‘Revenant’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Mun-Chun’s Fate?

The new episode of Revenant starts with a shocking turn of events, and the shock keeps coming. The new reveal is a huge set-back for Hae-Sang and San-Yeong in their attempt at getting rid of the evil spirit, but it also gives them a clue as to why San-Yeong’s father and Hae-Sang’s mother were unsuccessful in their mission and ultimately died. The fear San-Yeong has is that they will end up that way too, and she is trying her best for that not to happen. Hopefully, they will be successful at getting rid of this evil spirit and saving the day.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Revenant Episode 9 begins with Mun-Chun plummeting to his death from the window of the police station. Hong-Sae just watches on as Mun-Chun crumples some papers in his hands and walks up to the window, saying Hae-Sang had been right the whole time. Hong-Sae feels guilty for watching Mun-Chun jump to his death, even with him in the same room. There’s a bizarre quality to the events surrounding him. When he runs down, he sees Hae-Sang and San-Yeong looking at Mun-Chun’s still body and crying. Hong-Sae blames San-Yeong because she was at the door when he opened it, so how did she end up down here now?

In his broken-hearted state, things really aren’t adding up. The evil spirit takes over San-Yeong and takes her to an underground rave. Just after killing someone, she parties hard and then goes to San-Yeong’s mother’s house and sleeps next to her in bed. San-Yeong wakes up as herself and is shocked to notice where she is. San-Yeong has pictures of herself in a photo booth and other strange party items in the room. These are things San-Yeong may have desired, or the evil spirit herself; we are not sure just yet.

Hong-Sae decides to become the chief mourner for Mun-Chun’s funeral. We can really feel their closeness in Revenant Episode 9 because of how emotional the man is. Mun-Chun was like a father figure to both him and Hae-Sang. Hong-Sae tells Hae-Sang that if he sees Mun-Chun’s spirit, he should tell him that Hong-Sae apologizes for not saving him. San-Yeong earlier tried to turn herself in as Hong-Sae had told her to, but she was nowhere in the CCTV footage, so there was no evidence to prove anything against San-Yeong. Even if she herself confessed to the crimes.

Hae-Sang makes himself comfortable in Mun-Chun’s house. Hong-Sae finally gives in to the ghost narrative, and Hae-Sang fills him in on the details to figure out who the evil spirit is. It seems everyone has a death wish. Hong-Sae retraces Mun-Chun’s steps and finds some documents that he had asked to be restored by one of his friends. On the other hand, San-Yeong knows what the words on the document say, but the evil spirit tells her that if she relays the words to Hae-Sang, he will die too. The evil spirit has taken over San-Yeong more and more, and the previous night, she had drawn over some furniture in the house with what looks like black charcoal.

The documents suggest that some belongings were transferred to San-Yeong’s father. San-Yeong realizes she needs to find the evil spirit’s weakness in the house. There are some belongings in the house that may contain valuable information for them. San-Yeong finds a ledger that details everything that was given to the village the night Modan was sacrificed. Along with that, it mentions dates that can be clues to her.

There was one person who was not connected to Gu Gangmo directly among the people he had “killed.” She was a librarian, and before she died, she’d ripped up a particular art book. Hae-Sang finds a relative of the author and gets a yearbook from them. It was the yearbook of Jangjin-ri in 1959. The teacher who wrote that book was also sacrificed. On the other hand, San-Yeong visits the place that has replaced the motel where Hae-Sang’s mother died. She tries to find out if her father had been there, and there is the rope, known as the “line of prohibition,” inside the walls of the new inn that keeps evil from going outside the walls rather than coming in. Gangmo had taken the red hair accessory the day before he died.

What Did Hae-Sang And San-Yeong Discover About The Evil Spirit?

While driving away, San-Yeong remembers that she may not have all the information right, possibly the name of the evil spirit. She has to stop driving abruptly because her vision starts to darken again. We then quickly cut to a scene where Hong-Sae, who had been following her the whole time, saves San-Yeong from getting hit by a bike. Later, Hong-Sae informs Hae-Sang that he “met” the evil spirit. San-Yeong had stepped out of the car, and Hong-Sae had spoken to the evil spirit when it had taken over her. She had responded, and Hong-Sae had obliged to her request to drive her. Hong-Sae realized by observing her that she was not a child but more like a teenager. There was a more adult-like quality to her, and Mokdan had been only 10 years old. The evil spirit had wanted Hong-Sae to like her—just one person to like her.

The evil spirit had separated herself from the children because she had almost killed one at the amusement park when she was with Hong-Sae. This was a clear insight: she herself was not a child. The clue in the drawings at San-Yeong’s house was that there was a full moon on the day the teenager had possibly died to become the evil spirit. Both Hae-Sang and San-Yeong discover simultaneously that there was no full moon at the time of Mokdan’s death, so she couldn’t be the evil spirit they were facing. Hae-Sang has the middle school yearbook, which will possibly hint at the girl’s name. Revenant Episode 9 ends with San-Yeong telling the spirit directly that she knows she’s not Mokdan.

With three episodes remaining, things are getting extremely intense. We thought we had the answers a long time ago, but everything is changing, and we’re very excited to see what comes next. Also, it’s a little bit unfortunate not to see a romance brewing between San-Yeong and Hong-Sae; there’s definitely some tension there, but alas, we can only hope that in the last 3 episodes of Revenant, we see some sparks amidst the darkness.

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