‘Rich In Love’ (2020) Ending, Explained: Who Will Excel In The Apprentice Program? Teto Or Igor?

Good romantic comedies are endearing, especially if they are made with the right intent. Rich in Love is about two people from two different spectrums of life who meet, and discover there is a spark between them, but there are also lies involved. How will they retain the spark while trudging through the lies being told to keep the relationship afloat? This and more below make Rich in Love an interesting watch.


Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Rich In Love’ Film?

Rich in Love introduces the viewers to Teto Trancoso from Paty do Alferes. He is the heir to his father’s agricultural empire, which grows, markets, and sells tomatoes all around the country. The boy is the epitome of a rich brat who has no clue about the amount of hard work that is being put in to make the company run. Teto’s only friend, Igor, is the caretaker’s son and happens to be the only person who is honest with him. With Teto’s birthday approaching, Teto has been asked to work with Monique, a hardworking junior executive, but Teto does not understand the concept of working his way up the hard way because, so far, the Richie Rich life has been handed to him on a platter. Teto is more concerned about the birthday party he is throwing and the car he wants from his father.

Paula is a hardworking doctoral resident intern with a local hospital in Rio de Janeiro, and she has her ambitions set for herself, but she feels Dr. Victor, her senior, is keeping her around only because he likes her. To get away from him, Paula heads to Paty do Alferes for her best friend’s bachelorette party.


Teto’s grand birthday party at Paty do Alfares sets the stage for the meet-cute between him and Paula. Paula comes across as an independent woman who loathes the idea of spending money lavishly, and Teto, being the tomato prince, has ladies throwing themselves at him, and Paula is the first one who does not care who Teto is. As a viewer, it is obvious to notice that Teto goes through a change of heart not just because of Paula but also because Igor instilled in him the idea of being with a person who will always challenge him and not just agree to everything he wants.

To further work on himself, he joins the apprenticeship program in Rio as Igor, and Igor would be presented as Teto so that the real Teto can slip through the program as someone else and prove himself to be the right person for the job of the junior executive. Teto does this only to earn his way up, and he will have to play fair and smart when it comes to earning the position. But the lies he is concocting will catch up to him, and they will backfire.


Will Teto Excel In The Apprentice Program? Why Did Paula Break Up With Him?

In a bid to meet Paula in the city and ace the apprenticeship program, Teto ropes in Monique because she has been fired from his father’s company. The boy does not feel pity for her but rather offers her a fair deal. Asking Monique for help showcases the seriousness with which Teto is willing to work on himself from scratch.

Monique and Paula have been the only two women he’s met who did not try to sleep with him, and he wants to keep them around because he believes, just like Igor, they will be brutally honest with him. Monique agrees to the deal because she has her sister and her sister’s child to take care of. The two have their agendas to work on, and that’s why they begin helping each other out.


Teto pursues Paula and introduces himself as the son of the caretaker of the rich Trancoso farmland. Teto’s intention might be right, but to begin a relationship based on lies and question whether Paula is after his money is probably not the correct approach. He has balanced the act so far without much confusion, thanks to Igor. But his lie won’t last long because soon things will get out of control. Igor, as Teto, is pursued by talent consultant Alana at the program, thinking he is the heir, and she feels he needs to be buttered up. Without realizing the plan made and put into motion by Teto and Igor, she falls into the trap that Teto had set up. 

With all the lies that have been spread by Teto for his convenience, things go awry on the night of his meeting with investors, which happens to be the night of Paula’s graduation party. To make his presence felt at both places, Teto loses control, and all his lies are exposed. This was bound to happen because no matter how much one tries to get hold of the lies and pile them with other lies, they will crash and burn one day. This is what happened in Teto and Igor’s cases. Teto’s identity is revealed to Paula by her friend’s cousin, who is Teto’s ex. It dawns on her that Teto is a rich kid, but what bothers her is that he does not feel comfortable enough to share his real identity with her. This was bound to make Paula livid, causing a rift between the two in the form of trust issues. Teto tries to pacify the situation, but it is too late.


On the last day of the apprentice program, Teto is the one who is announced as the winner of the coveted post. Since his father is at the event, Teto and Igor walk up to the stage, causing more mayhem. This, too, was expected to happen because Teto comes across as someone with business acumen, but he is not good at looking at the long-term repercussions of the plan he set in motion a month ago. He was supposed to give the car to Igor if the latter was selected. Though Alana is happy to know Igor is not Teto, she is keen on keeping the car, but since Teto was announced as the winner as well, the car comes to Monique as per her deal with Teto. There was no written contract between anyone, and the four of them reached a dead end in their pursuit to come to an understanding.

Teto comes up with the idea, which is worth a lot, and it makes a profitable investment for all four of them. The car will be sold, and the amount received from the sale will be invested in the business of growing organic tomatoes. Teto’s partners will be Igor, Alana, and Monique. The venture involved Monique’s neighborhood in a program to grow organic tomatoes on their roofs, and the residents would earn extra income from taking part in it. This idea encourages the upliftment of the community. This would also push the youngsters to experiment with their entrepreneurial skills. It is a win-win situation for all. So far, their business has been a success, and Teto’s father is proud of his son for stepping away from his comfort zone and promoting organic produce.


The ending of Rich in Love brings Paula back into Teto’s life. She has probably heard of his successful venture, and she is also proud of him for what he has managed to achieve. The two of them kiss, which is a sign of their coming back together. The film ends with the last shot of the roofs of the entire neighborhood filled with tomato gardens.

Rich in Love is a Brazilian Netflix original streaming with subtitles.

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