‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 1 & 2: Recap And Ending – Why Does Soo Heon Beat Up Jung Kyung?

Directed by Kim Yoo Jin, “Revenge of Others” is a 2022 South Korean mystery thriller series streaming on Disney+. The series features some really talented actors like Seo Ji Hoon, Lomon, Chae Sang Woo, Shin Ye Eun, Jung Soo Bin and Lee Soo Min in prominent roles. Let’s explore further and find out what the series is about.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Chan Mi Move To Seoul?

Ok, Chan Mi is in Busan and has a video called her brother, who is in Seoul. He is talking to her from his high school, and they argue over who is older among them because they are twins. Someone comes into her brother’s classroom, and he stops talking to Chan Mi for a while. Chan Mi waits for him to talk, but the call cuts off. Chan Mi couldn’t understand what had happened to him. Back in Seoul, he dies by falling down from his classroom window.


Chan Mi and her twin brother, Chan Kyu, were abandoned by their parents, and they were raised in an orphanage. Chan Kyu was adopted later, while Chan Mi stayed behind. Chan Kyu is now Park Won Seok and lives in Seoul. Chan Mi goes to Seoul to meet him because he has been unreachable for three days. She is shocked to find out that Chan Kyu has committed suicide, and she visits his adoptive parents.

Chan Kyu’s adoptive parents are not even in mourning because they think that Chan Kyu has committed a sin by taking his own life. However, Chan Mi doesn’t believe that her brother could have committed suicide and goes to the police station to request that the detectives investigate Chan Kyu’s murder. The police officers just see it as another relative refusing to believe that their loved one could take their own life.


Chan Mi decides to transfer to Chan Kyu’s high school, Yongtan High. Her friends from Busan are not happy because she is a pistol shooter, and it affects their teamwork, but she has to go to find her brother’s murderer. The camera cuts to Soo Heon, who works at a bowling arcade and also does delivery jobs. He collapses in the middle of the road, and the doctor diagnoses him with a brain tumor. The doctor asks him to bring a guardian next time, but he doesn’t have one.

Chan Mi has moved into a dorm and bought a second-hand scooter from a website. Soo Heon’s scooter has been stolen, and he sees it in an advertisement on the website. He goes to the dealing location and mistakes Chan Mi for the thief. Chan Mi refuses to give him the scooter because she has already bought it. Soo Heon follows her to her dorm, but she has locked the scooter. However, the real thief comes back and tries to steal the scooter again. Soo Heon tries to catch them, but they escape.


The next day, Soo Heon and Chan Mi run into each other again when Chan Mi crashes into a wall with her scooter. Soo Heon lends her his jacket, which causes chaos in school. Soo Heon is her new classmate, and other students start teasing them because Chan Mi wore Soo Heon’s jacket. Chan Mi has made friends with the shooting players, and she asks one of them about Park Won Seok, which is Chan Kyu’s alias.

Chan Mi’s friend tells her about Won Seok’s girlfriend, Hong Ah Jung, and Chan Mi asks for her number, but when she calls that number, Soo Heon picks it up. She follows him to the hospital and finds out that he has a tumor. Soo Heon doesn’t attend school for the next few days, and Chan Mi waits for him. Out of curiosity, Chan Mi enters the classroom where Won Seok jumped from and sees Soo Heon there. Soo Heon had seen Won Seok fall and had called the police.


What Did Chan Mi Not Know About Won Seok?

Chan Mi tells Soo Heon that she knows Won Seok from a shooting club, and she asks him why he came back to school after many days if he only wanted to skip classes. Soo Heon missed his cat and came to feed her. He had seen Won Seok die while he was feeding his cat. He requests that Chan Mi feed his cat if he is absent. Chan Mi agrees because she knows about his condition.

In the school cafeteria, Min Sunga panics after seeing Sa Jung Kyung, her bully. Jung Kyung had sexually assaulted Sunga, but his crime could not be proven because of a lack of evidence. Jung Kyung was supposed to be expelled from school, but his parents bribed the school to let him continue his study there, and Jung Kyung has no regrets whatsoever.


Chan Mi hears Jung Kyung trash-talking Won Seok, and she starts arguing with him. Seok Jae Beom intervenes and stops them. Soo Heon visits his doctor again, and the doctor tells him everything he needs to know. It is difficult for Soo Heon to get surgery, but he can stop the tumor from growing with medications. He is likely to have symptoms like depression, mania, extreme violence, or timidity. The doctor expects him to survive for a year at the most.

Chan Mi has been asked to train Jae Bom in pistol shooting, and she starts with difficult training. Jae Bom’s friend, Osung, tells her to go easy on him because Jae Bom has miraculously woken up from a coma but has lost all of his memories. Soo Heon meets Ah Jung and returns her phone. Ah Jung wanted a break from her manager’s nagging, so she gave her phone to Soo Heon. She reads Chan Mi’s messages and asks Soo Heon about her.


Soo Heon starts feeling dizzy in class and rushes to the washroom. When he doesn’t return for a long time, Chan Mi goes looking for him. She enters the men’s washroom and sees blood coming out of a stall. She starts shouting Soo Heon’s name, and he comes out of another stall. They check inside and see Min Sunga, who has slit her wrist. Fortunately, Sunga survives, and the detectives interrogate Soo Heon and Chan Mi.

Soo Heon finds out from the police detective that Chan Mi is Won Seok’s sister but doesn’t let her know. Chan Mi requests that Soo Heon set up a meeting with Ah Jung. Ah Jung agrees to meet her but sends her friend disguised as her. Chan Mi has seen Ah Jung’s picture and easily recognizes that she is not her. Ah Jung doesn’t meet Chan Mi, but she tells her to meet Lim So Mi if she is concerned about Won Seok.


Chan Mi hears the most unexpected thing about her brother from Lim Se Mi. Won Seok was a bully and bullied Se Mi into confessing that she was not pregnant because of Osung. After that incident, she was forced to transfer schools. Se Mi told Chan Mi that Won Seok often bullied people when he found out their secrets. Chan Mi is ashamed to hear that and apologizes to Se Mi on Won Seok’s behalf.

So Yeon visits Min Sunga and tells her father that she knows what it feels like to get bullied. Sunga meets Soo Heon and expresses her wish to bully Sunga’s bully, Jung Kyung. When Tae Yeon was newly transferred to their school, she became a victim of bullying because of her white hair. However, Soo Heon bullied her bullies and made them apologize to her. Tae Yeon wants Soo Heon to teach Jung Kyung a lesson as well.


‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 2: Ending

Jung Kyung was scared when he heard that Sunga tried to kill herself, but he didn’t let it show because it would have ruined his image. However, he cannot let Sunga bother him anymore and has planned to spread her compromising pictures in school. He is working in the school’s photography club at night, and Soo Heon finds him. Soo Heon has completely covered himself and has also morphed his voice.

Initially, Soo Heon only threatened Jung Kyung to apologize to Sunga and drop out of the school the next day, but then he saw Sunga’s inappropriate picture. Soo Heon gets violent and beats Jung Kyung with a hammer. Soo Heon runs away from school only to encounter Chan Mi on his way back.


As of now, “Revenge of Others” has two suspects for Won Seok’s murder: Seok Jae Bom, who has lost all of his memories after going through an accident, and Ji Soo Heon, who has been showing changes in personality after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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