‘Reina Roja’ (Red Queen) Cast And Character Guide

The series Red Queen, created by Amaya Muruzabal, features a diverse cast of talented actors who with their incredible performance bring the story to life. While Vicky Luengo as Antonia Scott and Hovik Keuchkerian as Jon Gutiérrez stand out as prominent characters, the ensemble cast includes many other noteworthy roles as well. As the story unfolds, viewers are introduced to the antihero and learn about his motives and actions. Nacho Fresneda’s portrayal of the antagonist, Fajardo, is both chillingly believable and truly horrifying, adding depth and intensity to the narrative.


Antonia Scott 

Vicky Luengo’s portrayal of Antonia Scott in Red Queen is a 34-year-old woman with an IQ of 242, making her the most intelligent human on earth. Antonia joins the Red Queen organization, utilizing her unparalleled intellect to solve crimes that fall outside the norm, often committed by highly intelligent and dangerous perpetrators. Her remarkable ability is both a blessing and a curse; she often gets exploited, and it also causes her hallucinations and difficulty differentiating between reality and visions when her brain is fatigued. Antonia’s unique ability to gain insight into victims’ minds by touching objects they’ve interacted with sets her apart as a valuable asset to the Red Queen organization. Utilizing her talent, she embarks on a journey to unravel the complexities behind the murders and kidnappings orchestrated by the mysterious Ezequiel, deciphering his hints throughout the investigation. In her personal life, Antonia grapples with trust issues and a disconnect from physical contact. To mitigate the effects of her power, she relies on medication to prevent hallucinations. Despite the obstacles, her profound love for her husband remains constant, as she blames herself for his hospitalization. Antonia’s unwavering dedication is clear as she regularly visits him and dresses up for him despite his unresponsive state, showcasing her enduring love and devotion towards him.

Jon Gutiérrez

Hovik Keuchkerian shines as Jon Gutiérrez, a dedicated police officer committed to his duty. Despite his best intentions, Jon’s kindness often leads to his own downfall. He stands by those deemed lost causes, striving to steer them towards the right path. Unfortunately, his kindness is exploited, leading to false accusations of corruption and tarnishing his reputation, resulting in the loss of his badge and gun. Despite these setbacks, Jon’s expertise in legal affairs and his ability to earn people’s trust makes him an invaluable asset to Antonia in solving crimes with the Red Queen organization. Initially hesitant about the shady nature of their work, Jon ultimately joins forces with Antonia, recognizing her need for support and their effective partnership over time. Beyond his professional life, Jon deeply cares about his mother and strives to make her proud. He faces prejudice for his sexual orientation, enduring hurtful slurs that occasionally trigger his anger. Despite this, Jon’s willingness to risk his life to protect Antonia showcases his reliability as a partner in crime-solving and his unwavering commitment to doing what’s right.



Fajardo, portrayed by Nacho Fresneda, is a terrifying presence in the series. His modus operandi involves targeting the first-born children of millionaires to send a message to their parents, seeking revenge for the parents’ past mistakes. Fajardo’s actions are calculated to inflict maximum pain, as he believes hurting the children will ultimately hurt their parents. He keeps his victims in dungeons, subjecting them to torture and manipulation without food, drink, or sleep, forcing them to endure a living nightmare. Formerly an NBC police officer, Fajardo’s descent into madness began after the death of his daughter, leading to his admission to a mental hospital. He suffers from PTSD, and bipolar disorder, and carries the scars of torment inflicted by his father. These contribute to his treatment of his victims, sustaining a cycle of torment and suffering.


Alex Brendemuhl portrays Mentor, the supervisor of the Red Queen organization, tasked with recruiting individuals like Antonia with special abilities to solve unique crimes that often go unnoticed in the traditional world, such as those perpetrated by Ezequiel.  He has the ability to be a trustworthy cop whom anyone can rely on. He demonstrates unwavering faith in both Antonia and Gutierrez to solve the crime. However, Mentor’s character is complex, as he occasionally exploits Antonia’s abilities by overworking her brain and administering medication that leads her to hallucinate. Whenever Antonia confronts Mentor about her burned hand or her husband’s hospitalization, Mentor stays silent but repeatedly reassures her that she’s valuable to the organization because of her abilities. This ambiguity paints Mentor as a morally gray character who strives to deliver justice to criminals while simultaneously exploiting individuals with unique abilities.


Ramon Ortiz and Laura Trueba

Apart from the main characters, there are Ramon Ortiz and Laura Trueba, played by Jose Angel Egido and Emma Suarez, respectively, who portray wealthy millionaires in the series. Ezequiel targets their children as a form of revenge for past wrongdoings or guilt that the parents are hiding. Despite knowing that their children have been abducted and harmed, they refuse to reveal the truth about their guilt in front of the whole world in order to protect their own interests. Instead of assisting Antonia in the investigation, they choose to conceal the truth, resulting in dire consequences for their children.

Carla Ortiz

Carla Ortiz, portrayed by Celia Freijeiro, is the daughter of Ramon Ortiz, who gets abducted by Ezequiel. By trapping her in a dark dungeon, Ezequiel aims to inflict pain on her to torment her father. Carla is passionate about fashion and desires to do something of her own instead of following in her father’s footsteps. She deeply loves her young child and strives to find happiness, despite her strained relationships with her ex-husband and father. Carla loves her hair, which Ezequiel cruelly cuts as part of his emotional torture tactics. Carla holds onto the delusional belief she had a happy childhood, although the reality is quite the opposite.



Andrea Trepat portrays the character of Sandra, who is revealed to be Ezequiel later in the series, who acts like God’s prophet, the mastermind behind the kidnappings and abductions of her victims. She assumes the identity of Fajardo’s daughter, who is believed to be dead. Sandra/Ezequiel seeks revenge for the mistreatment inflicted upon her by her father and aims to avenge the injustices suffered by Fajardo at the hands of wealthy millionaires.

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