‘Revenant’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Possessed By A Hungry Ghost?

It seems like every new episode of Revenant brings in a new lesson. We’ve learned about “juvenile ghosts,” “Jangseungs,” and shamanic rituals that are hard to believe. In episode 6, we learn about yet another type of ghost. We’re already halfway through the show, but it seems we’re drifting farther away from San-Yeong’s evil spirit. As more time passes, the possession gets deeper, leaving San-Yeong with no choice but to distance herself from the people she loves. In the last episode, we saw San-Yeong act out in front of the people she knew. This means the evil spirit will now take over at any time without San-Yeong’s knowledge.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6?

Hong-Sae finds San-Yeong at the bridge and asks her if she was turning herself in back at the restaurant. San-Yeong has no idea what she said, but in a vulnerable moment, she wonders out loud if he would believe her if she said it was an evil spirit. Hong-Sae tells San-Yeong that if she did actually murder those people, she should open up to him about it so he can write a beautiful report about it. Essentially, to help him get his desired promotion. Hae-Sang visits his grandmother’s house, and it is very clear that they never got along. Hae-Sang is the only heir to the business, but he has no interest in it. When he told his grandmother about seeing strange things, she told him to stop behaving in a manner that would land him in a psychiatric hospital. Whenever Hae-Sang mentions his mother in front of his grandmother, she gets enraged. In the present day, when he asks her about the thing he found at San-Yeong’s grandmother’s house, she throws him out without a word. But later, she tells her son, Hae-Sang’s father, to look into what he’s up to.

San-Yeong decides to live away from her mother after the evil spirit threatens to kill her. San-Yeong’s mother has taken the inheritance that her father’s mother left behind for a new beginning. San-Yeong leaves a note for her mother, saying she should not contact her for some time because she needs to be alone.

The pottery piece that Hae-Sang had found is something that his mother was in possession of before she died. She buried them in different places so that she could get rid of the evil spirit. He thinks both these and the hair accessory belonged to Lee Mokdan, our special juvenile ghost. If Hae-Sang is able to seal them with a line of prohibition in a spot where the evil spirit has killed someone, he can get rid of it. His ghost friend tries to stop him from going any further into this research, but Hae-Sang finally has the opportunity to get rid of this spirit for good.

It turns out that the black card that San-Yeong had used to buy all the luxury items on the day of the celebration was Hae-Sang’s, not the influencer from the restaurant. So who was it that killed the influencer? Apparently, there’s another type of ghost in the works. This ghost is known as a hungry ghost or a begging ghost. They use the desires of the possessed person and kill other people to fulfill these desires. Hong-Sae finds out that the influencer died in the restaurant the same night that he had been there. But it turns out that she died of a sudden cardiac arrest, so there isn’t really a case here. Still, Hong-Sae finds it strange that she was dragged into a stall and her luxury bag was missing. Eager to get his promotion and probably get rid of Mun-Chun as his senior, Hong-Sae decides to solve the case himself. He retraces his steps at the restaurant and figures it has to be someone at his table who killed her because her bag had been found at their table.

San-Yeong has decided to rent out her dad’s old home, and she spends a whole day cleaning it up and falling asleep. When she wakes up, the spirit tells her to open a specific drawer. San-Yeong is terrified, but she does as she’s told out of curiosity. It’s some undeveloped films that she finds and immediately takes to the shop. The pictures are of a thing called a hungry ghost’s realm, along with photos of Hae-Sang’s old house. The hungry ghost’s realm happens to be one of the paths in Buddhism to reach salvation after death. It’s a realm made of human wants. While at the restaurant to investigate, Hong-Sae meets Hae-Sang, who tells him that a “hungry ghost” has killed the girl. He can tell because of her bloodshot eyes. Hong-Sae then looks up more cases of sudden deaths through cardiac arrest with bloodshot eyes and notices that something is missing in all these cases. In the case of one of the victims, none of her possessions were missing when she was found. But, the location she was supposed to be married in was very difficult to get a slot at, and Hong-Sae’s friend’s wedding had replaced the dead bride’s. 

While Mun-Chun pretends to be mad at Hong-Sae in front of everybody, he actually thinks he’s a very competent detective. Hong-Sae visits Hae-Sang to hear more about his ghost theory, and San-Yeong shows up too. Hae-Sang can see if there’s a ghost in the pictures from the celebration, essentially finding the culprit, but two people are missing from the picture: Yoonjung, the woman who got married, and Semi. San-Yeong also tells Hae-Sang that the evil spirit showed her the realm of hungry ghosts, meaning that it could be Semi who is possessed for real.

Who Is Possessed By The Hungry Ghost?

We are led to believe that Semi is the one who is possessed, as she has the stolen luxury bag with her. But, quickly, we find out that it was Yoonjung who was associated with all those people who had died. While Hae-Sang and San-Yeong go looking for Semi, Hong-Sae visits his friend to learn about the wedding. The couple is actually broke now as Yoonjung’s father’s company went bankrupt, leaving Yoonjung with nothing to show off about. Her desire was just to be rich and have all the fancy products and locations for herself. On the other hand, Semi was meeting her to borrow some formal clothes for her interview. The only shirt she had had been ruined by the wine from Yoonjung’s wedding.

Hae-Sang tells San-Yeong that nothing can be done to get rid of the hungry ghosts, and his childhood friend died in the same way. San-Yeong finally finds Semi through a location-sharing app and sees her with Yoonjung. She notices Yoonjung rushing to the bathroom and follows her there. She had already looked through the mirror she’s been carrying to spot ghosts, realizing that the person who had been possessed this whole time was Yoonjung. Ultimately, she saves the person Yoojung is going to kill by splashing her with water to bring her back to her senses. Yoojung runs out, ashamed about what’s happened. She runs onto the street and tries to kill herself. San-Yeong and Hae-Sang take her to the hospital. There, San-Yeong tells Hae-Sang that, in reality, she has some desires herself too, and they happen to be a lot of money. That is why the evil spirit acted on her impulse to buy the products from Hae-Sang’s card. As the evil spirit gets stronger on San-Yeong’s weaknesses, Hae-Sang tells San-Yeong that from now on, he will work on the research alone.

Revenant Episode 6 ends with Hae-Sang visiting the woman who made the prohibition rope that his mother had used to tie up the piece of pottery. She had made five of those for Hae-Sang’s mother and San-Yeong’s father too. Meanwhile, San-Yeong visits Hae-Sang’s house, and the ghost lets her in. She had seen him through the window earlier. The photography studio had given San-Yeong some more of the photos, and one of them had that boy in it. She realized the evil spirit showed her the hungry ghosts because Hae-Sang’s friend had been one, not because of Semi. San-Yeong communicates with the ghost, and he tells her that he saw the name of the person who made her an evil spirit. He is looking at the shadow and not at San-Yeong at the time, implying that there is more to the story than we know. At the same time, Hae-Sang also finds out that his mother was associated with San-Yeong’s father, and that’s how she met the woman who made the ropes for her. Hae-Sang’s mother might be the answer to all their questions.

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