‘Revenant’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Hyangi Searching For?

As if this show wasn’t already one of the best of the year, Revenant episode 11 definitely takes the cake for the best episode too. We only hope 12 can be even better and end the show with a bang. The series has been leading us down one path, but now things have quickly taken a different direction, and it will keep you gripped to your seat. Additionally, can we talk about how fearless Hong-Sae has got to be to go from not believing in ghosts to interacting with one? In this episode, he goes one step further, so read on for the spoilers. Revenant Episode 11 is approximately one hour and ten minutes long, and not once do you feel the length of it because of how quickly things happen. The show is nearing its end, and although we’re ready for it, we’re going to miss looking forward to Friday nights for this reason (yes, this is all I do on Friday nights).

Spoilers Alert

What Happens In The Episode?

We already had a hunch that it was actually San-Yeong who was pretending to be the evil spirit at Hae-Sang’s grandmother’s house so that she could extract the evil spirit’s name from the grandmother. It was Woo-Jin’s father who helped them pretend it was the 27th when it was actually the 28th of February so that they could use the safe day to get the name and the grandmother would not suspect anything. Ultimately, San-Yeong reveals herself and tells Hae-Sang’s grandmother to be cautious from the next day on, since the safe day would be over. Kim Chi-Won (Woo-Jin’s father) finally takes charge and sends Hae-Sang’s grandmother away to the hospital. He’s always been in charge of her medication, etc., so it’s probably his word over everything else for them anyway.

San-Yeong rushes back home and uses the line of protection to keep herself inside the room, but the evil spirit sets the room on fire and calls the fire department, who let her out. San-Yeong is extremely worried when she wakes up and manages to get herself out of the ambulance. She immediately calls Hae-Sang and tells him what happened, but it starts raining, which means the evil spirit can strike again. This time, she sees it happening and immediately tells Hae-Sang. He realizes it’s going after Hong-Sae, who is heading out to get Hyangi’s school records.

Hong-Sae gets interrupted by San-Yeong on the street, knocking on his car door. He’s surprised to see her but, fortunately, doesn’t open the door (smart man). But, because of this, the spirit switches to Hae-Sang, who is in the subway and can’t control the opening of the doors. Quickly, he switches cars and shuts the doors in between (lucky he’s in Seoul) when he notices San-Yeong and hears the sound of knocking (this is the only time that people other than the person in danger can’t hear the knock; when Mun-Chun died, both he and Hong-Sae heard it; a possible writing error?). But before he knows it, another man opens the doors, but the spirit (which looks like San-Yeong) disappears. The real San-Yeong has made it home and used the line of protection again, saving everybody. Hae-Sang is able to go find the last item they need to solve this case, but it happens to be broken. It’s a jade hair accessory that seems too expensive for someone like Hyangi’s family to afford.

In the meantime, Hong-Sae gets his hands on Hyangi’s school record, which indicates that she stopped going to class after the 20th of June, so they know that’s when she would’ve gone missing and eventually died. Unfortunately, matters are not resolved for San-Yeong because the evil spirit tells her that if she tries to get rid of her, then she will get rid of San-Yeong’s mother. San-Yeong immediately rushes to her mother’s cafe, where her friend Se-Mi is too. San-Yeong’s mother gets a call from the insurance company and realizes something is amiss. When San-Yeong calls her, she doesn’t pick up, but before they know it, her wrists start to turn red.

The door was already left open, so nothing could stop her. San-Yeong reaches her just in time and tries to save her mother, but nothing can stop the force the spirit has on her. Finally, San-Yeong breaks a vase and holds a shard to her own neck. She tells the spirit that if her mother dies, she will die too. San-Yeong’s mother is barely saved, and San-Yeong rushes out (taken over by the evil spirit, of course). Hong-Sae and Hae-Sang reach there just then and help send San-Yeong’s mother to the hospital. Hong-Sae goes to figure out what to do with the five objects, whereas Hae-Sang goes to find San-Yeong. Hong-Sae had a feeling that the last object was not right because it was broken, and he wanted San-Yeong to touch it once to confirm, but now they were out of time.

