‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Happens In “The Jerrick Trap”?

The seventh season of our beloved animated series, Rick and Morty, is bringing one surprise after another. The second episode, titled The Jerrick Trap, says a lot in its title. Jerry and Rick had a mind swap between each other, causing some bigger changes to take place in the Smith family. But how long will this change last? Let’s find that out in the second episode of Rick and Morty season 7.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Rick And Jerry Swap Their Minds?

“The Jerrick Trap” is all about Jerry and Rick accepting each other’s mindsets, their challenges, and the fact that no one is “born smart.” Episode 2 starts off with Rick and Jerry having an argument as usual. As the next-door neighbor, Gene, had stolen Jerry’s rake, Jerry was angry at everything. He had a little argument with Rick and accidentally told him that he was “born smart.” Rick took it as an insult because he believed he didn’t come into this world with smartness, but growing up, he learned a lot of things and built himself up as an intelligent science guy. However, to make everyone understand what it felt like to have a smart brain, Rick invented a mind-swapping machine, and the first guinea pig was Jerry. Having always been excited about new things, Jerry agreed to the deal. Deep down, Jerry was certain Rick would have a sense of integrity after the mind-swapping procedure. And Jerry was right. It did give Rick a sense of integrity and calm him down, but Jerry, with the mind of Rick Sanchez, turned out to be a whole new Jerry with an angry young man vibe.


Meanwhile, an intergalactic gang led by Chuxley mistakenly kidnapped Morty after he was found taking a walk in their territory. Chuxley, who didn’t want to pick a fight with Rick, apologized to Morty for their mistakes, but things went south when Chuxley phoned Rick, aiming to apologize in advance for mistakenly capturing Morty. Though Rick (half Jerry) tried to resolve the issue, Jerry (half Rick) showed the classic Rick attitude, ensuring that they wouldn’t forgive Chuxley so easily. Chuxley was aware that Rick wouldn’t let him get away with it, so he prepared his team to be cautious. Rick and Jerry barged into the headquarters, breaking its glass window, and asked Morty to get into their spaceship.

Chuxley showed a nice gesture by giving them ten thousand croutons, but Rick insulted the gift, humiliating Chuxley, who couldn’t maintain his composure after such humiliation. Chuxley instructed his team to attack Rick and his family, but after a dramatic fight scene, they were defeated, including Chuxley, who sustained an injury. Finally, after the fight, Rick and Jerry started getting along. Although it was a very rare thing for the Smiths to witness, they told them to take time and swap their minds back. But Rick and Jerry felt an irresistible urge to continue being in each other’s heads. They became friendly to each other like never before and decided to continue their intergalactic shenanigans together. They traveled through different dimensions and experienced amazing adventures. But in the midst of all this, Chuxley, who was revealed to be alive, went to the Smith residence and held Beth, Summer, and Morty as hostages.


Chuxley called Rick once again – this time not to apologize to him but rather to threaten him with the death of their family if they both didn’t show up there. Rick and Jerry finished their adventures in one universe and returned to their house. However, this time, Rick and Jerry were not one soul in two different bodies anymore, as they had merged into one. Together, they came up with a weird centipede-like figure, naming it Jerricky. Jerricky was inseparable and immensely strong. They attacked Chuxley’s team and managed to free their family from his grasp. Beth, Summer, and Morty joined Jerricky in killing Chuxley’s teammates. Chuxley was also injured and on the brink of death. He apologized for his mistakes again and referred to Rick as God, the master of the underworld. Jerricky gave him a quick death by offering him a last meal, which could have been a spoiled burger.

Did Jerry And Rick Get Back To Their Original Forms?

Following Chuxley’s death, Jerricky brought his family back home. Beth asked them to return to their own forms and swap back each other’s minds, but Jerricky was quite enjoying this new form, and there was no way they wanted to get back to their old forms. Gene, in the meantime, showed up with Jerry’s rake. He asked for forgiveness, confessing that it was he who stole the rake. But Jerricky wasn’t ready to switch things back to normal, at least for a while. However, accidentally, the rake brought some realizations to them. As Jerricky mistakenly put a foot on the rake, it struck them badly. Rick and Jerry both regained their senses and desperately wanted to get back to their previous forms. As soon as Jerry and Rick became normal again after swapping their minds back, the close bond between them was gone in the blink of an eye. Jerry and Rick started picking fights again. Neither of them wanted to remember the good times they spent together, like partying together, hopping onto different universes for fun, or getting banned from a bar for creating a mess. All they could remember were the things they despised about each other.


The post-credit scene was surprising and relevant to the entire storyline. We went back to the time when Rick’s mind was stuck inside Jerry’s body and witnessed all the memories Jerry stored in his brain. Rick found it extremely hard to keep up with because all he could find was Jerry’s obsession with making figures out of springs and screws. Even Gene was inside Jerry’s memory, suggesting that Jerry was actually worried about the rake the whole time and didn’t like the fact that Gene had stolen it. Season 7 brought some great storylines one by one, making the season a compelling one. Hopefully, the rest of the episodes will also bring such refreshing stories, making it an amazing experience for Rick and Morty fans.

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