‘Revenant’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Hae-sang Return To Baekchagol?

Revenant is shaping up to be one of the better thrillers of the year with its quick pacing, thanks to a short 12-episode run. But, because of this, every episode is packed with information from start to finish. There’s no time to breathe, with each episode running over an hour. Still, because of its thrilling premise, it never gets boring. In the previous episode, we were left believing that the evil spirit was trying to show San-Yeong something by blurring her vision, but it looks like her eyesight may also be failing her. In comparison to the rest of the show, this episode definitely felt like a filler that was helping us connect the dots with everything that has been happening.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 8?

At the beginning of Revenant Episode 8, we get a recap of everything we’ve learned so far in the show. Mun-Chun and Hong-Sae educate each other about everything they’ve learned about the case. Mun-Chun found out about Mok-Dan and Gu Gang-Mo (San-Yeong’s father), and Hong-Sae found the cases related to Junghyeon Capital (previously Corporation) and San-Yoeng herself. According to what they know, the ghost was passed down from Cho Man-Wol to the Yeom family (Junghyeon Capital), which Gang-Mo then took on and passed over to San-Yeong. Anyone who was against the Yeom family ended up dying in the same manner: by suicide with marks on their wrists. But the same pattern was seen with the other three “possessed” as well.

San-Yeong finds out that she has a disease called optical atrophy, which her father had too. The disease is incurable and will blind her soon enough. According to the doctor, Gang-Mo should’ve gone blind a long time ago, but when he met him coincidentally on the street the previous year, he was able to see just fine. San-Yeong is confused by this information and starts to wonder if perhaps her father needed the evil spirit not to go blind. Maybe not knowing her father very well and having a biased mother, she may be thinking that it’s possible that her father could’ve been selfish like that. Because of her guilt for misbehaving (while being possessed) and her sadness over the diagnosis of optical atrophy, San-Yeong spends some time with her mother and later her friend Semi. After some much-needed quality time, San-Yeong is led to a temple with the painting of the hungry ghosts.

In the meantime, Hae-Sang returns to Baekchagol village to try and communicate with San-Yeong’s father to find out how to end this evil spirit. San-Yeong’s father had almost been successful in doing it, but in the end, the ghost caught up to him early. San-Yeong visits the temple and asks if the painting is the only one in existence. She’s told that it is, but before she can do anything about this information and connect it with the picture of Woo-Jin in her possession, she gets a call from the village chief of Baekchagol. He tells her that Hae-Sang fell unconscious in the village and has been acting strangely ever since. Hae-Sang was using his blood on the same navigation branch that the grandmother had used to bring her daughter’s ghost back. He had probably lost too much blood and failed at conjuring Gang-Mo.

When San-Yeong arrives there, she notices a spot of black on the wall spreading towards Hae-Sang. The grandmother tells her that it is the ghost of darkness. The darkness consumes one if they stare into it too much. With all the negativity in Hae-Sang’s life and all that he’s learned lately, he feels completely responsible for his family’s mistakes. San-Yeong keeps watch on him as the darkness keeps growing and finally realizes the way to beat it is by taking Hae-Sang to the opposite of darkness, the east, where the sun rises. In his mind, Hae-Sang sees Mok-Dan under the blue fabric, the way she looked when she was killed. He realizes he needs to wake up from this dreamy state so that he can live.

Who Is In Danger In The Violent Crime Investigation Department?

San-Yeong starts to drive Hae-Sang to the east so she can get him to the light, even though it’s the middle of the night. After a long drive, she can’t take the car any further and begins to drag Hae-Sang’s body out to the sea. Elsewhere, Mun-Chun finds a connection between the village chief of 1958 and Gu Gang-Mo. He was the chief’s listed guardian when he died in 1999. This proves their previous hypothesis that all the cases are somehow connected, meaning there might be some truth to the theory of an evil spirit being involved. In a flashback from 1999, we see Hae-Sang showing Woo-Jin the painting of the hungry ghosts and telling him about his own possession. Woo-Jin may have fought the ghost’s urge to kill Hae-Sang because of their close friendship before dying in a car accident. What’s strange is that the camera used to take a picture of Woo-Jin in front of the painting was left in Hae-Sang’s grandmother’s house, but how did it end up in Gang-Mo’s house? The evil spirit was leading San-Yeong and Hae-Sang to the temple because there was something nearby that they had to see.

According to Hae-Sang, only the death of somebody nearby can suppress the energy of the object containing the loose-haired spirit. So the remaining pieces were hidden in different places by Gang-Mo, and they were led to one of them. The object was under a flowering tree that he had planted. Hae-Sang and San-Yeong dig it up and find the black rubberband, which means they need only two more objects to defeat the evil spirit. Finally, Hae-Sang tells San-Yeong that Gang-Mo was trying to kill the evil spirit, not keep it for his own benefit. They know they’re short on time because both Hae-Sang’s mother and Gang-Mo have tried to kill the evil spirit with the five objects but never reached the goal. San-Yeong gets a vision of another victim and immediately tells Hae-Sang. She didn’t know who it was going to be, but the investigative office was clearly visible to her. Hae-Sang thinks it’s Mun-Chun and immediately warns him about not opening the doors for anybody except him. What Hae-Sang hasn’t told him is that the evil spirit can impersonate him. A scared Mun-Chun is shocked by a knock soon enough, but it is Hong-Sae, who lets himself into the room. The episode ends with Hong-Sae opening the door to someone he thinks is Hae-Sang but is actually the evil spirit showing up as San-Yeong. Now we know that the next victim is Hong-Sae, and since he’s opened the door to the evil spirit, We’re left wondering if San-Yeong and Hae-Sang will be able to save Hong-Sae somehow. If they do, he would be the only survivor.

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