Hae-Sang meets with the shaman who tried to help his mother and Gu Gang-Mo when they were trying to get rid of the evil spirit. She warns him that he, too, looks anxious and should not try if it means he’ll end up like them. Hae-Sang has to try because a lot of people have suffered because of his family. He takes the rope she’s made to secure the five objects once and for all. At the same time, Hong-Sae, who is looking for San-Yeong in the house, picks up a call she receives on the landline. It’s a person who knew Gu Gang-Mo, and Hae-Sang goes to meet him. It turns out that the woman in the house was Hyangi’s friend back in school. She tells Hong-Sae the whole story of what really happened back then.

What Happened To Hyangi’s Family?

Hyangi and Mokdan were from a really poor family, but Hyangi had big dreams and was a great artist. Hyangi found herself disturbed in class by Mokdan because she was hungry. Mokdan called her a rice bowl and troubled her a lot for food. Hyangi wanted to live her dreams, so she wished her family would disappear. On the day the shaman had to choose a child for the hair accessory, she chose Hyangi, not Mokdan. Hyangi was happy, but when she got home, she overheard her parents talk about the plan to sacrifice her by starving her to death. The next day, when Mokdan tried to steal the accessory, she tied it on for her and let her have it.

On the day of the sacrificial village dinner, Hyangi brought food back for the rest of the family, but her mother just yelled at her and pushed her away. Angry Hyangi enters the house to notice more money than she could even imagine. The next day she buys the paints she wanted to desperately get her hands on, but when she returns, her father slaps her in the face. He can’t believe she would spend the tainted money (given for the sacrifice) that led her mother to hang herself (this is probably why most of the victims hang themselves, maybe?). With Mokdan missing and her mother dead, Hyangi starts to do household work. One day, she prepares a nice meal for her family (those who remain), but her father and brother, who have gone out to sea, do not return. The ship has sunk, and now she’s really all alone. Hyangi finally takes most of the money and heads to the shaman, Man-Wol. She gives it to her in exchange for her sister’s life, but instead, Man-Wol kills Mokdan in front of her eyes and makes Hyangi the evil spirit. It’s anger that creates an evil juvenile spirit, and all that is pent up in Hyangi can be used for the same.

Hae-Sang returns home and notices that the jade hair accessory could not have been his grandmother’s, so he looks through Man-Wol’s things. It happens to be her hair accessory, so why does it have anything to do with Hyangi?

What Are Hae-Sang And Hong-Sae In Search Of?

On the other hand, Chi-Won’s last step in revenge was to allow San-Yeong into the room with Hae-Sang’s grandmother. She hopes that Hyangi will remember the promise and tells her that she will not share the last secret with them ever. But Hyangi replies that she can’t do that if she’s dead, and we see her fall out of the hospital window in the next scene (finally, the old woman’s done for!). Hong-Sae meets Hae-Sang at his grandmother’s house and informs him that there’s no record of where Hyangi’s body is. Hae-Sang thinks he has an idea and takes Hong-Sae to the dreaded room where the ritual actually took place. For all his life, he was forbidden to go there, as was anyone else. They enter the room and look for the body. Ultimately, Hong-Sae finds another little door that leads to a little basement-like room (Giving Barbarian vibes).

At the same time, San-Yeong, who is on the streets outside the hospital by herself, gets an actual visit from Hyangi. Hyangi tells her that she likes her because she is never greedy for anything, unlike the other people she has possessed. She wants to stay with her, but San-Yeong tells Hyangi that it’s time for her to return to her family’s side. Hyangi says she’ll leave, but there’s one favor she’d like San-Yeong to do for her. She requests that San-Yeong ask Hae-Sang to find her remains (little does she know, they’re already found).

San-Yeong calls Hae-Sang and tells him the spirit’s request, but she tells him not to find her remains because the evil spirit has been using them all along for her benefit. That’s why she wanted them to find the objects quickly, too. It’s already too late, though, and Hong-Sae finds the remaining piece of the jade hair accessory amidst the remains. It turns out Hyangi had stabbed Man-Wol in the chest with her own hair accessory before Man-Wol stabbed her with a knife. Hyangi was still alive and had grabbed the broken piece of jade in her hand before she probably died of excessive bleeding.

With all five objects found, we get the picture that the evil spirit has completely possessed San-Yeong. She turns her phone off and looks at her shadow, which looks like San-Yeong herself, not a “loose-haired spirit.” She then says it’s finally over. Our best guess is that finding all five objects is a way to bind the spirit with the person, but we’ll only know for sure after Revenant finale!

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