‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Ice-T Become Magma-T?

Could Rick and Morty season 7 be any weirder? That’s the question I kept asking throughout the time I spent watching this crazy mess in episode 8. Rick and Morty season 7, episode 8, titled “Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie,” is a hilarious yet bizarre action parody involving some numbers fighting with each other. Even though episode 8 didn’t feature Rick in this adventure, the episode surprised us with some season 2 references. Season 2 episode titled “Get Schwifty” featured Ice-T, a rapper who became the main protagonist of this latest episode of Rick and Morty. Let’s see what happened to Ice-T and what made him come back to Earth again.


Spoilers Ahead

What’s going on in the numerical universe?

Episode 8 opened with Ice-T coming back to his planet, Alphabetrium, where he met his father, who was killed by some of the numbericons who invaded the planet. Ice-T had a very conflicted relationship with his father, who never liked his son’s mathematical raps. In this episode, we saw Ice-T turn into Water-T and go on a mission to take down the numbericons to save his planet. However, before his father took his last breath, he gave Water-T the “Eye of Harmony,” which had an equation impossible to crack without a mathematician. So, in order to solve the problem, Water-T went to planet Earth to look for Morty’s math teacher, Goldenfold. Arriving on Earth, Ice-T refused to recognize Morty, but it seemed that he and Goldenfold had a previous beef. Goldenfold was still mad at Ice-T because he owed Goldenfold a lot of homework. Ice-T promised to submit his homework in exchange for Goldenfold’s help. Along with Goldenfold, Morty was also brought into the adventure. Surprisingly, this episode didn’t feature Rick, and we don’t know why. Probably the smartest man in the world needs some rest, after all.


Initially reluctant and sulking, Goldenfold finally agreed to join the mission and looked into the Eye of Harmony. He managed to solve the equation and found that it led to a planet named E-10, where Ice-T, Goldenfold, and Morty needed to go to solve the remaining mystery. They embarked on their adventure, but Ice-T made a mistake by handing Oxygen S the coordinates to enter the planet Alphabetrium without having any idea that Oxygen S had some sinister ideas in his head.

On E-10, Ice-T discovered some of the scribble symbols circled around the Eye of Harmony and worshiped them. Meanwhile, as Morty pressed Goldenfold, he finally revealed why he was actually mad at Ice-T, and we found out that it was not only for the homework. We went back to Goldenfold’s flashbacks and saw Goldenfold having dinner at Curtis’s house. As he was acquainted with Ice-T, Governor Curtis, who is now the President of the US in Rick and Morty‘s universe, invited him to dinner. However, after Ice-T won the Grammy and didn’t even mention his mentor, Goldenfold, to thank him for his achievement, Curtis thought Goldenfold had no acquaintance with Ice-T and kicked him out of his house. Curtis demanded to have Goldenfold and Ice-T’s support by his side, but having witnessed that Ice-T didn’t even care about Goldenfold, he changed his mind about entertaining Goldenfold in his house.


Since then, Goldenfold has been gravely disappointed in Ice-T for his betrayal. However, Ice-T later confessed that his father didn’t like his mathematical raps, which was the reason why Ice-T didn’t thank Goldenfold in his award-receiving speech. Goldenfold and Ice-T reconciled with each other, but Goldenfold was still mad at him as Ice-T didn’t do his homework back then.

How did Ice-T become Magma-T?

Meanwhile, one of the antagonists of the story, Sinister Seven, appeared and tried to grab the Eye of Harmony from Ice-T. Ice-T, taking the shape of Water-T, fought with seven but also made out with each other in the middle of their fight. However, the real villain wasn’t Seven, but she was someone complementary to Water-T, according to the Eye of Harmony. Oxygen S turned out to be the actual culprit.


Oxygen S, who was actually number 8, gained all the power from the Eye of Harmony and invaded Alphabetrium with numbericons. He even killed Seven’s father, Lord Dreadnought. Number 8, after gaining all the power from the Eye of Harmony, became infinity and began to destroy Ice-T’s home planet. It was also revealed that number 8 was the one who had killed Water-T’s father by poisoning him. Ice-T was furious, and Seven accompanied him on his journey to take revenge. In order to put an end to this tyranny caused by number 8, Ice-T’s father came back in the form of energy and transformed his son into Magma-T.

According to Eye of Harmony, Magma-T and Sinister Seven were complementary to each other, so Magma-T kissed Seven and managed to activate Eye of Harmony. After Eye of Harmony was activated, it gave Magma-T a gun to shoot the numbericons. He shot at number 8 and defeated him in the battle. After Magma-T managed to free his planet from all the numbericons, he transferred back to his original Ice-T form. He ended up with Sinister Seven, and they began to have a happy life together. On Earth, finally, as promised, Ice-T gave all the homework to Goldenfold, asking him if he was finally happy or not. Goldenfold was happy, but it turned out that Ice-T was so bad in math that he couldn’t even get a single math problem done in his homework.


In the post-credit scene, another rapper, named Ice Cube, was on his way to ask for help, just as Ice-T did. Ice Cube probably had a similar adventure on his way, for which he needed some help.

This episode was jam-packed with hilarious adventures and awesome weird plot points that we shouldn’t have paid much attention to figure out, but overall, this episode lacked Rick’s angry sarcasm and his constant arguments with Morty, which was the main reason for people to watch Rick and Morty. However, the season isn’t over yet, so we can expect Rick Sanchez’s comeback in upcoming episodes, with more bizarre storylines on the way.


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