‘Red, White, And Royal Blue’ Characters You Should Know Before Watching The Film

As much as we’d like to avoid addressing queer media as separate from non-queer media, at the moment, it feels like a celebratory fantasy that only in our dreams could come true. So many of our favorite books have been adapted for the screen. The wonderful characters coming to life in the flesh are incredible. Casey McQuiston’s novels’ characters are no strangers to the queer world. Their books Red, White, and Royal Blue and One Last Stop were both very well received by the book world. As more time passes, it feels like these imagined worlds where almost everyone is openly queer seem more realistic. Queer media has always been othered because, first, it’s queer, but at the same time, it’s deemed unacceptable to be too queer. Fortunately, things have changed drastically, and thanks to Heartstopper, there’s a positive representation of queer love in a media stifled with melancholic tragedies or the occasional true crime show (did we need another Dahmer?). It suffices to say that Red, White, and Royal Blue is an addition to this category of mostly happy and positive queer romances. Instead of droning on about what a great year this is for queer romances, let’s quickly dive into the characters of this boy-love book-turned-movie.


Alex Claremont-Diaz 

Alex, the son of the first woman President of the United States Of America, is a boisterous 21-year-old with a dream to be a politician. He’s extremely energetic and doesn’t shy away from showing off his roguishly handsome looks. Alex is half white and half Mexican. He was born and raised in Texas. He’s an impatient and dynamic young man who cares for the world much more than it seems. He hopes to be the youngest congressman ever elected and works very hard to make sure that happens. Alex finds himself in puzzlement when he starts to like his sworn enemy Henry, the Prince of Wales, after a few encounters and a not-so-sweet disaster involving a cake. From then on, Alex questions his identity, and things start taking a drastic turn. No further spoilers, of course; watch the movie to know more.

Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor

Don’t pretend you didn’t think this character was based on a real person, because we’ve all been there. Catherine’s son and Queen of England’s grandson, Henry can be called charmingly handsome, and perfect royal with “legs for days,” who enjoys his philanthropic endeavors. Henry is secretly gay and struggles with the weight of upholding the family legacy. He is fourth in line for the crown. Henry’s biggest struggle remains the loss of his father, whom he was very close with. He’s a confident young man that every young maiden would swoon over, but boy, do they know! He has a love for Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi and happy endings. His dog is named David, after Bowie.


June Claremont Diaz

As Alex’s older sister and confidante, June would do anything if harm came to her brother (sounds like another older sister we love on this side of the internet). June wants to be a journalist and doesn’t have much interest in the world of politics like the rest of her family. She’s also Alex’s best friend and helps him through all his troubled times. June is very good at taking care of messed-up situations and has a penchant for gossip magazines. She reads out the latest gossip to her brother, and occasionally they go through his fanfiction online.

Nora Holleran 

June’s best friend and also Alex’s proclaimed best friend, Nora, is a bisexual superhuman who is obsessed with data. She doesn’t have any powers except her knack for analyzing any situation in life through data. Things you may not know about yourself, Nora has already observed about you, as she’s straightforward without a filter and seems to have no inhibitions. Nora, June, and Alex together are known as the White House Trio. She’s also dated Alex once before, but we don’t need to go into the details of their less-than-complicated relationship.


Ellen Claremont 

Ellen, the first female President of the United States of America, is torn between being a mother and being president for most of the book. She has a duty to her country, but she definitely wishes to protect her children. She’s dead set on being reelected as president and has everything sorted out for her, at least until Alex kind of messes that up. She’s kind, a Democrat, and speaks with a Texas drawl.

Oscar Diaz 

Alex and June’s father, Oscar, also work on Ellen’s campaigns as senators, but they’ve been divorced. He’s extremely warm; there’s a lot of him in Alex. Oscar is wild, too, and enjoys some free time with his children.


Zahar Bankston

Deputy chief of staff for President Ellen and her right-hand woman, Zahar, also happens to be a good friend to Alex because he seems to be lacking in that department. She’s meticulous, really funny, possibly unknowingly, and knows exactly what to do at all times. She’s rigid on the outside but has a special bond with all the members of the family. Zahar’s always stressed out, especially because of Alex.

Beatrice “Bea” Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor

Bea, the older sister to Henry and princess to everyone else, is the sweetest of all the characters on this list. Bea has a drug problem that people are not quite over, and it keeps ruining things for her. Bea wants to be a musician because she’s really talented and loves it deeply. She’s the only person Henry has felt comfortable coming out to.


Percy “Pez” Okonji

A party starter, Pez is Prince Henry’s best friend and quite a match for Alex’s boisterous ways. He’s a philanthropist and has many charities in his name. Pez and Henry are as different as chalk and cheese, but they somehow fit perfectly together. Pez seems to be one of those good-at-everything-they-try kinds of people, according to Henry. He’s especially known for his eccentric fashion choices and vibrantly colored clothes.

Shaan Srivastava

Shaan, the attractive Indian man who is Prince Henry’s very young equerry, has a soft spot for Henry and knows how to keep things secret. He’s darn good at being a confidant and is everywhere he needs to be at once. He’s the first point of contact for anyone who can’t reach Henry directly.


Amy and Cash are members of the secret service, and Rafael Luna is an openly gay senator. He’s a big inspiration to Alex, who has wanted to be like him since he was a teenager.

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