‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Rick And Morty Escape The Hole?

The season 7 finale of Rick and Morty has dropped one of the best episodes of this season so far. Episode 10, titled Fear No Mort, is a rollercoaster ride of all the events combined in Rick and Morty’s history. From Rick’s fear of losing Diane forever to Morty accepting his grandpa’s nonchalant attitude, this episode has it all covered. Let’s dive into the adventurous journey of Rick and Morty.


Spoilers Ahead

What’s In The Fear Hole?

Episode 10 opens with Rick and Morty on an adventure to a different dimension filled with monsters, one of which threatend to rip Morty’s spleen out and feed it to his husband. Rick asked Morty to ignore it before he understood the real meaning of husband. Soon we understood that Rick and Morty were in the carnival of nightmares, as Morty wanted some good old-fashioned scares. Overhearing Rick and Morty’s conversation, a well-dressed man approached them, introducing himself as a connoisseur of fear who was also from Earth, which had the scariest place in the entire universe, which he would like to show to Rick and Morty. As Rick and Morty were going to be heading back to Earth, they took the man with them. According to this guy, this place was so scary that it would even scare adventurers like Rick and Morty, which further hyped their interest in seeing the place. However, after landing on earth, near a restaurant, Rick and Morty realized that the guy just needed a ride back home, so he’d been bluffing about the scary place.


It was not entirely a lie, as after Rick and Morty entered the restaurant and ordered some slams, the waiter told them about the fear hole in the men’s bathroom, in case they wanted to visit. Intrigued, Rick and Morty rushed to the bathroom and found the fear hole, with hair-like structures circling around it. Near the hole, there was a VCR player. Rick played the VCR, featuring the same carnival guy asking the customers to jump into the fear hole and come out with a whole new experience. After coming out, he’d take pictures of the customers and hang them on a board. Rick and Morty looked at the board, which displayed pictures of three previous customers. The carnival guy promised that this fear hole would take away their greatest fear, but Rick thought it was a stupid idea and chose to walk away rather than jump into the hole to know what he feared the most. But Morty wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with this lingering thought in his mind, so he took a leap of faith by jumping into the hole to know what his greatest fear was.

Into the fear hole, there was a dark world of maggot-eating monsters who captured Morty and cut his abdomen wide open to plant some maggots in it. However, Rick came to rescue Morty right in time and managed to get Morty out of the hole. Rick and Morty took a selfie and posted the picture on the board.


Is Diane Back In Rick’s Life For Real??

Rick and Morty headed back home only to meet actual fear of their lives. As soon as they came into their house, a young Rick and his wife, Diane, portaled into their dimension. Young Rick was burned to ashes, while Diane Negan screamed out of fear. Jerry, Summer, and Beth were also terrified and confused as to why a young Diane was in their room, while Rick and Morty were still confused if they had truly escaped the fear hole. Rick cornered Morty and asked him if Morty’s greatest fear was Rick getting his wife back, which was a nonsense theory according to Morty because why would he fear that? However, Rick became a romantic all of a sudden after getting back his lover, so he injected himself with a potion to become younger, but Diane wouldn’t give him a chance. She was really upset about witnessing her husband’s death, and now seeing an older guy turning into a young Rick was terrifying her. Morty suggested a theory: probably it was Rick’s greatest fear to blow another chance to get his Diane back in his life once again, but Rick said that this fear had been faced already.

Old Rick began to grow on Diane, who started going out with him more often, getting drunk in bars, and even going out for a movie night, but amidst all this, Rick was getting sicker day by day, as if this hallucination of his wife, or this fabricated reality inside this hole, was sucking up his soul from within. Morty tried to stop Rick, but when had Rick ever listened to him? So Morty decided to go back to that restaurant to find the carnival guy. The carnival guy explained to Morty that Rick was afraid of losing Diane and letting her go forever. If Rick could have accepted this fear long ago, he’d have escaped the hole. Morty realized that he needed to accept all his fears, like admitting his feelings for his high school crush or performing naked in a theater. Meanwhile, Rick and Diane were spending some quality time, while he faced some glitches in this reality. Rick looked for Morty, realizing that he was probably messing around with the hole. As Rick found Morty performing naked on stage and looking like a corpse, he realized that this hole was killing them gradually, and to escape that hole, all they needed to do was say goodbye to Diane. Rick bid his farewell to Diane and got up on the stage naked, just like Morty. The naked Rick and Morty duo rapped on the stage, accepting their fears, and finally got out of the hole.


Did Rick And Morty Ever Truly Escape The Hole?

After getting out of the hole, Rick and Morty developed some trust issues regarding their reality. They examined reality by accepting some of the fears they had in their minds, and each time they accepted their fears, they got out of the hole together. Once Rick and Morty were out of the hole, leaving the whole “hole” thing up to their fate, and headed back home, things turned back to normalcy. Rick became older, and Morty grew up, but one day, as he found that he looked just like his dad, Rick and Morty once again found themselves inside the hole, realizing that they had never escaped it. After getting out of the hole once again, Rick and Morty found they’d grown really tired of questioning reality. However, Morty was happy that Rick had jumped into the hole with him, and that they were in this messed-up reality together. This realization clicked in Morty’s head, as he finally realized that his greatest fear was losing his trust in Rick. Morty realized that he was afraid that Rick wouldn’t jump into the hole with him to save him, to prove the point that Morty was really irreplaceable in his life, but now that he accepted the fear, Morry finally woke up inside a drain and heard the carnival guy’s voice, asking him to get out of the hole. Morty woke up to find Rick was waiting for him outside the hole, so he asked if Rick had ever jumped in, but Rick replied that it was a one-man ride at a time, so he had to wait until Morty woke up. Rick clicked his picture and asked about Morty’s greatest fear, but Morty, who has just experienced a rollercoaster of his fears, told his grandpa that he’d better not talk about it. However, it piqued Rick’s interest when Morty shared that it was so bizarre that he even saw Diane in it. In the concluding scene of the tenth episode of Rick and Morty season 7, we saw Rick come back to the bathroom seemingly to jump into the hole, but that wasn’t the case. Rick had come back to the bathroom because he forgot to post Morty’s picture on the board earlier.

In the post-credit scene, Mr. Poopy announced the end of season 7, while he also portaled back into another parallel universe to kill a different Poopy to replace him. However, his wife had suspicions that this Poopy didn’t belong in their universe. Season 7 ended with a blast and a mind-twisting storyline, leaving us with a strong craving for this show. Season 8 is on its way, as official news has declared that the makers have already written it. So, let’s hope that more amazing adventures with Rick and Morty await us in season 8.


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