‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Rick Solve The Human-Spaghetti Issue?

Rick and Morty season 7 brought forth one of the darkest episodes ever made in Rick and Morty‘s history. But beneath the dark and unsettling narrative, there was a heartwarming and literally “eye-opening” commentary. Episode 4, titled That’s Amorte, is all about Rick and Morty talking about a serious issue: suicide and mental health. But things got extremely eerie and bizarre until Morty and Rick managed to resolve an intergalactic crisis, which is also very relevant in our real world.


Spoilers Ahead

Were Rick And Morty Eating People?

Episode 4 opened with the Smiths and Rick Sanchez having a heartwarming family moment as Rick filled everyone’s plate with some delicious spaghetti and red sauce. Morty couldn’t even believe his grandfather could make such yummy spaghetti, so out of curiosity, he just casually peered into Rick’s lab, and what he found just made him lose his appetite. There was a corpse in his lab, and Rick was seen collecting spaghetti from inside his guts. As Morty confronted him and asked for an explanation for this unsolicited cannibalism, Rick said that this human belonged to a different galaxy, where those who committed suicide became spaghetti after their deaths. Morty couldn’t believe his words, so Rick took Morty to that galaxy. There, somewhere in a morgue inside a hospital, Rick showed Morty the corpse of a suicide victim whose guts had turned into delicious spaghetti and sauce. As Rick and Morty started dipping their fingers into that tasty sauce, one of the hospital staff caught them in the act. He was about to call the police on them for their cannibalistic behavior, but Morty and Rick managed to make their way out.


Morty was guilty of eating people this way. Therefore, to ease his conscience, he asked Rick to say the names of those deceased people whom they had been eating for a while. Rick found it weird, but to give Morty peace of mind, he took him to the funeral of the guy, who had recently killed himself and had been eaten by the Smiths. In the funeral ceremony, Morty found out how lonely this guy was. He didn’t have anyone who would like to give him a eulogy. So Morty decided to take the stage and share the disturbing truth with honesty. He said that the guy might not have had a purpose while he was living, but after his death, he turned into a delicious spaghetti, which brought Morty’s family together, giving them an amazing time. People present at the funeral started taking videos of Morty’s eulogy, making him a viral sensation in that galaxy.

How Did Rick Resolve The Human-Spaghetti Issue?

Back at home, Rick delivered the sad news that they couldn’t enjoy the delicious spaghetti anymore since Morty’s overwhelming curiosity had destroyed everything. Beth, who tried to remain an idealistic parent, struggled to forgive Morty for revealing to them that they were eating people. Morty was flabbergasted by the bizarre behavior of his family, so he just took off and locked himself in his room. However, in the middle of the night, a spaceship appeared in front of Morty’s window, asking him to hop on. The spaceship took Morty back to that galaxy, where the president, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Kamala Harris, was running a nation. The president was touched by Morty’s words at the funeral, so she wanted to make him a brand ambassador for their new spaghetti brand, which would be appreciated by all kinds of intergalactic aliens. Morty brought some of the spaghetti for his family, who enjoyed the food, forgetting where it was coming from. However, Rick informed Morty that since he had become the brand ambassador of that human spaghetti, the suicide rate had skyrocketed in that galaxy. Morty and Rick quickly embarked on their journey to the galaxy to meet with the president. Morty didn’t want everyone to die like this just to become delicious. So he kept on insisting on Rick finding a solution to it. Nonetheless, the president was not willing to stop producing spaghetti out of humans; otherwise, they’d lose a huge profit coming from the intergalactic customers. Morty came up with the idea of using dead bodies instead of people who were committing suicide. Rick discovered some torsos of dead bodies with no limbs. With a machine, Rick made those torsos stab themselves to make spaghetti. But in the midst of all this, some intergalactic people barged into the spaghetti factory and blew it up.


A huge commotion took place, which further worried Rick, so he came up with an idea to stop this madness. He found an elderly guy who was bedridden and on the brink of death. But this guy was initially not willing to die. But Rick reassured him that his death might stop this insanity. The elderly guy was taken to a lab, where Rick looked into his memories and showed them on screens so that everyone could watch how this elderly man had lived his entire life. As the memories were displayed, every hungry soul in the entire universe could witness the life this man had lived. His memories displayed beginning with his birth, leaving his parent’s house, falling in love with a woman, betraying her and eventually getting back to her to be together for the rest of his life. This man, who had lived a life filled with love and pain, didn’t want to die but waited for his natural death.

However, as Rick convinced him to kill himself for the greater good, the man gave himself away to save the world from the hunger for human spaghetti. In the end, when the guy lost his life and Rick cut him open to bring the spaghetti out of his body, no one could feel good about the spaghetti anymore. They all puked and refused to taste the spaghetti anymore. It was, after all, a win-win situation, as no one wanted to eat spaghetti coming from a suicide victim. After solving the problem, Rick and Morty returned to their home, where they enjoyed their meal together, but this time there was no spaghetti, which was a big relief.


In the post-credit scene, we saw a bizarre universe filled with vacuum cleaners employing the same tactic on a Groot-like human, whose insides turned into a vacuum cleaner after his death. This universe also had a vacuum cleaner president who omitted smoke from its body, and along with it, every vacuum cleaner in that universe did the same. Probably they have resolved their issue of creating vacuum cleaners out of dead people.

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