel End Up In A Coma? 

When Rigel goes to the school dance, he finds out that Lionel has taken Nica with him. The wolf truly shows his love and persistence for his girl, and he finds Lionel forcing himself on Nica. He grabs Lionel by the throat and beats him up. Rigel and Nica get intimate when their carnal desires finally break free, and Rigel now knows that he’s loved. Lionel pulls up in his car and throws both Rigel and Nica off a bridge, and Rigel takes the impact of the fall. His second chance in life is taken from him as soon as he gets it, and he ends up in a coma. 


At the end of The Tearsmith, Nica and Rigel reunite in the hospital room. Nica confesses her love for him, and being the fairytale wolf didn’t hurt him at the end. Rigel got the girl he was smitten with, and their baby wouldn’t have to go through the tough times Dad and Mum did. The trauma from his childhood shaped Rigel into a person with self-destructive habits. He got no treatment for the tumors growing inside his brain, and he got no protection when he needed it the most. Rigel’s the textbook anti-hero based on his characteristics, and his heart is the only thing that’s not textbook about him. 

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