‘Red, White, And Royal Blue’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Alex And Henry?

The adaptation of Casey M’s 2019 novel Red, White, And Royal Blue has finally been released, and as much as we want to gush about it, we’re quite disappointed by it. Read our full review to learn why. This homosexual love story between two public figures is a fun and sometimes funny movie with great chemistry between the leads. The narrative follows Alex, the ‘first son’ of first ever female President of US, who falls in love with young and charming Prince Henry of England, the ‘spare’ to the throne. Red, White, And Royal Blue begins with the royal wedding of Prince Philip, to which Alex has been invited as a guest.


Spoilers Ahead

What happens in the film?

Alex and Nora (the vice president’s granddaughter) are on their way to a very special royal wedding at Buckingham Palace. Quickly, we learn that Alex and Prince Henry are both eligible bachelors, and Alex detests the comparison. Nora can’t seem to understand why, but Alex goes on to explain that Henry is a grade-A prick who has been born with it all, whereas Alex was thrown into the spotlight because of his mother’s election. It’s fairly evident that both men are severely attractive, and everyone has their eyes on them. When they see each other, Alex tries to be civil, but Henry doesn’t even look him in the eye. The hostility is palpable (for what, I have no idea). In the stress of it all, Alex ends up drinking too much and runs to Henry, who stands in front of a $75,000 cake. Things don’t go too well, and with some arguing and shoving involved, the two of them end up tipping the cake and falling to the floor just in time for the whole thing to crash onto them.


The debacle warrants massive damage control from the President’s son and the Prince to make sure diplomatic endeavors are not destroyed by a silly mistake. The two have to hang out and take some pictures, making it look like they are jolly old friends and have been so for years. After the shoot, they head to a children’s hospital, and Alex sees Henry behave endearingly towards a little girl. As suspected, it makes him realize there’s more to Henry than just the face of the crown. At the same time, they get accidentally locked in what looks like a broom closet. This gives Henry the opportunity to ask Alex why he hates him so much, and it turns out their mutual hostility is actually just a huge misunderstanding. When Alex gets back to the US, he meets a journalist named Miguel, who looks to be an ex-lover but is also a shady journalist. Miguel is still interested in Alex, but Alex doesn’t seem to feel quite the same way.

Over time, Alex and Henry became friends and texted each other on occasion. During a turkey situation for Thanksgiving, Alex finds himself calling Henry on the phone at 3 a.m. It becomes very clear that they enjoy each other’s company. The next time they see each other again is at Alex’s lavish New Year’s party. Throughout the night, Alex tries to get Henry to dance and gravitates toward him. Henry, on the other hand, appears to be uncomfortable with the situation, but he’s also happy to be there. In the end, he can’t take it anymore and storms out of the party after Alex kisses some women in New Year’s spirit. Alex wonders what he did wrong, and Henry asks him what he would be doing if he were an anonymous person with no public interest. Alex doesn’t really understand what Henry means; he just says he’s been anonymous for more of his life since Henry was born into public life. In truth, Henry just likes Alex more than just as a friend, and to show him that, he ends up kissing him and then running away and cutting all contact with him.


Alex finds himself thinking about Henry a lot more after this. He’s been with a couple of guys before, Miguel being one of them, and he talks to his best friend Nora about it. Alex discovers he’s actually bisexual, and all he can think about is meeting him and making sure Henry knows this fact too. At an event, Henry comes late, and Alex can’t keep himself away from him. There’s definitely a physical attraction between the two, and they finally get the chance to act on it. Over time, whenever they meet, they act on these impulses, and in Paris, they end up making love. At the same time, Alex’s mother finally reads his memo for the campaign to turn Texas into a Democratic state. She actually likes the idea and ends up sending him to Texas to execute it.

During another one of their encounters, Henry ends up falling asleep in Alex’s room, leading to Zahar finding out about them. This happens to be one of Alex’s mother’s campaign days, and Zahar, his mother’s chief of staff, is not happy to see Alex with an English Prince in a hotel crawling with reporters. Alex decides to tell his mother about his relationship with Henry after Zahar finds out about it. Of course, she’s supportive of him, but she also tells him to make sure that he really thinks about Henry as a forever mark in his life. Since they’re both public figures, if it ever got out, it would follow them to their graves. Alex understands, but it’s too soon for him to think about it. Alex decides to take Henry to his home in Texas for a little vacation, and suddenly things become very serious. They have a great time, but nearing the end of the holiday, Alex tries to tell Henry that he loves him. This completely turns things around for Henry, who is not ready for this situation. He runs back to England and cuts himself off, essentially breaking up with Alex.


Alex can’t tolerate the distance, and one day he decides to go to London to talk to Henry in person. Alex thinks Henry doesn’t love him back, but in reality, it’s his fear of the Crown and public opinion that is keeping him from expressing his real feelings. Henry then shows Alex a more intimate side of himself and tells him about all his feelings. Alex heads back with the notion that Henry and he will fight whatever comes their way. That ends up being much sooner than they expected, and their private emails get leaked on the internet. It’s very clear that it’s Miguel who has done this out of jealousy of Henry and also out of rejection from Alex. This also has huge implications for Alex’s mother’s campaign.

Is Henry able to come out to his family?

At the same time, this becomes a loathsome time for Henry. He’s all alone and locked up in his palace, while his grandfather, the king, doesn’t say a word to him. All his contact with Alex has been cut off. Alex visits Henry when he can, and they get a chance to talk to the King together. At first, the King wants to completely deny the ‘allegations,’ but Henry firmly tells him that it’s all true and he doesn’t want to hide this huge part of his identity anymore. The King says he only wants to protect Henry, but Henry makes it very clear that he doesn’t need that protection anymore. During this time, they look out the window, and there are a whole lot of people who are standing in favor of Henry and Alex’s relationship. This essentially proves all of the King’s fears about upholding traditional royal family standards.


Back in the US, the polls are about to be counted for the elections, and with Alex and Henry’s relationship in the picture, Alex’s mother is not so sure she’ll win. Fortunately for her, Alex was actually able to turn Texas blue, and she was reelected as President. After the celebration, Alex and Henry visit Alex’s home in Austin, which he had always dreamed of taking him to. They finally get to be themselves together without fear. Both men fight for their way, and the world opens up to them instead of shunning them away. The forbidden love turned into one for the history books.

Don’t Miss The End Credit Scene

There’s a throwback to Alex and Henry’s cake mishap at the end of the credits, where we hear Alex ask if anybody actually saw it; it’s kind of a prediction of the formation of their relationship.


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