‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Rick Save The World?

Love can transform a person, but in the case of Rick Sanchez, the transformation happens slower than a snail’s pace. Expecting Rick to change completely is like expecting a politician to keep all his promises. In Rick and Morty season 7, episode 3, we’ll get to see a heartbreaker named Rick, whose love language is “ghosting.” Not only that, Episode 3, titled Air Force Wong, beautifully depicts a political satire in a short period of time that carries plenty of relevance while being bizarre at the same time.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To The Population Of Virginia?

Episode three opened with Rick Sanchez. In a therapy session with his therapist, Wong Wong asked him to come out of his hologram figure so that she could start the session properly. But as soon as she started talking to him, the president called Rick. Wong asked him to turn off his phone, and Rick listened to her. But the president had already arrived at Wong’s clinic. President Andre Curtis was about to yell at Rick for not receiving his call, but as he laid his eyes on Wong, he got smitten by her. Rick soon had to leave with Andre in the middle of the session to help him out in his current mission of defeating the Loch Ness monster. Rick was smart enough to understand that the president wanted to date his therapist.


At home, while Rick and Morty were watching some reality show on TV, they discussed the show host, Mr. Stabby, who had swords instead of arms and legs. There was no doubt that Mr. Stabby would eventually stab every audience member who had come to enjoy his show. However, in the meantime, Rick received an emergency call from the president, who wanted him to show up immediately. Upon his arrival, Rick found that Andre was worried about Virginia, which had been officially announced as a state strictly for lovers. As Virginia became the land of lovers, there was no poverty, murder, robbery, or any kind of violence, which was a grave cause for concern for the president. The president believed it was some kind of communist uprising, but that was not the case. The president created a crack team led by his bodyguard, who was a member of the Church of Scientology. Besides that, his team included Rick and an intergalactic creature that could predict the future. However, the president brought up the lack of a psychology expert, meaning that he wanted to date Wong. Rick didn’t give him permission to date his therapist, but the president had already invited Wong, asking her to join their crack team. Together with Wong, Rick, and the other members of the team, the president arrived in Virginia. Initially, the population of Virginia seemed pretty normal, but eventually, it was revealed that they were under some kind of spell. It was nothing but a hive mind created by Rick’s former intergalactic girlfriend Unity, who had taken over Virginia.

How Did Rick Save The World From The President?

The people of Virginia flocked around Rick, aiming to talk to him. Unity was controlling all of their minds, so they were all speaking what Unity wanted them to say. Unity wanted to speak with Rick about why he had ghosted her. She expressed her feelings, stating that she was worried about finding out Rick was looking for “Rick Prime,” so she just wanted to know if Rick was safe and secure. The people of Virginia began to attack the president and Wong by puking into their mouths to connect their minds with the hive, but Rick, with a spray gun in his hand, rescued them all. The president fetched his men and managed to board a helicopter along with Wong and Rick. The president surrounded the whole of Virginia State with a protective dome to disconnect the people’s minds from Unity. The president brought Rick and Wong to the headquarters, where Unity tried to contact Rick. But Rick was not ready to talk. He threw some tantrums, asking Unity to leave the earth. Unity was heartbroken, but she listened to Rick and departed with her spaceship.


However, the president messed up on his first date with Wong by calling her “baby.” Wong realized that the president was moving too fast, so she decided not to take things further anymore. It hurt the president’s ego, leading him to ask her to leave. But it didn’t give the president peace of mind. He wanted to be loved by everyone, especially Wong, so he decided to fly to Virginia again. He landed in Virginia and ate the puke of one of those people who were under the control of Unity. Therefore, the hive mind was created once again, but this time it was led by the president’s mind. Everyone who once hated the president started to praise him. People from Virginia started running around here and there, kissing people and puking into their mouths to enhance the hive mind.

Meanwhile, at home, Morty informed Rick that Unity had come back. But seeing the whole scenario, Rick realized that it was not Unity but the president himself. He sorted things out with Wong, asking her to talk to Unity, who could be the only one to save the world from the president’s insanity. But first and foremost, Unity and Rick needed to communicate with each other. Wong guided them through a couple counseling session, asking them to open up. Unity shared her emotion that she had called him several times but never got any reply, while Rick said that previously Unity was the one who had dumped him, so he just ignored her calls. After heartfelt communication, Unity felt that she should help Rick out. She confronted the president and puked into his mouth so that everything got back to normal. After the entire United States got back to normal, Unity decided to leave. Rick tried to talk to her, asking if she could trust him anymore, to which Unity replied that she couldn’t. Rick traveled through the portal to come back to his home. He opened a beer can and listened to the old messages. There, he found that Unity had tried to contact him several times. Rick was sad, but the president was even sadder. So, Rick went to the White House to comfort his friend, the president of the United States. However, the president told Rick that he might sound wrong, but in this dire time, he indeed needed therapy.


In the post-credit scene, we saw Mr. Stabby being interviewed. The interviewer asked him about those audiences who didn’t want to get stabbed but faced this tragedy in his show. Mr. Stabby didn’t regret what happened because he said that he was born with swords as arms and legs, so what could people expect from him anyway?

All the episodes released so far in Rick and Morty season 7 are just on fire, but this season hasn’t yet involved Morty in Rick’s adventures. Probably in the upcoming episodes, we might see Rick and Morty embarking on a whole new intergalactic adventure together.

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