‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To The Pope?

Rick and Morty, season 7, episode 9, featuring Rick, Morty, and a prehistoric Nordic beast named Bigfoot, is another killer combo of witty comedy and a sharp commentary on animal cruelty. This episode, titled Mort: Ragnarick, is all about Rick’s bizarre experiment to experience the afterlife, for which he won’t hesitate to kill himself numerous times. But this time, Rick aims to end up in the Viking era, steal their weapons, and come back to life. Rick could have just time-traveled to that era, but well, would a Rick and Morty episode be a Rick and Morty episode if it didn’t make things more complicated than had it had to be? 

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Morty Free Bigfoot?

Episode 9 opens with Jerry in his afterlife meeting his grandmother, who is getting frustrated as Jerry keeps popping by to annoy them instead of joining them in the afterlife. Before Jerry could explain it further, he was once again brought back to life by Rick. Rick was experimenting to find a paradimension, which was some sort of heaven, so he made Jerry the guinea pig, killing him eight times to check if he reached the afterlife. However, Jerry didn’t want to be a part of this anymore, as his grandparents were mad at him, so Morty asked Rick to continue his experiment without killing anyone. Rick decided to continue the rest of the experiment on himself and managed to find a suitable spot to commence his project afterlife: Norway.

In Norway, Rick pulled out a pokeball, telling Morty that he had captured Bigfoot in this ball and would be using this beast to kill himself. Morty found it disturbing, but he had no option other than to support Rick in his pursuit of madness. Rick let Bigfoot come out of the pokeball and locked himself inside a chamber with the angry beast. Bigfoot didn’t take much time to kill Rick by uprooting his head from his body. Rick woke up in the afterlife, somewhere in the middle of a battlefield in Norway, where he was killed again by the Vikings, but he again woke up inside a bar, filled with Vikings celebrating their victory. Naked Rick asked them to lend him some clothes but didn’t get much help. Rick ended up at a blacksmith’s place, where he attacked the blacksmith and grabbed all his tools to make more powerful weapons.

On the other hand, Morty found Bigfoot was mourning Rick’s death and burying his body like a human being. Stunned, Morty unlocked the chamber and tried to comfort Bigfoot, realizing that Rick had tortured the animal just like he had tortured Jerry. However, Bigfoot   was cleverer than he seemed, as the mourning was a ploy to trap Morty. As soon as Morty came inside to console the animal, Bigfoot   killed him too and got out of the chamber to kill Rick’s clone. Morty woke up on the same battlefield only to get killed and wake up at the bar again. After waking up at the bar, he took the help of the Vikings to look for Rick, but upon his arrival, Morty learned that Rick was known as a witch in this universe for holding the blacksmith captive. Meanwhile, Rick was confronted by some Vikings, who were about to attack him, but Rick tried to manipulate them by calling himself Odin. However, this trick didn’t work, as Morty, riding on a goat, arrived at the spot to let Rick know that Bigfoot was out of the cage. Rick killed the Vikings and told Morty that he had to return to life anyhow to save his clone from Bigfoot.

What Happened To The Pope?

Out there, Bigfoot managed to break the glass chamber containing Rick’s clone, but after getting released, the clone turned out to be still at a premature stage with the brain of an animal. The clone began to run around the city, evading Bigfoot’s capture, and ended up getting caught by the men of the Pope. The Pope also captured Bigfoot and brought him to the Vatican to utilize his strength to kill his enemies. In exchange, the Pope offered Bigfoot the chance to kill the clone of Rick. The Pope began to use Bigfoot to kill the Satanists and his other enemies, and he also gave the animal a translating machine to express his emotions.

Rick and Morty came back to life to deal with Bigfoot but got severely beaten up by the animal. However, Rick managed to stop him by saying something that opened his eyes. Rick apologized to Bigfoot for torturing him and using him to kill himself, but Rick subtly told him to think about the differences between him and Pope. While Rick was torturing Bigfoot to kill himself, the Pope was torturing him to kill numerous other people, so it would be better for Bigfoot to work with Rick instead of the Pope. Eventually, Rick, Morty, and Bigfoot went to the Vatican to kill the Pope, but the Pope turned out to be a genius, with weapons far more advanced than the ones Rick had built in his life. The Pope killed the three of them with the help of a weapon. Rick, Morty, and Bigfoot woke up in Norway and found themselves in a loop, which was an infinity energy relay, keeping Rick and Morty alive in their afterlives and helping them to return to life to fight the Pope. Rick made a clone of Bigfoot, turning him into Summer, but not being as powerful as Bigfoot, she couldn’t help Rick and Morty to kill the Pope, so Rick decided to change the clone.  However, in the loop, an infinity energy relay, Rick and Morty got several chances to kill the Pope, but the Pope kept killing them each time. Rick changed Bigfoot’s cloning and turned him into a human clone with normal feet, but Bigfoot liked this new avatar. In the next loop, Rick, Morty, and Bigfoot included several other monsters in their fight with the Pope, but they were once again killed and thrown into the never-ending loop. Finally, Rick came up with an idea and, for the last time, confronted the Pope, taking Morty and Bigfoot’s human clone with him. As the Pope was about to point his weapon at them, Rick pulled the pokeball out, capturing the Pope inside it.

With the Pope gone, Rick and Morty decided to go back to their home but couldn’t take Bigfoot with them, so they left Bigfoot’s human clone in the jungle and asked him to leave. Bigfoot, however, didn’t want to go back to the jungle as he wanted to get a job and live a human life, but Morty started throwing garbage at him so that he would finally leave. Bigfoot’s human clone had no other option than to return to the jungle.

Who Became The Pope By The End?

In the post-credit scene, we saw Rick fighting a Pokémon battle, and accidentally, the Pope came out. Rick escaped the scene, but the police found the Pope and captured the rest of the Pokémon competitors. The Pope was traumatized, but he was worried if anyone had taken his position. As he asked the police to show him who the Pope was, the police revealed that it was Rick’s premature imbecile clone who had now been the Pope at the Vatican.

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