Real-Life Shraddha Joshi In ’12th Fail,’ Explained: Where Is DC Shraddha Now?

When love doesn’t care about boundaries and doesn’t see any social or material differences, it creates the strongest bond between two people. Such unconditional love has been brilliantly depicted in Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s magnum opus, 12th Fail, an emotional and human story of a common man’s refusal to give up hope and triumph through multiple failures. Based on the real-life achievements of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, the film also sheds light on his romantic relationship and, most importantly, his friendship with his beloved, Shraddha Joshi, who later became his lawfully wedded wife. The film depicts Shraddha’s unbreakable trust in Manoj, who eventually turned their worlds around only for his love.

Shraddha, as depicted in the film, is an ordinary young woman from Mussoorie, where she lived with her parents. Growing up in a strict household, Shraddha had always been obedient to her parents and never went against them, but as she fell in love with Manoj, she stood up for herself and her relationship with the man she loved. In 12th Fail, she met Manoj first when both of them came to a coaching center. The two of them met outside repeatedly and became close friends with each other. There was always a romantic tension between them that neither of them could deny, but Shraddha was shy and waiting for the right time to move things ahead. Initially, a little bit of misunderstanding caused them to drift apart, but Shraddha realized that she yearned to be with Manoj and loved to spend quality time with him. In her pursuit to be with Manoj, Shraddha tolerated a lot of humiliation, which she believed she deserved because of her past rude behavior with Manoj. However, even though she suffered a lot of criticism involving her being a distraction in Manoj’s life, she stuck to his side. Shraddha knew that no matter what other people thought, her love for Manoj only wanted the best for him. Therefore, instead of making things more complicated by creating misunderstandings, she handled the situation maturely. Shraddha gave Manoj clarity, expressing her love for him and telling him that no matter what happened, she would always be there for him. Shraddha changed Manoj’s life and brought light into his darkness.

During this time, Shraddha remained a pillar of strength in Manoj’s life; she cleared her PCS exam and became a deputy collector. However, in the meantime, Manoj’s closest friend Pritam Pandey’s jealousy created another situation that put Shraddha in great trouble. Her parents began to get skeptical if Shraddha was involved in a premarital intimacy with Manoj, but Shraddha didn’t remain silent. Now that she had become financially independent, she spoke up against these accusations and asked her father if he trusted any random stranger more than her. Shraddha, being able to stand up for herself and for her love for Manoj, eventually made her parents realize that their daughter had truly been in love with the man. Shraddha finally got the permission of her father to be with Manoj and be a constant supporter of his journey. Even though Manoj had zero confidence following the interview, Shraddha put her trust in him and took him to the result center. After Manoj achieved his dreams of becoming an IPS officer, he and Shraddha tied the knot.

Is Real Life Shraddha’s Journey Different From The One Depicted In The Film?

Due to some creative liberties taken by the makers, there are subtle differences between Shraddha Joshi in real life and her character as depicted in the film. While the fictional Shraddha Joshi (portrayed by Medha Shankar) was from Mussoorie, real-life Shraddha is actually from Almora. However, the relationship and the first encounter between Manoj and Shraddha are based on actual events. In reality as well, Manoj first met with Shraddha in a UPSC coaching center and later befriended each other. Shraddha was asked by a teacher to meet Manoj for studies, which set the stage for their friendship and romance. It was love at first sight for Manoj, who expressed his love and feelings for Shraddha, even though she didn’t believe Manoj’s words initially. But over time, Manoj managed to win her heart by making amazing tea for her and picking up cooking skills.

Just as depicted in the film, Shraddha eventually fell for Manoj and remained a great source of support in his life. She kept on motivating Manoj to study instead of distracting him with petty misunderstandings. For both of them, their career was their first priority, but neither of them chose to sacrifice their bonding for that. They mutually made a mature decision to keep their emotions and careers apart. Eventually, both of them excelled in their careers, and after triumphing in their respective exams, Manoj and Shraddha wed. The love story of Manoj and Shraddha had a happy ending, as we saw them standing by each other’s sides even in the toughest times. Manoj and Shraddha have a son, who is growing up with the principles of both of his parents.

Where Is Shraddha Now?

Starting her career as a deputy collector, Shraddha Joshi Sharma is now the director of MAVIM (Mahila Arthik Vikash Mahamandal). She has been relentlessly working on the development of the environment, tourism, rural areas, and the financial and social condition of women. Due to her humanitarian work and support for underprivileged communities, Shraddha has become a well-recognized figure in the Indian society.

Just like her husband, Shraddha Joshi is also a great human being and an honest and hardworking law enforcement officer who chose the public services not just to earn money and name but to bring real development to society and uplift the status of women. Shraddha is not only an inspirational figure in terms of her achievements and works, but also her moral support for her lover, which teaches us a great lesson on true love. Shraddha never gave up on Manoj and knew in her heart that one day Manoj would prove his worth and establish himself. However, her emotions for Manoj also teach us to be in love, not as a distraction in life but as a source of motivation.

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